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  1. The Darkling isn’t a manipulative asshole, YA readers like manipulative asshole’s, or something else?
  2. I’m up to episode 7. I still don’t understand why the Darkling is attractive to people (the character not the actor). The character is a manipulative asshole.
  3. But why move an army over high mountain passes that would serve to slow travel. Why not take the Gap of Rohan and stay out of the mountains altogether? Was the Disaster of the Gladden Fields caused, in part, because Isildur wanted to go sightseeing... with an army? I see what I missed. Most of Arnor’s Army had already gone home... I missed that.
  4. I have a stupid question. Why did Isildur lead the bulk of Arnor’s troops up the Vale of Anduin rather than through the gap of Rohan? The Gap seems like a much more natural way to lead a large force home. If he goes that way there is no “Disaster of the Gladden Fields”.
  5. I’m tickled to hear accents like my Grandparents Philly accents so prominently on display.
  6. Watch for falling Chinese rocket debris... https://time.com/6046051/china-long-march-rocket/?fbclid=IwAR3ALWBTMgBDsOnpESnjBp7VGxYkCqahD0gV_6oJRSGkPOctHeNBv46tAro
  7. Very cool. What’s up with the fire after landing?
  8. I’m still laughing about it. If anyone wants confirmation that AI is still really weak... this is it.
  9. I just received a 24 hour ban on Facebook for saying “Fatty Lumpkin” in a Tolkien fan group when people were claiming a pony in a painting of Tom Bombadil’s house was “Bill”. Good grief.
  10. Get Roger Stone to the Jail he never should have left. He is among the worst of humanity.
  11. Thank you. As I said above every other time I’ve looked into this people I know who shoot, law enforcement and such, have always told me that not aiming for center mass puts others in danger. Up until Ran posted above that’s all I had heard. I, again, stand corrected on this point.
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