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  1. Anyone see Parks and Recreation this past week? Just watched it on DVR. One of the characters (Ben) is bidding against another of the characters (Ann) on an eBay like site. Ann figures out who she is bidding against because Ben's username is "Tall Tyrion Lannister" The go on to have a brief conversation about ASOIAF where Ben mentions the Warlocks of Qarth. Also one of the other characters (Donna) talks about watching the TV series. She says something about the Dothraki. I think it was last season but in another episode Andy and April make a list of all the places they want to live on a whiteboard. One of their places is "Winterfell."
  2. Not really relevant to your overall point, but I believe this remark was made by Littlefinger and spoken to Sansa. I think you are probably right about this, but there is a point where Vic talks about not having any red cloth on the ship to dress Moqorro so he has to dress him in black. I think they would need red cloth for the Targaryen banners, right? Since their arms are a three headed dragon breathing flames, red on black. I suppose maybe he didn't want to mess up his dragon banners or maybe they didn't have enough red cloth on them to make Moqorro robes...
  3. I decided to do some searching to see if there is anything else on this site about this. While it is not canon, the prophecies section of the Westeros website says this: (full link: http://www.westeros....cies/Entry/1813) I was happy to see that Jon Connington is a possibility mentioned here, but it seems like the authors think it is probably Vic.
  4. I always thought the black tentacles were a reference to Crow's Eye and that Euron was controlling Vic like a marionette. The smiling sadly part from the HoD prophecy doesn't really seem to fit Vic. He's not much for sad smiles, I think. He's more a man of action. You certainly could be right considering the points you bring up about the Vic's POV leaving him. I'm just sharing what I thought when I read the books. Next time I read I will challenge my assumptions a little bit to see if the dead man on the prow of the ship fits better with Vic.
  5. I always thought this was Jon Connington and the grey lips / corpse thing was a reference to greyscale. OP- thanks so much for your notes on GRRM's reading
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