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  1. Welp, that was bad, lol. To be fair I liked Cersei's, Arya's, Varys' and Dany's scenes. The rest was to the very least underwhelming. Was happy that they putted Stannis out of his misery too, but hated the change in Brienne's character used to do that.
  2. He burned people he considered criminals and traitors. He is the king, it's in his power to do so. In his point of view, Renly deserved death. I don't recall any moment in the books so far that he killed someone he believed was innocent. Anyway, I'm not trying to say that he is some kind of saint, but he has his sense of justice, and killing Shireen goes completely against it.
  3. I really don't get how fans of this books can be so blind when it comes to shades of grey.
  4. I HIGHLY doubt that Stannis, if involved in the burning, will do it for sake of being the king and not for the greater good. They tried to emphacise that point in the show too (HORRIBLY done) and to make it a more morally grey act (failing hard in the process), so I believe that if does burn her in the books it will be done in a proper manner. Also, book Stannis knows that killing your own daughter will imediatly stop any support you might recieve, so...
  5. One more time, they NEVER told Stannis is the one doing the burning in the books. Really, I need to stress out this as much as possible. People are just reading too much on their statement, as they usually do.
  6. They have not confirmed that Stannis will be the one that burns her, only that she will burn.
  7. Nope. It was clearly stated in the show that Stannis could have retreated back to the Wall. By sacrificing Shireen he is only making things easier for himself. This is not how his character is at all.
  8. I never even once complained about changes from the books. I personally enjoyed things like Dany's season 2 and current Sansa's arc in WF, which I think is better than the fake Arya plot in the books. Please, do not say that when people complain about something they are obviously haters. You are all reading WAY TOO MUCH into D&D statement. They never said that Stannis would be involved in the burning.
  9. In the show? Yes. In the books? IF Stannis is even involved in Shireen's burning, it would be clearly for the greater good, not "hmm, let me makes things easier for me". So even if that happen there, nope.
  10. They have no reason to lie, but the never said it would be Stannis who would do it. You guys are reading too much into their statement.
  11. It's not a matter of better or worse, it's a matter of making sense.
  12. Yeah, right. Stannis will magically fly to the Wall with Littlefinger's teleport device and kill Shireen with his own hands, sounds fucking legit. Do you really believe that? Do you really believe that the guy who held Storm's End would break up to a few days in a storm? IF, and only IF Stannis burns Shireen (he won't, it will be Melisandre) it will be CLEARLY for the greater good, like delaying the others for a year or something, not to take damn ruined Winterfell.
  13. People are really believing that Stannis will kill Shireen on the books? I'll seriously chop off one of my fingers if they don't make it MELISANDRE alone the burner in the books. It really has no fucking sense if it's Stannis who does it.
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