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  1. The Golden Path makes explicit the danger Herbert saw in the “Savior” scenario.
  2. Yes. God Emperor Of Dune has really grown on me as I’ve gotten older. I absolutely enjoyed the updated universe created in Heretics of Dune, and Chapterhouse: Dune.
  3. I like the series. Dune: Messiah is the weakest in my opinion. The rest are quite good.
  4. I tried to get into Arrested Development. It is so deeply cynical. It has funny moments but it just didn’t strike home.
  5. We will find out. I’m still quite nervous for Momoa as Duncan. He’s a subtle character, particularly, later in the series. Momoa (though I always enjoy his performances) doesn’t strike me as someone with a great deal of range. I hope I’m wrong.
  6. Independent of the rest of the show and all other context it was… kind of interesting simply for its surreality. In context you hit the nail on the head. Does this confirm they had no idea were to take a second season?
  7. Oh, I’ve been a Dune fan for at least 37 years. It was probably the first book I ever read with some philosophic depth to it. I’m going to see this film.
  8. That’s not irritating… at all… :shakes visibly with irritation:
  9. Did the film get released in Europe earlier than in the US???
  10. Yes. That is the real problem. The “Commander-In-Chief” of the US Military didn’t have the ability to destroy human civilization on a whim when the President was invested with that power. The President now has that power. It needs to be stripped from any single person.
  11. Yes. Here’s the problem. They are members of the military. The President, like it or not, is the highest ranking military official in the United States. If all Milley did was remind everyone of their oath that’s one thing. If he actively attempted to countermand or undercut the President (who was absolutely problematic make no mistake) he stepped beyond his perview. Understandably, and with good cause, but that isn’t his role. If a President is going rogue that’s a political question and exactly what the 25th Amendment exists for. Unfortunately, for the US the 25th presumes the political class and President’s cabinet will put the good of the Nation above politics. My ultimate point is that we have a structural problem and expecting the Military to defy civilian authorities is not the way to fix that structural problem.
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