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  1. They’re dangerous. They should be treated as dangerous. But, I’m right there with you on “but for the grace of God.”
  2. Yeah. I’d say age will help these kids but I sincerely worry that they are reinforcing their own misogyny via their message boards and information bubbles. I wish I knew an simple way to get them to open their eyes to their own self destructive behavior.
  3. I was one. Angry, bitter, and convinced there was something wrong with women who didn’t like me. I can, now, see the narcissistic side. It’s a defense mechanism. Shifting the blame from yourself to the world. It is deeply disturbed. I’d like to give the younger me a good hard slap.
  4. Forcing Trump to use resources to compete for Texas is a big deal.
  5. Interesting. It’s rather oxymoronic, isn’t it...
  6. Incels hate themselves the most. That’s why they project their self hatred onto others.
  7. Don’t assume Trump loses. If you haven’t voted get out and vote!
  8. A decent headlamp for whatever paper book I brought with me camping.
  9. He brings higher COVID numbers with him everywhere he goes. He’s fucking Typhoid Mary. I hope he stays well away from South Carolina...
  10. I’m very thankful firearms are banned at SC polling places.
  11. The US Supreme Court’s original Jurisdiction is quite limited, particularly on State law issues. I don’t think it can accept original jurisdiction in a case like this.
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