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  1. On 10/9/2022 at 12:55 PM, ljkeane said:

    I recently finished The Golden Enclaves too. I think it was probably the weakest of the series but I still enjoyed it. Good series overall.

    I agree I liked it the least of the 3.  They sort of went downhill to me.  Pretty much halfway through I knew


    That El was going to "kill" Orion.  In retrospect it was obvious since the first line of the first book.  Not a big fan that she brought him back though.  I mean at the end of TGE I had forgotten why El even liked Orion.  The emotional connection established mostly in book 1 and some in book 2 completely unraveled for me.

    What is the deal with Liesel?  I like her as a character, but why the romantic relationship with El?  Isn't that sort of kicking Orion when he is down?  I can probably forgive the first time since we don't know Orion is alive, but the second time?

    I did like the thing about El's mom and dad keeping the "price open" for the Golden Sutras.  And I really liked the whole enclave / maw-mouth / human sacrifice connection.  And the thing about El's grandma using her prophesies to shape the future was super-cool.

    I can't help being a little disappointed though.


  2. On 9/5/2022 at 12:32 PM, Iskaral Pust said:

    Unsouled by Will Wight.  I dropped this one quickly.  It felt like a YA fantasy version of Divergent — a society based on ridiculous category assignments but the plucky, super-special teenager will defy their categorization.  Jesus wept.

    Lol I really loved this whole series.  Twelfth and final book is coming out soon!  Maybe not the best prose, but Wight releases books at a steady cadence (un-like some others I could name).   I really enjoyed the characters.  The whole series is free on kindle unlimited so great if you are on a budget.  Reads like an anime, so if you are into that maybe you will like this.

    Guess good ol' JC can shed a few tears for me!

  3. On 12/5/2021 at 12:58 PM, Kyll.Ing. said:

    Hasn't this question been asked and answered literally thousands of times in this subforum already?

    And these are just threads created in the past four months. Isn't it kinda redundant to ask this question again?

    What else are we going to talk about?  In the last 10 years I'm sure every question and topic has been asked and discussed to the n-th degree.

    Welcome OP!  Thanks for posting and keeping this forum active.

    I'm really excited to read about what happens with Theon.  I have no idea what will happen, but I hope Stannis doesn't kill him and he lasts the whole book.

  4. Anyone else getting ads popping up? Just started today.

    No popups just the usual side ads.

    They were broken for a while for me but seemed to be fixed now.

    I had adblock on when the side ads were broken and screwed up the forum interface, but I turned it off now that everything is fine. I suppose that Westeros.org is getting ad money from these things & I don't mind supporting that now that the ads are fixed.

  5. I had the same problem for at least a week. Just this morning upgraded Chrome to "Version 40.0.2214.115 m" and now all problems seem to be gone (fingers crossed).

    Edit: maybe I spoke too soon, but something improved this morning (maybe it was the Chrome update, maybe not). I still get blank pages sometimes but they are appearing less frequently and can be solved by reloading westeros.org main page (which didn't fix anything before).

  6. 5. Important last step!! Pick an option that isn't #1. You cannot actually upload a photo onto the server, but there is no way to remove this option from the board software. Use one of the other options (linking to a picture with a URL hosted elsewhere, such as Photobucket, or logging into Gravatar).

    hmmm... That's funny since I have always used this option and it has seemed to work for me. It usually takes a day or two (I was wrongly assuming some mod needed to approve the avatar) and sometimes I need to sign out and sign in again.

  7. Speaking of the house with a red door, have these threads on the Mercy chapter discussed Dany's Braavos house with the red door and the lemon tree yet?

    Based on the following quote it seems like Dany must be remembering the lemon tree. (sort of like Sansa's unkiss?)

    I wonder if this is sort of a sign that Dany will never be happy because her house with a red door and lemon tree doesn't actually exist.

    “Seven hells, this place is damp,” she heard her guard complain. “I’m chilled to the bones. Where are the bloody orange trees? I always heard there were orange trees in the Free Cities. Lemons and limes. Pomegranates. Hot peppers, warm nights, girls with bare bellies. Where are the bare-bellied girls, I ask you?”

    “Down in Lys, and Myr, and Old Volantis,” the other guard replied. He was an older man, big-bellied and grizzled. “I went to Lys with Lord Tywin once, when he was Hand to Aerys. Braavos is north of King’s Landing, fool. Can’t you read a bloody map?”

    Anyway sorry if this has already been discussed. I can't seem to find the older Mercy threads.

  8. Surprised no ones mentioned this reference from ADWD:

    "The galley was also where the ship's books were kept... the fourth and final volume of The Life of the Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants."

    This is a football reference to the 2007 New England Patriots, who set an NFL record 18 straight wins (succession of conquests and triumphs) under head coach Bill Belichick (Belicho) before losing to GRRM's hometown team the New York Giants in the super bowl. As a Patriots fan I am ashamed I didnt realize this reference instantly. Love how GRRM sneaks in these little references so well without breaking the immersion.

