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  1. Is anyone else ashamed that the “I’m not touching you” justification all of us with siblings remember works in international relations?
  2. He also doesn’t want to look weak. This build up if it yeilds nothing makes Putin look weak and desperate. Will Putin take the risk of backing down and looking weak?
  3. Why wouldn’t the Chinese help out the Russians? Entangling us with Ukraine gives the Chinese room to manuvere on Taiwan.
  4. If the Russians try to push their Baltic amphibious troops into the Black Sea will the Turks allow them to pass the Dardenells and the Bosphorus?
  5. I binged the whole series in 2 days. It wasn’t “bad” I just disliked the possibility of containing a being with “G”odlike powers. It didn’t make sense.
  6. They had to seriously retcon what Dr. Manhattan was for that to work. I enjoyed the series but the ending of the series undermined the point of the Graphic Novel.
  7. The ending of GOT wasn’t the problem. The pace of the last season was the problem it ment the ending came out of the clear blue sky.
  8. Tim Marshall’s series on Political Geography, Prisoners of Geography, The Age of Walls, and The Power of Geography,is fascinating and goes into depth on these sorts of questions in particular Russia’s obsession with a buffer zone to the west.
  9. In part, yes. Russians see Ukraine (Kiev in particular) as the heartland for their people and culture. Russians are weird about Ukraine:
  10. The Good Place has an amazing finale that beautifully fit into the entire run of the show.
  11. It’s geopolitical. Russia’s only “warm water” naval base is Sevestopal in Crimea. They were worried the Ukrainians might take the base or demand Russia leave.
  12. HIMYM had a specific ending in mind that might have worked had the show ended after a shorter run… but they stuck to it all the way to the end and… it didn’t work as well as it could have.
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