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  1. 9 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    Who ever dreamed that nothing would go wrong with new tech that hadn't been tested, and because the people using it are volunteers, evidently couldn't be trained and it couldn't be tested?  And even, according to an interview with the DNC guy in charge of all this he said he hadn't learned to use it well himself because he didn't have time.

    Many of the Dems in charge of Iowa are blaming the media for this cluster eff / eff up, because the media pressure to get the results out as fast as possible ....

    There sure is a lot of blame to go around, and plenty of legitimate objects on which to throw it.



    Perhaps go to a single primary day for the entire country?  Who says this horserace crap needs to continue?

  2. 2 hours ago, Zorral said:

    Didn't this really break out in the 1990's?  I am not recalling so well, but when MZB's daughter publicly detailed her assault and abuse at the hands of her mother and her gang, it was pretty hard to put back under the pooh-pooh carpet.


    BTW. today there was a long segment on our public radio station about American Dirt. It was pretty interesting.

    If there's any interest in doing so, it can be heard streaming here:



    I think it came out in the early 1990s when there was a civil suit involving MZB but not well publicized.  It wasn't until 2014 that MZB's daughter made public her allegations of child sexual abuse by her mother and Walter Breen.

  3. 41 minutes ago, Vaughn said:

    Agreed but you know this is only the first half of the first book in this movie, right? If they don't get to make a second one, that would be tragic* given the talent involved. 


    * assuming this isn't terrible, which based on 'Arrival' and 'BR2049' and the cast, I think it won't be. 

    I have every confidence in Villenueve.  Both Arrival and Blade Runner 2049 show a deft and delicate touch needed for this film.  What keeps me nervous is the way KJA and Brian Herbert like to see their excremental material given equal billing with Frank Herbert's creation.  See, the Dune: Sisterhood program that will be on HBO and has to be based on the KJA/Brian Herbert shit.

  4. 6 minutes ago, Zorral said:

    Honestly? why is ignoring its own rules and allowing Bloomy to debate a legitimate action, while keeping the rule standing for Booker, Castro, etc.?  That is as very very very ugly look, DNC.

    BILLIONS of dollars were spent in Iowa, not to mention everybody's time everyday, from the candidates trying to make themselves attractive to Iowans, to ours, who have to read, listen and watch the media blathering about Iowa and the caucuses for a fracking year ahead of it and after it. And on top of it, this is lowest participation of Iowans in the caucuses maybe ever -- significantly fewer than 200,000.

    Eff Iowa and its caucus and its timing.

    Also, the only way to have an honest and working election is low tech.  The more we fiddle with the process of voting the fewer people vote and the more the elections are contested or are invalid for all sorts of reasons.



    I actually like the new SC voting machines.  You vote on a touch screen and a printed paper ballot is created.  That ballot is carried over to another machine that scans the printed ballot to tabulate the vote totals.  It allows a well preserved paper trail while at the same time allowing the convenience of touch screen balloting.  

    I was trained on them last month.  I'll be a poll manager for the Democratic primary set for 2/29/2020.

  5. 46 minutes ago, Gaston de Foix said:

    I've never picked the Temeraire series.  How would you say it compares overall to NOTW/WMF?

    Do you mean The Slow Regard of Silent Things?  I actually enjoyed the book.  It was an interesting peak into the mind of someone clearly pretty damaged.

  6. 3 hours ago, Vaughn said:

    This is pretty much like LoTR though, isn't it? Huge, legendary book which is a cornerstone of its genre being adapted as a multi-movie series. If you want to make the second/third movies, you need to the first one to be a hit so marketing in advance to build the hype is critical. 

    Unlike the MCU, where there were many existing characters which could be be rolled out over several movies to build up the franchise, this has to land from the start or you're looking at something like 'Bladerunner 2049' where the box office doesn't justify a sequel. 

    I seriously doubt Villenueve wanted to turn Blade Runner into a series so I'm not certain the comparison makes sense.  I just want this to only be Frank Herbert's Dune that is adapted.  KJA and Brian Herbert's stuff is absolute excrement.

  7. 17 minutes ago, karaddin said:

    Regardless of whether it's actually on the level, having your app made by a company literally called "Shadow Inc", which is run by the wife of one of the campaign staff for a candidate, and having the same candidate also making payments to Shadow Inc looks shady as fuck. And the appearance of corruption is a major issue even when there isn't actual corruption behind it.

    Tech bros really need to stop naming their companies for the lulz.

    Buttigeig's staffer's wife?

  8. 2 minutes ago, mormont said:

    Scot, the notion that political parties are essentially the same as local bridge clubs is quaint but highly debatable.

    National political parties are organisations in whose doings voters may take a legitimate interest. We can certainly argue about how far that should extend, but let's not pretend that this isn't anyone's business at all. 

    It is our business.  But because they are private organizations they can choose candidates for office by whatever means they see fit.  Ultimately, voters will or will not support those organizations.

