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  1. You're really grasping for a distinction without a difference if you acknowledge that there's a connection between the Neimoidians and the crude racist East Asian accents but then say it's not a racist caricature because they, ya know, look like aliens. Further, if you get that people "might feel offended by this kind of thing," then there really isn't much of an argument here. The main argument was that those of us that identified such connections are "just looking to be offended," these connections were all in our head, and identifying these connections meant we either had a political agenda or were racists. Doesn't seem you agree with those preposterous notions. The point was never that it was intentional or Lucas is racist or even that it was that huge of a deal - such racist caricatures are in plenty of other films, especially those made over twenty years ago. The point, at least IMO, is that these caricatures should be avoided, indeed are avoided more and more in the industry, and the ST avoided such usage.
  2. Nope. Education is not subjective. The obvious connections to prior racial caricatures in media is empirical.
  3. Yep, the racist caricatures were obvious to me because I was educated and/or exposed to the history of such racist caricatures. And if you are educated on the history of racist caricatures, as you claimed to be at least in the Jar Jar case, then they are indeed obvious. That's inarguable. I understand they aren't obvious to everybody, which for the third time is why if you don't recognize it, I don't care. Just don't tell me I'm either an ideologue or a racist for identifying the obvious connections. It's hilariously preposterous to think I have any political motivation now, and definitely at 14, for doing so - if only because I don't think how many people can identify obvious racist caricatures in The Phantom Menace would have any substantive effect on the current political environment.
  4. The point, as polishgenius just alluded to, is the depiction should not be blatant racist caricatures. The Japanese accent of the Trade Federation isn't a "real world" dialect or accent, it's a blatant racist caricature accent of the Japanese/East Asians.
  5. It says a lot that you think 14 year old me was either an ideologue or a racist for recognizing obvious racist caricatures in a movie. Especially considering you yourself just complained about the other obvious lazy racist caricatures in the same movie. Your consistent tendency to write off anyone who points out you are demonstratively wrong as politically motivated (or, ludicrously, racist themselves) is really desperate and pathetic.
  6. I didn't say all Gungans - frankly I don't remember much more than the king or whatever right now anyway - I meant Jar Jar specifically. If you can't see the obvious connections that's your problem. As for your completely idiotic suggestion that identifying these obvious connections means you either have a political agenda or are racist yourself, LOL!
  7. Jewish caricature. Watto. Yep, I just don't see it. ETA: Sorry first link didn't work, dunno what I did there.
  8. I don't understand why whether or not me as a white male is personally offended matters in the slightest. It comes from the centuries long history of black caricatures depicted in this country. Where did I say that would offend me? As I said from the beginning, if you didn't identify Watto as a Jewish character, good for you. Just don't act like people that do identify him as such are simply "looking to be offended." Considering how obvious the associations are, that's absurd. No, they are racist caricatures because they are racist caricatures. Google image Jewish caricatures and tell me you would not associate those caricatures with Watto.
  9. It started out with mormont pointing out that the PT had thinly disguised racist caricatures. And again, I don't think that point is arguable.
  10. Yep. The Trade Federation are obvious Japanese/East Asian caricatures and Jar Jar is an obvious black Caribbean caricature. Does that make George Lucas racist? No. But pointing out these obvious associations is definitely not "looking to be offended" - not to mention as you say it's just very lazy and disappointing worldbuilding on Lucas' part. I mean, yeah, Watto is a Jewish stereotype, but more specifically his caricature is a classic southern/eastern European Jewish stereotype. This stereotype of course extends to other ethnicities in the region as well. I identified it as Jewish because those were the people of southern/eastern European descent I grew up with. A person growing up in an Italian neighborhood may well identify Watto as an Italian caricature. A person growing up in New York City might identify him as both a Jewish and Italilan caricature. All of the above are correct.
  11. JFC, I can't believe there's actually a multi-page argument on whether or not Watto is a Jewish caricature. Honestly that's not even an argument worth having - and no, it doesn't matter that he sounds exactly like Frank Pentangeli. If you didn't recognize Watto as a Jewish caricature, great for you! But that doesn't mean - in the slightest - that the people that did identify him as a Jewish caricature are "looking to be offended." I was 14 when TPM came out and I immediately recognized the depiction as a Jewish caricature. As did most people in my town -- and yeah, that's probably because the town I grew up in was 40% Jewish. Try telling them they're "just looking to be offended." I mean it's not a huge deal or the end of the world, but sometimes this forum..just JFC.
  12. Charlize Theron? Anyway, I too like Prometheus while acknowledging it's deeply flawed. Some of that may be the expectations game - by the time I saw it in theaters all the reviews/word of mouth I was exposed to insisted the film was a complete travesty.
  13. Gross. I'm sure glad we've "heard your case" which ultimately ends in shit talking.
  14. Well as mentioned earlier that was just him answering a question in an interview. But yeah, his emphasis on 30 million casualties in WWII as his primary argument really highlights he doesn't have much of an argument at all.
  15. Admittedly the PT has grown on me over the years (I thought the first two, at least, were total crap when they first came out), but I think this is a little extreme. Especially when comparing it to the sequel trilogy. In terms of plot, at least the PT's is consistent and coherent, if pretty obvious and yes very poorly executed. I also really like Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan and would take his performance in the PT over anyone in the ST -- by far. And really, it's not like anyone is tearing down the house in terms of acting in the ST either. Finally, while the PT probably has a higher rate of cringe-worthy moments than the ST, the latter still had more than its fair share as well.
  16. Definitely not jealous of Finkelstein or Princeton, just defending the program's credentials. As a provocateur and polemicist.
  17. Huh? Finkelstein has been controversial literally his entire career.
  18. Well, I wish I could've gotten into Princeton, which is one of the best programs in the world. Anyway, Finkelstein has always been more celebrity and provocateur than academic, this isn't anything new.
  19. It's also very disappointing to see anyone echoing Russia's Ukraine/Nazi propaganda. It is very dangerous to legitimize that as a casus belli in any way.
  20. That's true. Between TFA and TLJ I still had a new hope.
  21. If you're gonna mention School Daze how can you omit School Ties?!? But yeah, definitely agree that those type of films were much more common back then.
  22. This is by far my biggest problem with the sequel trilogy as well - and you're right that TLJ really emphasizes it (the slow-mo chase really doesn't help) - but to be fair I started asking these types of questions about 10 minutes into TFA. Out loud, in the theater.
  23. Considering I'm looking forward to Love & Thunder more than any other MCU movie forthcoming (and since Endgame), actually that's kind of a let down. But I am happy for your bladder.
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