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  1. When I grow up I want to be a secret tunnel to Chataya's

  2. The night is dark and rolled in flour Azor Apie forever

  3. I wish Lady's name had been Lemoncakes

  4. I have the Skyrim Blues.

  5. Sometimes i think i have reached the limits of my Rheagar hate...then i dig deeper

  6. didn't sleep...think i am to cranky to post today

  7. I made this avatar from the broken parts of many theories

  8. Spending today calling out the Champions of Love and Hate

  9. Not feeling like arguing today

  10. Rheagar can get bent.

  11. My hangover is beating me like The Mountain vs Ser Dontos

  12. Kmags out have a good weekend

  13. Everything Tywin got he protects with his glock, everything Tywin gets he protects with his tech

  14. Currently working on a recording of The Dornishmans wife...and taking suggestions for style

  15. Today i had my dumbest theory ever...feeling good

  16. Trying to be really choosy about post 1000.

  17. History is littered with the heads of good men

  18. My mustache holds a great and terrible secret

  19. Was the Elk Cold hands rides the same one that kills mama direwolf?

  20. MR + LS = JS - RT + LS/JC

  21. Aparently today fate has made me the defender of all things Tywin :P

  22. Ashamed to say i used all my likes up on "Tormunds Member"

  23. It seems likely i will run out of likes today. Good day :)

  24. Perhaps he creates his greatest pie of all....a labor of love. Sweetened with Honey, blackberries, cherries. Then he is forced to plunge his hands into the Uberpie to pull forth Piebringer

  25. A bag of dragons buys a man's silence for a while, but a well-placed quarrel buys it forever