    I dislike primaries and caucuses to begin with not the least because private entities are using the public dime to pick their candidates and limiting who may and may not participate in their publicly funded elections.  I further don’t like the impression it leaves in people’s minds that to be a real candidate in the November general election you have to have participated in the earlier races.  

    The only election where candidates for office may be voted upon is the general.  Anyone should be on the ballot.  The two party’s stranglehold on ballot access should be eliminated.

  9. Caucuses suck.  But who are we to tell a private organization what methods it must use to select, not its representatives, but the people it will allow to attend its convention for the selection of who it will offer for election in the November general election?

    if the Iowa Democratic Party decides to use jumping jack contests to select delegates isn’t that their call? 

    Heck the South Carolina Republican party decided to cancel its primary rather than see threats to Trump’s 2020 candidacy.


  10. 3 hours ago, Teng Ai Hui said:

    I live in Tianjin, China. It has a population of about 8 million people, so its streets are usually always crowded. Yet, nowadays when I go outside, I feel like I’m walking the streets in my podunk hometown in the Midwest in USA, which has only 3,000 people. Today, as I was walking to the grocery store, a city truck was spraying chemicals along the sidewalk.

    Do you think the PRC authorities are deliberately underreporting the disease’s impact?

  11. 9 minutes ago, Simon Steele said:

    The primaries are only open to registered Democrats. This was a big point of contention in 2015-16--many states, like New York, had rules that you had to register with a party something like 12 months before the primaries--I don't remember the timeline exactly, but it was at a point where people didn't know who was running yet. Since 2016, those rules have been fixed in lots of places.

    I guess I can only answer your query about the independent voters who can't vote in the primary. Are they centrists, or are they voters who might hear Bernie's message and agree? I can't say. Bernie's strategy doesn't rely on that so much. He is relying on motivating the non-voters. The 2016 election was a super low-turnout election, and when voters don't turn out, Republicans tend to win. Bernie's goal is to increase turnout (which worked well for Obama). 

    The socialist tag is likely a problem. And it is confounding--I mean he's 78 years old and recently had a heart attack. That's pretty scary to me. He has to know this, and that means if he wins the nomination--his VP pick, if he truly believes in the movement, has to be equally left as him as there's a possibility he won't survive his first term. This means he can't be conciliatory and pick a moderate VP. Though, Hillary wasn't with her VP pick either, so maybe that's not a big deal.

    FYI, in South Carolina all primaries are open to any registered voter.  There is no Republican primary for President this year.    I’ll be a poll manager for SC during the 2/29 primary.

  12. Just now, Platypus Rex said:

    Which ones?  The raw numbers should be easy to find.  Or are you referring to my supplemental remarks?

    The supplemental remarks about symptomatic patients being turned away from Chinese hospitals.  And the death rate being higher than official figures.

  13. 43 minutes ago, Platypus Rex said:

    +3323 new cases lab-confirmed cases today brings the total lab-confirmed infections to 20,625

    +64 new deaths brings the death total to 426.

    The death rate continues to accelerate, but not as rapidly as before.  It is doubtful, though, that this represents the slowing down of the virus in China.  More likely it represents the health services in China being overwhelmed.

    Multiple reports coming out of China suggest that at the epicenter, symptomatic patients are being turned away from hospitals are being turned away undiagnosed to self-quarantine at home, where many of them die.  Even when they do gain admission, it is unlikely the receive priority in the use of available lab-test kits, which are presumably needed to track down and isolate the virus outside of quarantine areas.

    It seems likely that a great many are dying undiagnosed and being left off China's official death lists for the disease.


    Where are you seeing these reports?

  14. 2 hours ago, Platypus Rex said:

    So … what you are trying to tell is that somewhere in this world of 7 billion people, some troll (or frightened person) said something racist.

    And you felt it was important to point this out so that you could make sweeping, unflattering, generalizations about entire groups of people.

    Were are you going with this?  Fear isn’t justification for being an ass to Asians.

  15. 20 minutes ago, Werthead said:

    There probably wasn't time to get one ready for the Super Bowl, so the next logical big event would be San Diego Comic-Con, where I'd be surprised if there wasn't a heavy Dune presence (ha, and probably Wheel of Time as well). They probably want to start ramping up the promotional stuff before July though, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a trailer landing a bit earlier, maybe April or May? They may also be looking for a big movie to attach the trailer to, with Black Widow being an obvious choice.

    I’d heard we were getting a trailer in December but it never materialized.

  16. 29 minutes ago, argonak said:

    No, I've given up on convincing them of anything.  They're willfully ignorant.  Doesn't seem like there's any point anymore.  if you try to explain reality to them they get mad, so whatever.  Today I listened to some guy on the radio defending trump while whining about how trump had hurt his soybean market, and then complaining that trump wasn't forcing the oil companies to buy his corn anymore.

    They're a bunch of whiny welfare crybabies who are mad when they don't get all their farm subsidy welfare.  And they hate how other people get welfare.   The old folks get mad that anyone other than them might get help with their healthcare, while screeching about their drug expenses.  

    I frankly don't have much hope for the future of this country anymore.