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  1. I will also be in the Spencer. Belfast attendance TBD at a later date. I’m literally moving from the US to UK next week so there’s lots to do atm. I’ll venture that if anyone else from the greater NYC BwB crowd ends up in Belfast, I will make every effort to be there as I miss everyone already.
  2. This looks good, but I need to figure out some greater logistics and touch base with the rest of the crew. Thanks!
  3. Yes, that sounds great.
  4. Mormont will be crossing the Atlantic late November because our offspring have decided that they want to share a 'real American Thanksgiving.' Which means Mormont will be in the NYC/Philly area for a week late November/early December. Will be booking flights in the next few days, but I wanted to hive mind the best dates for everyone for a BwB visit night in NYC and also potentially in the Philly area. I'm thinking we will spend half the time in NYC doing tourism things and visiting and potentially a Philly day as well. 2 days in South Jersey should be an adequate period to spend on requisite family time and for me to cook a turkey that neither Mormont nor myself will eat, lol. How does the weekend after T-day look for everyone vs the weekend before?
  5. I'll be there with The Geekling barring some disaster. Membership purchased. No idea on Eurocon and likely won't know until the summer.
  6. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Yes. To all of this. And also, could someone BESIDES Davos had begged Mel for magic. We set up seasons of Davos hating/being afraid of her magic. And then today he 'magically' oh Mels, can't you do a little hocus pocus for us? That line couldn't have been delivered by anyone else? They just assassinated the character they set up.
  7. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    Well, it's nice to know there are a few minutes that I can sneak to the bathroom if I forget before the show. So that is nice.
  8. IDreamofMareep

    How would you rate episode 602?

    3/10 Bran's visions were good. I hope they are setting us up for more. I liked Arya's scene. That was solid. I was glad to see Thorne get his at last. That was it. It was farrrrr better than last week's episode, that is for sure. I thought it was full of plot holes, but I am getting used to that and trying to focus on what's good and just gloss over the rest.
  9. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I am a. Glad that Jon is back, but not convinced he is gone/not just glamoured by Mel... I think UnJon is too cheap and I am prayyyying that GRRM can do better.... b. Loved the flashbacks with bran and hope it is setting up more of Lyanna's backstory or at least setting up TOJ. Looking forward to that. Hopefully they get it right. c. Loved Arya. Looking forward to her development. d. Loved that the wildlings came to Jon's aid to defend his honor and Thorne finally got his. I'm wondering what the effect Jon's second coming will have on Mel and the wildlings. Is he removed from the NW now? I could care less about the rest of the show/characters at this point tbh.
  10. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    They broke the internet. And ewww UnJon. I pray to Rhllor that GRRM does not make UnJon.
  11. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I hate everything about how they are doing this, but I am also glad that they are doing this "Weisseroff" style so that the books will still be rich and done right and still surprising and unspoiled. Also, I bet she fails because shocking...
  12. IDreamofMareep

    [Spoilers] EP602

    I loved the Bran flashbacks and I am glad that Saint Tyrion didn't go the way of Quentin. Really excited for the Arya arc. At least this part seems to still be in tact.
  13. IDreamofMareep

    How would you rate episode 601?

    Terrible. I have one more week of complimentary HBO. I will not be paying for it. Glad I didn't jump the gun and renew. Eh.
  14. IDreamofMareep

    TWOW humble opinion discussion

    1. Did Myrcella or Rosamund get their ear chopped off? Rosamund did - Marcella is dead. 2. Will Euron take old town or high garden? Highgarden 3. Will theon be sacrificed or called to a kings moot? Sacrificed 4. How will Mel resurrect Jon? Will the wildings take castle black when they find out that their boy Jon is "dead"? Will the wildings fear Mel. Burn Shireen - but maybe Jon isn't dead or it isn't Jon, like Rattleshirt wasn't Mance... 5. Who wrote the Pink Letter? Mance 6. Whose side is Barbrey Dustin on? Her own 7. Will littlefinger be killed off? I think Nestor Royce found Sansas shoe LF will die - eventually, at the hands of Sansa or at her bidding when she comes into her own 8. Tycho Bravossi guy, what in the heck is he gonna do next? No idea - 9. Will Tyrion like Dany? Will Dany like Tyrion if so to what degree 1-10? 1 is dragon food 10 being hand of the queen Tyrion will see that Dany is another mad King with WMDs that she can BARELY control. Dany may or may not like him - she's not a good listener. 10. What will Sam do at old town (he doesn't have time to become a maester imo) . Learn things to move the plot along. 11. Speaking of old town what is faceless pate trying to get his hands on. Glass candles. 12. Will the sand snakes in KL make it out alive (I'm worried about ms tyene lady nim should do very well.) Also who from Dorne make it all the way alive? No. They all die. 13. Who will Faegon marry? Who will Sansa marry? Faegon - maybe Margery. Sansa - I don't know if she marries, but not until ADOS - She ends up ruling - maybe her cousin, Jon? 14. Aegon or Faegon - Faegon 15. Who is riding the other 2 dragons No one. They are uncontrollable. Maybe Euron gets one with his horn and we get a Dance with Dragons and they tear each other apart. Maybe Bran gets one that was sleeping somewhere. 16. Which Valyrian weapons end up in different hands? (Caggo? I think, the corpse killer will not have that VS arakh by the end of the series) No idea.
  15. IDreamofMareep

    How would you rate episode 310?

    4 Worst episode of the season. What a let down. Even my unsullied friends thought: meh.