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  1. I enjoyed it. I would give a 7.5

    Really liked the Arya/Hound scene. They are doing a great job building a dynamic between those to characters...yet i tend to say that about everyone Massie is on screen with.

    I think the things that turned me against this episode a bit was the level of cheese and melodrama. The ending with Dany for example. I think it was unnecessarily over the top.

    I liked the scene with Jon and Eggritte but again I think they heavy handed it to much. Kit Harringtons looks of "She shot me...I can't believe she really shot me" was his best acting of the whole series.

    Powerful stuff with Greywinds head and Robs body.

    I liked the Stannis scene although I think they lost a bit of opportunity for how much Stannis grows at exactly this moment. The whole realization of putting the cart before the horse was such a defining moment and they downplayed that part a bit much.

    Overall it was a good builder episode which is true to form for the show. I just think whichever director this was went a bit more meat fisted then i like.

  2. 4/10

    What I liked:

    • Cersei
    • Sam's scene
    • The music when Daario swore fealty to Daenerys

    The rest was awful. The writing was cringeworthy, they cut out some of the best lines, Tyrion is just embarassing to watch (not in the way the writers intended), and once again the female nudity felt forced and sexist.

    Also Daario is absolutely hideous.

    Really? You hated the Hound and Arya scene? That was incredible?

    I had forgotten to mention Cersi too. I thought that scene was well played even with the slight changes to the story of the Reigns of castemere to make it fit

  3. Loved the episode. 9.5

    I thought this TV dario was vastly superior. I actually could beleive why Dany was intrigued by his base cunning and swagger. In the books I always had a hard time understand what Dany was doing with this clown.

    Sam the slayer scene was awesome. I was a little bummed they cut the bit about Wildlings not naming children until a year in. Although they did make good use of comparing Randell to Craster.

    As for the wedding cloak....i don't think there was a way around it for times sake. The only idea I had was they could have had tyrion fumbling at it...tugging...then cut scene and come back to it to show a period of time took place and she did her small subtile protest left to her. All and all I was fine with the change.

  4. I really liked the episode. I think it developed slowly....like the book. I am somewhat surprised by all of the posters generally very book first that are clamoring for action. I thought the Tywin/Joff scene was brilliantly done. Charles Dance does amazing things with placating facial expression. The Dany scene was total action and brilliantly done. I have actually enjoyed the building of Reek. The time they have taken to show his slow and systematic breakdown in a way the book never really showed. How does a man go from Theon to Reek? I think the dialog reflected some deeper aspects that may have been hurried over in the novels.

    As for the Bear, I agree this wasn't ideal. However politics and money are what they are. We need to remember these are 2 separate mediums that have separate benefits and constraints. How would it have gone over from an animal rights standpoint if it was shot as written? I also think they used a HUGE portion of the episode budget to make that Dany scene pop....and they nailed it.

    I rated it a 9

  5. We still do a weekly 3.5 D & D every week. One realm that we have jumped around in and done different characters and perspectives. Everything from Epic heros, a theives guild, settlers, we have gotten quite the fleshed out story after 4 years :)

  6. Or maybe Jaime and Brienne kill each other, declaring their love while dying in a sort of Romeo and Juliet scene.

    Then Thoros, moved to compassion, faces Stoneheart and she flees/is killed. The BWB goes all-in in spreading chaos in the Riverlands.

    Maybe i am to much a romantic in this one instance(I consider romeo + juliet a tragedy not a romance)

    I really think Brienne + Jamies sacrifice for each other is what finally moves Thoros to sack up. I really like the idea of Jamie completing his journey from golden prince in love with a golden princess to losing everything...rallying back....and leading an outlaw band with his unactractive lady to try and undo some of the damage of his father.

    I just don't think Stonehands has that in her. So i think she leaves on her own....maybe to go Lych style and raise an undead army from the riverlands to march upon the Twins. That i would liek to read :drool:

  7. The short version:

    Brienne yells sword.....goes to get Jamie.....leads him back but tells him why......Stoneheart forces them to fight Thunderdome style to the amusement of the brothers without Banners. Jamie refuses and tells Brienne to finish him.......Brienne throws down oathkeeper and does the same......Thoros steps in and says enough is enough Stoneheart is crazy and she was always a crappy leader even as Catlyn....Stoneheart sees the tide turning and runs off screaching to cause further damage later in the story.....Jamie takes his lady in 1 1/2 arms.

    I ship it.

