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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    I'm pretty sure after her ride on ole Puff the Magic Drogon she mentions her hands being blistered and red, I think she's clearly much better at dealing with fire but I was sure after she lay in the pyre with Khal Drogo, the witch and her eggs, that these unique abilities kind of disappeared. I'm sure GRRM mentions it somewhere, or I'm going mad. I was a little disappointed with this episode, especially after how excellent I thought Blackwater was (let's clone GRRM and have one write the books and one write every episode of the series, plz) but I totally understand that it's an adaptation with restraints and you really couldn't pick something much harder to adapt. However, I think Quorin Halfhand could've been written a little better with respect to his plan to get Jon into the Wilding gang. It really wouldn't have taken much more than another whisper to make it clear, but we are all people sittings at our computers and these guys are adapting an absolutely epic fantasy series for screen on, while seeming big, a peanuts budget for what they're attempting to achieve. I think no matter what has happened this season, after Blackwater was so so so incredibly well put together, I will forgive them for everything else. I just vote for longer POV scenes with the main characters and less jumping around. I wouldn't mind if I didn't see a character for an episode if I knew they had a lot of time in the next one. Blackwater is a great example of an episode that relied on one setting only and succeeded marvellously. Just give your guys a bit more time to talk, D&D! On a further note, DRUMS!