    Wow I missed this too! What an awesome first post, Bohemund. Welcome.

  9. Yes, but she has not met Tyrion yet, thus has not been told about Ilyrio's true intentions all along. How much loyalty will she feel to Ilyrio when she learns he had Aegon in his pocket the whole time and did not expect her to survive in the Dothraki sea?

    Yes, this is true - if she believes Tyrion, who Quaithe warned against. Plus Pentos is a free city (Illyrio excepted) so the whole slave freeing motive is gone.

    Of course Barristan seems to have promised Tatters Pentos, so it remains to be seen whether Dany will honor this commitment if she has the opportunity. IMO I would like to see her go to Westeros immediately after Volantis (or even sooner).

  10. What is more, what he knows of the Greyjoys, doesn't add up to their fleet showing up at Meereen: Barristan assumes that the powerhungry Balon and the battlehungry Victarion would at once gnaw at Westeros mainland if given the opportunity, and have a complete lack of the foresight to extend their reach as far as Meereen. He forgets about Euron, who is actually the Greyjoy visionary, as he had been in exile at the time Barristan was back in Westeros. That's why he thinks of Theon, who might have been sent on behalf of the King in the North to seek out an alliance (and knowing about the "Usurper's dogs" attitude, probably thinks it unlikely). It is rather unlikely that the Iron Throne would go out in force to seek an alliance with a Targaryen, and sending the Greyjoys to destroy her seems insufficient from a military standpoint, all the while the Iron Throne has domestic problems to deal with and can't spend its armies in such ventures. And, of course, he still thinks that Theon is loyal to the Starks.

    Excellent post. I miss the "like" button.

  11. On "How I Met Your Mother" the other night there was a game of thrones reference. Barney and Robin (who are engaged to be married) were talking about the possibility that they were cousins. Barney said something like: "king Joffrey's parents were brother and sister and he turned out to be a fair and wise leader"

  12. mushroomshirt - Oh, he must have. Being the...ahem...generously girthed gentleman that he is, I think he must have sampled the UK easy-cook delicacy of a Fray Bentos pie. Not enough meat in them nowadays, however. They used to be better years ago.


  13. Could Martin have anticipated his Titus Andronicus moment all along and named the Freys after Frey Bentos pies? It seems quite obvious, or a coincidence he took advantage of at least.

    There are no Fray Bentos pies in the US, but I suppose he could have seen them traveling to the UK.

    OT, there is an "Olivia Frey" on my kids' swim team. It always makes me think of aSoIaF. I suppose if you are going to be named after a Frey, Olyvar is the best one...

  14. Now that this thread is reaching 60 unwieldy pages, has there been any thought about restarting this topic in three different threads? One thing that I've noticed is Martin's homages range the gamut from actual historical events to mythology/folklore to literature and even a smattering of pop culture. One thread can be devoted to actual history, another thread to mythology and folklore while a third thread can reference his literary and pop culture references. Just a thought anyway to make this topic more reader friendly.

    A fourth category could be references and homages to GoT or aSoIaF that appear elsewhere. I posted something elsewhere about a GoT reference in the TV show Parks and Recreation and the mods moved it here. So this thread has turned into really a grab bag of any reference to or by aSoIaF and GoT, even though the OP was specifically about references and homages appearing in aSoIaF.

  15. Is the Theon/Reek transformation a homage to Smeagol/Gollum?

    It's not really a stretch if you subscribe to the "Theon Durden" theory of the Hooded Man in Winterfell. (I don't subscribe to this myself but many others do). To them Theon's encounter with the Hooded man is a Theon/Reek moment similar to a Gollum/Smeagol moment.

    There are several threads on this topic if you have not seen them yet. Search for "Theon Durden" and I bet you will find a bunch of hits.

  16. Since they never said with GoT sword it was a replica of (IIRC), I assume that Longclaw was just a guess. It could have been any, really.

    It has a wolf's head on it so it seems like it must be Longclaw.

    I suppose it could be Ice (I don't think we know what Ice's pommel looks like). But Ice would be even longer since it is a greatsword.

  17. The Guys also have a Longclaw replica by Valyrian Steel hanging next to the entrance door ^_^

    Ah yes, I remember the episode where they bought it ^_^

    Don't know about you but doesn't it seem a little short to be a bastard sword? I always imagined Longclaw to be, you know, long.

  18. Sorry if this has already been posted - search is disabled ATM.

    Last week's episode of the Big Bang Theory I noticed they have a Lannister refrigerator magnet.

    Also in this week's Entertainment Weekly there is a column where the writers for the GoT TV series and Parks and Recreation swtich shows. It's amusing.

  19. Shame Donna said Tyrion is the Lord of Casterly Rock... :)

    Actually I'm pretty sure Ben said that.

    And he really is the rightful lord of Casterly Rock. (assuming he's not disqualified for killing the previous lord)

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