  8. Very, very interesting that Arianne sees weirwoods in the Rainwood. I thought there weren't supposed to be any weirwoods growing "wild" in the forests of the South? We know a couple of ancient southern Houses still have a weirwood in their godswoods, but I thought that those, the weirwood at the Ravenry of the Citadel, and the Isle of Faces were supposed to be the only weirwoods left south of the Neck?

    Were we just never told that the Rainwood has surviving weirwood trees? Or is it possible that new weirwood trees have begun sprouting in the south?

    Perhap because of the caves this was also a location special to the children and they were able to protect it in some way?

  9. Do you think Cat, or anybody for that matter, really knows or understands what Petyr has done? I think his actions are still secret, but Sansa is starting to learn.

    My wish for the series is for old man Frey to be killed by Lady Stoneheart! And for him to realize who she is right before his head is cut off, or something equally gruesome!

    I think it will be more then Just Walder. This is guest rights we are talking...a more henious taboo then incest/and canibalism. HIS WHOLE CLAN is going down. I just hope like with Vyseres and Joffery George is able to nail the level of death required for these vile Fuks

  10. With this information we can assume that Brienne is leading Jaime into a trap. Upon being captured he will demand a trial by combat. Given he has only one hand, Lady Stoneherath will grant it. Maybe they've joined up with Thoros at this point. Stonehearth will choose Brienne as her champion and Jaime will fight himself. What that battle leads to only the gods know.

    I don't think Jaime will lose, his arc would be pointless if he's to lose a trial by combat for horrors he did before he was on his redemption arc.

    Brienne might well die. I don't see much use for her anymore other than having a final battle with Jaime. Or Jaime might get her into a position where he would be able to kill her and refrain from doing it, further convincing Stonehearth he is not the man he once was.

    If Jaime somehow wins, Lady Stonehearth and moreso Thoros of Myr will be convinced of his innocence in the sight of the gods, especially since he won with only one hand. Maybe we will get a Victarion/Moqorro situation where Thoros animates Jaime's right hand, somehow making it bound to only fight the good fights.

    Maybe Stonehearth then forces him to go after Sansa/Arya or kill Cersei/Walder Frey/Roose Bolton.

    What is they are forced to fight....but Jamie refuses to fight. Just takes a knee. Then Breinne does the same.....Stoneheart keeps forcing the issue. Thats when Thoros/Lem/BWB step in and say enough.

  11. Ok so many...several of these have been mentioned maybe all :)

    Heavy Hitters

    Tolkein- I don't often read High Fantasy...but when i do....it's Tolkein.

    Frank Herbert - Dune is the ultimate in political intrigue Sci FI. It's sets the standard and has been covered about as many times as Tolkein and the Beatles. (see Robert Jordan)

    Issac Asimov- Foundation series like Dune is so different from anything that came before it it sets the standard going forward.

    Dark and Gritty just how i like it

    Brent Weeks- Both Night Angel and Black Prism are a little fast placed action movie made novel for my tastes...but they are fun, nasty, and move at the speed of sound. The characters are interesting and have a cool different take on magic.

    Glen Cook- All of the Black Company series are a lot of fun. I love the mixture of band of brother military campaign mixed with some magic and intrigue. The characters are cool, you feel invested in them and feel it when he mercilessly bumps one off...and he does this without pause.

    Joe Ambercrombie- A young major rockstar in Scifi fantasy and for good reason. The first law trilogy is a perfect blend of the journey of Tolkein with the gritty brutality of Martin. I also love the way he uses his stand alone books as extensions of his world without playing out his major characters from the trilogy past the jump the shark point(Again see Robert Jordan)

    Phillip Pullman- He is the anti-C.S. Lewis. What is someone had the sheer testicular fortitude to turn C.S. Lewis use of pagan mythology as a means to indoctrinate children back on him using Atheist ideals in a young adults story with talking animals and steampunk. Pullman did just that. The movie has nothing to do with this awesome world with a distinct personality and one of the greatest showing of sheer gall ever in a novel. (C.S. Lewis was awesome when i was a kid and still a worthy writer...just acknowledging Pullman's nerve in writting a novel for kids that attacked the church.)

    Jim Butcher- The Dresden files doesn't deserve any pulitzer awards. However it's witty, sharp, has an interesting take on several common monster stories. It also has a fantastic audiobook version read by James Marsters(Spike from Buffy the vampire slayer)

    Brian Lumley- Titus Crow series is British Author Lumley's take on the HP Lovecraft mythos. It has a bit of Over Adrenalized Scientists Dan Brown thing going....but still fun in spite of that.

    Amin Maalouf- Balthasars Odyssey is a fun historical fiction meets religious mythology. Very well written and well researched to help bring the historical aspects to life.

    I could go on but this is definitely the top of the list :)