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  1. Precisely. Who wants to call rape or incest “a blessing from God”.
  2. There isn’t enough money on the planet to pay me to move to Florida… and that was before Desantis.
  3. Missouri Republican Representative says “God doesn’t make mistakes” while discussing rape and incest exceptions to a Missouri abortion ban. https://youtu.be/Mm-VNQ53eC8?si=rSoH0TBB65nc8kOF
  4. My job and my family are here. Moving from Columbia SC to Greenville SC has been a hand grenade in my family life that is still ricocheting… moving north would be even worse.
  5. It seems that Mr. Tchaikovsky is rather disappointed by this situation… and the taint it puts on his Hugo. https://adriantchaikovsky.com/?fbclid=IwAR1KZrUVrtU7qlUJuTz-zLnNLG6xDwwIErLMSL7CZBo2g6SH6gbyqEK0PmE_aem_AVLubmbi_xd4W0u2hR0aXCBzPHLtE6RfG25WsObvpjpw4ZVraV5HQVoQ5_-qQPxynAQ
  6. I liked the Watchmen mini-series sequel… but their treatment of Dr. Manhattan made absolutely no sense at all… he can’t modify lithium? That’s oddly specific for a character that is essentially a capital “G”… God.
  7. I’m curious to see of this means parents can sue for “child support” from sperm donors for the cost of keeping the “children” in frozen stasis? Further, is it murder now if a power outage causes a freezer failure?
  8. I believe Biden has been doing that to the tune of Netanyahu saying “fuck off”.
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