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    The way Rory delivered those lines in that episode was pure brilliance. (ps...do share some photos one of these days of your exotic locale! I am intrigued. :) )
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    Howdy. I'm a student musician and equestrian hailing from a great expanse of nothing. I don't think I've been this fascinated with a series since Harry Potter, which I grew up with as she was releasing the books (attended all the midnight store release festivals and everything...it was a sincerely magical and exciting time. It's awesome being able to experience this again...) My mother discovered Game of Thrones on HBO and dragged me into watching it last year, right after the first season ended. I was apprehensive at first...despite my love of medieval stuff, much of what is on TV and film falls short for me...but I quickly grew to adore it. We must have watched the entire season together in a span of two days. Shortly afterward we began acquiring the books...and the rest is history. I am soon to embark upon a re-reading of the first three, and I have no idea how I am going to live with myself until S3 on the telly premieres. My favourite characters right now are Arya, Brienne, Sandor/The Hound, Varys, Tyrion, and Dany. Edited for a spelling issue!
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I suspect there will be some variation of Sam with the dragonglass in the S3 opener, to pick up where he was left off...though I didn't quite get why he was overlooked. However, the undead horse was brilliantly rendered. White Walker was kinda cool, however I wish they'd given it a different-sounding screech. I actually found the rendition of the zombie-esque wights fitting from what I've taken from the books. Overall, I like this ep. As good as Blackwater? No, but I think it was still a solid ending to a season that has been pretty decent. If you endeavour to see it from the perspective of a TV viewer who has never read the books, it was really well done...and there were enough nuggets thrown to the readers to appease the less nitpicky. As much as we all-knowing readers may gripe, this is still straight-up good telly. Book-to-film/tv adaptations are never 100% true to form, and the writers will inevitably take license with stuff in order to make things run more smoothly in the new medium. It is what it is. We have GRRM's series as our true canon...and I for one enjoy Game of Thrones for what it is: excellent casting, impeccable effects, beautiful detailed set design, stirring music, et cetera, and a chance to see characters in the flesh, even if not exactly true to book form. Imperfect as it is, I'll take it and accept it for good story-telling (even with all the gratuitous bare-chestedness) within the severe limitations of TV format, and not a line-for-line regurgitation of Martin's work. I retain some faith that the writers have reasons for messing with what they do. My advice to those who are enraged by the artistic license which has been taken is simply to try and separate one from the other. Explaining the various prophecies and faces as they appeared in the book version HotU would have taken too much time away from the other stuff they needed to cover in the episode, and would have ultimately confused the hell out of most of the audience. I was thinking/hoping most of this ep would have been mostly devoted to the Undying, such as Blackwater was mostly devoted to...well, Blackwater...but eh...the writers decided not to, for good reason in retrospect, and as such they still managed to create a suitably creepy atmosphere in the cramped time allowed. Sure, some other scenes could have been cut to allow for more exposition, but whatever. I actually liked the Drogo scene, particularly because as much as Dany obviously wanted to linger with her dead family, she was drawn back -- somewhat conflictingly -- to reality by the cries of her other children, and the destiny she had chosen for herself. I thought this was a nice subtle touch for many reasons. It's going to be a long, long wait until S3. I'm just glad I found the books a relatively short time ago so I could read all 5 without years in between them. From what I've garnered, I'll likely have my Doctorate by the time we get #6. -sigh- So, maybe not that long of a wait in comparison...but I suspect it will be a great season, especially since splitting it into 20 episodes will allow more time for the inclusion of back-story and whathaveyou. ;)