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  1. He seems very proud of “World Builders”. If this cuts into its ability to raise money… he could actually be embarrassed.
  2. This is reported to be a traffic jam caused by Russians fleeing Crimea. It’s also the height of tourist season there. That said explosions at Russian Military bases in Crimea may suggest… it’s time to cut the vacation short:
  3. When his fund raiser goes no where because he didn’t keep his word… he’ll care a lot.
  4. A surprisingly honest, rational, and forthright tweet from Trump’s former Press Secretary on the vitriol being launched at the FBI by Trumpanistas (eta I missed the date on the tweet).
  5. Rothfuss will look like a royal shit if he starts his November fund raiser without posting the “sample chapter” from the prior fund raiser.
  6. The losing one term former President who lives in Florida and loves the Russian dictator… was begging for money at CPAC to pay lawyers to sue CNN for him. Any attorney worth their salt knows to get big money from this asshat well in advance of filing any bullshit case he wants filed. I mean a million dollar retainer. Anything less is mere toilet paper.
  7. There is an empty trailer park somewhere in Trump’s part of Florida:
  8. He was also, not having read this thread, mentioning ( @Werthead ) “Mystery Men” as setting the standard for Superhero comedy… just now.
  9. Is there enough oxygen for a primer cap to ignite cordite in the atmosphere of Mars? Not that I’d want to take that chance… but still.
  10. Bernard tells Stubbs he will not make it… but Stubbs is still kicking at the end of this episode…
  11. Okay, are Teddy and the new Delores inside an interactive simulation of the real world… inside the Sublime?
  12. But the Falconer or Gray King randomly happening upon the GB and their games doesn’t further the pathos of the story. Sabetha, inadvertently, giving that information to the Gray King or the Falconer… does.
  13. The latter presumes Barsavi and the Spider are incompetent. Sabetha doesn’t even have to be malicious… just in cautious at the wrong moment.
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