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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    im gonna use my first post to say if that you have only watched the show, robb doing what he is doing is consistent with how he has been protrayed so far in the show. the only few times he hasn't acted rashly is when his mom was right there to tell him what to do and even then. couldn't care less how he is in the books and to anyone watching the show it shouldn't either. the sooner some people realize this, the happier they'll be. this "Robb Stark character assassination" is grossly overblown... overall, very good episode but obviously guilty of trying to do too much too quickly. and the lack of budget (still an incredibly expensive show to make mind you ~70 million per season) was painfully clear from episode 7 onwards - forgetting blackwater of course. should be better in that regard from now on since each book will be split into two seasons from now on.