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  1. I have a stupid question… I was blocked by Kari Lake… why does her shit still show up on my Twitter feed? I just can’t comment on it…
  2. Wait… they let Mr. West back onto twitter… again?
  3. Mr. West is a punch line… that’s what he made himself into.
  4. That’s because the Pentagon has been assuing hard quick fights facilitated by precision munitions. They aren’t up to a long hard slog with another great power of comperable technological advancment.
  5. As I’ve gotten older I’ve really grown to enjoy GEoD (I didn’t much enjoy it as a tween). It is subtle and misleads the reader in all the right ways. But I agree adapting that to the screen would be incredibly difficult.
  6. The Children of Dune three part Mini-series done by SciFi Channel (James McAvoy’s first big role) is actually quite well done and cinematic. I think it is better than the SciFi version of Dune. So… if Villeneuve retains control I have confidence he can equal or surpass that production. What is hard for film goers is that Paul Maud’ dib Atreides fades rapidly from the story as those sequals progress. It isn’t the traditional progression for western stories.
  7. Florida Republicans as perceptive and discerning… as ever:
  8. This is not good news: https://www.npr.org/2023/03/23/1165559810/npr-layoffs-cancels-podcasts-invisibilia-rough-translation
  9. This is… interesting. I wish they fleshed out what the Russian authorities are actually doing to “crack down”.
  10. Thank you for that link. The point is well made, well considered, and ultimately apolitical. All laws will have unanticipated blow back. Because people get creative when new laws are enacted.
  11. Jimmy Carter absolutely doesn’t work as a “supervillian”.
  12. Right. But people on SNW (just got the DVDs and I’m really enjoying it) have continuty with past episodes. Past actions have impact on future events. They don’t travel to the edge of the known Univese and barely mention it ever again…
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