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  1. I do see that. What I’m inquiring about is the criticism of “personal experience” aka anicdote. For example I’m reading Simon Winchester’s book Land: How The Desire For Ownership Shaped The Modern World. It is ment for general readership. It is not a scholarly work. While it does offer some statistical information Winchester relies primarily on anicdote and storytelling to keep the reader engaged. Is that problematic if a book is intended for general readership as I presume White Fragility is?
  2. @OldGimletEye I do see what you are saying but aren’t many generalist examinations of history done via anicdote to appeal to wider audiences? Getting bogged down in statistics can turn off many readers who are not academics.
  3. Congratulations to Leigh! I still hate the “Darkling”. Hate with a white hot flame.
  4. Vision breaking though the Hex wall was interesting. I figured he would become inert and fall over having reverted to his “corpse” form. He didn’t. He was conscious and able to communicate. He was simply pull back into the Hex. That means he does have independent action and sentience. He’s more than a mental construct dependent upon Wanda. Vision is a real boy. Is suspect their children are real too. I’m dieing to know what happened between Monica and Xverse Peitro.
  5. It couldn’t have been Fury. Fury was dusted in the Blip. It may have been Monica’s mother Maria.
  6. But... they had only just decided to attempt a life together when the Children of Thanos attacked in Edinburgh. How could Vision or Wanda have bought that property that was under construction?
  7. Yes. So creative editing. I still think it is interesting that Wanda is subcreating a new reality with power that seems very like that which the Reality Stone projected.
  8. So, is the last episode simply fleshing out the legend of “the Scarlet Witch”? What has Hayward created? Why did he falsify the video record of Wanda’s visit?
  9. There is no Panecea. I simply think that system is better and much more representative than our existing structure. I’d love to be able to remove our chief executive by a simple vote of “No Confidence” as opposed to our archaic and outdated methodology.
  10. But we would have more than two parties. We would, hopefully, drop the “big tent” stuff and have issue oriented parties so indepence of elected officials would be less important than the parties doing what they claim they will do.
  11. That’s why it needs to be coupled with the adoption of proportional representation voting. There are enough votes in SC for the Democratic Party to get a couple of seats with that methodology.
  12. That’s why you dramatically increase the size of the House of Representatives. It will give minorities a shot at seats.
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