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  1. Scott de Montevideo!

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Here’s my problem, you don’t have to go to Government to engage in prior restraint when you can hit people in the wallet by attacking their employment. It is an end run around the free expression protections that are supposed to exist. I agree that employers should have the ability to fire employees who hurt their bottom line. What I am troubled by is how this undermines existing free speech protections.
  2. Scott de Montevideo!

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    Again, I do wonder when going after people’s employment, like this, rises to the equivalent of government sponsored censorship?
  3. My point is that in those countries where the MOP is fully nationalized... corruption seems endemic. That being the case such a strong correlation is hard to discount. I think that putting that much power in the hands of those individuals inevitably corrupts them... well that or those nations have been consistently unlucky in who they pick for more than Century.
  4. How well has that worked in those nations that have gone for pure command economies? Have such Constitutional rights prevented corruption?
  5. So private ownership of the means of production is not allowed in Nordic Countries? They aren’t mixed public/private economies? I’m arguing against full and exclusive ownership of the means of production by the State. I’m not arguing that some limited State control can not be useful. It is in the context of full State control that it is next to impossible to strip those with that full control of the power they have been granted without Soviet style collapses or the person in charge opening the door for private ownership (Deng Xaiping in China).
  6. How? How can you prevent these government officials, a form of Oligarchy, from abusing the vast power granted to them? How can you prevent them from targeting people who seek to strip them of the power granted with the power that they have been granted?
  7. Corruption already exists. I'm attempting to point out that granting Government officials the same kind of power has been demonstrated to create cronyism and corruption. I don't believe there is a systemic fix for that problem. It is endemic to humans who operate with their self interest, or the interests of those they choose to care about, as paramount. In other words, it is endemic to humans. I think the only way to root it out is case by case. If you have empowered someone to the degree that they are empowered in command economies you have tied your own hands when it comes to taking away the power that has been granted.
  8. Scott de Montevideo!

    Marvel Cinematic Universe 9: Returning to the Fold

    When (as other’s have pointed out) prior social media comments are weaponized for political effect or because of other political commentary by the person targeted, do “the consequences of your speech” become the moral equivalent of government sponsored censorship?
  9. I think that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Command economies give tremendous power to those in government with authority over the government and it is consistently abused. The very level of power these people hold limits the ability to strip them of the power that they have been granted. Therefore you empower them at your own risk.
  10. Felice, So, none of the command economies that were attempted during the 20th century had controls to attempt to curb corruption?
  11. I love owner operated businesses. I think it the way to get employees invested in their companies and to avoid top heavy management control that discounts the value of labor.
  12. I'll be perfectly honest I think that Soviet style state control is really a dressed up version of feudalism with the nobles being individuals in control of individual sectors or sub-sectors of the Government with the "politburo" or whatever arm of government is in highest control acting like the kind. The specific sectors of control of the lower parts of the government act like the political or economic versions of fiefdoms.
  13. Individual companies, yes, but are there any nations with full state run economies that aren’t or haven’t been totalitarian basket cases? Cronyism and corruption seems to walk hand in hand with full State control of a Nation’s economy. Once again if I am not correct and there is an example where this isn’t the case I’d be very interested to look at that example. Does one exist?
  14. Scott de Montevideo!

    U.S. Politics- SCOTUS 2: The Election Strikes Back

    Trumpanistas’ deranged apologia?