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  1. They've been done with that basic pattern since seasons 5 & 6, where you had Jon's assassination and Sept-ageddon/R+L =J bombshells in the final episodes respectively. Perhaps more than any other, HBO series are judged on their finale episodes so while I agree 5 will doubtless be as explosive and seismic as this final season gets, I don't see episode 6 being entirely slower-paced wrap up/aftermath. They just won't risk it being too anti-climactic, even if the final minutes go full Return of The King with little old Samwell of Tarlyshire putting the finishing ink to "A Song of Ice & Fire" in The Citadel, Bibo Baggins stylee. But even if there's no vast battles in six as such, they'll surely leave some fireworks over for us to chew on leaving this epic world behind; you can count on that. Some dark time/space continuum shit with Bran? A hidden motivation/betrayal? Ghost & Tormund (Gourmand?) beyond the wall encountering some creepy epilogue to the all too neatly disposed of WW threat? And now I've jinxed it to be cosy vanilla wrap up. Hurrah.
  2. "Can I dwell on what I scarce remember? I held a castle on The Marches once, and there was a woman I was pledged to marry, but I could not find that castle today, nor tell you the colour of that woman's hair. Who knighted me, old friend? What were my favorite foods? It all fades. Sometimes I think I was born on the bloody grass in that grove of ash with the taste of fire in my mouth and a hole in my chest. Are you my mother, Thoros?" 

  3. Damorian

    How would you rate episode 602?

    7/10 I don't know, I WANT it to be awesome and sure: I'll keep on watching, but GOT is still struggling to recapture the magic of earlier seasons for me. Offing characters almost as soon as they appear in a scene is clearly their new 'shock & awe' tactic to catch us on the backfoot but for the audience it can create a feeling of the moment not feeling earned. Roose's death? Meh. Felt as conned by that as the ones in Dorne. Except that THIS character should've at least put up a fight, even if that was just some serious, pissed-off hatred in his eyes, but no. One stab. Ended. Iron Islands was 'okay', except for their conversation on the bridge basically playing out like the Euron Greyjoy backstory info-dump. Recasting of yet more faces like Leaf, the drowned priest, and the glaring continuity error of Bloodraven appearing sans beard/claws/long hair in the cave just contributes to the general continuity WTF?/laziness that will really become apparent when this thing is watched right through. As for the end ... loved Mel's self doubt, hair clipping and incantations, but the flatness of Jon's eventual resurrection couldn't help but draw comparison in my mind with another second episode (1x02, from approx 3 min 59) >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xYeyv-Eo730 i.e: where everything from the score to the camera angles moving across the direwolf fur and bedclothes oozed the greater atmosphere without any magic even being involved. The eyes-wide-open jump scare is a horror cliche we've all seen a thousand times before; is that really the best they could come up with? Zero artistry or originality in that moment, imo, was just hugely disappointing. I'd have maybe had a close up on Ghost's eyes ... zoom in on a shadowy reflection slowly sitting upright in those red dilated pupils and the sound of shallow breathing before ... he howls, building to resurgent choral Stark theme into the credits. But that's just me.
  4. Damorian

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 507?

    Great episode bar ... ... talk about handing your critics victory on a platter with yet another (almost) rape scene. They should have just had Sam & Gilly getting closer in the sad wake of Aemon's death without the need for yet more sexual violence to precipitate it. Other than that, I can't be the only one to have noticed than an episode called The Gift where gifts/suprises of all kinds are very much the theme started with a close up on a horse's mouth. Clever nod to the proverb, no?
  5. Bar a couple of changes, I've been a supporter of this show since the beginning, but frankly .... I'm at a loss to understand how appallingly bad the Dorne stuff really is. Nothing about getting on the bandwagon here ... it really IS that bad. Jaime and Bronn show up and the sandsnakes are at that very moment in a tunnel waiting, like ... hey, at WHAT point exactly did they even know they were there? And let's not get started on the acting or Jaime and Bronn in 'disguise' like extras from an Abbot & Costello miove. It just stands out like a sore thumb as by far the worst scripted and acted storyline of the shows entire run. To think this replaced Stoneheart and the brilliantly written interactions of Edmure/Jaime at Riverrun is like the salt on the wound really ....
  6. which is why everyone I know who hasn't read the books - around 25 or so people - HAVE all at some point chipped in with variations of questions to the tune of: What happened to those resistance fighters? What was the point of only bringing Beric back if they have that ressurection power to use against the Lannisters/White Walkers? What is Walder doing now? Is Blackfish still taking a piss? Shit, shit writing, sorry. I accepted changes made to the story the first three seasons but not this. GOT dropped the ball for me when it developed amnesia about every single character in the Riverlands except Arya and The Hound. The missing iconic horror beats of Lady Stoneheart aside ~ (behold her terrrifying majesty: http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2014/232/d/e/lady_stoneheart_by_slothmaker-d7vzl29.png ) ~ it was Edmure Tully's bloody wedding for Chrissakes, he deserved a few minutes in an episode revealing his fate (i.e more than half a S3 sentence throwaway from Walder about 'rotting in a dungeon') over any number of disposable sex scenes, not to mention the tragedy of really loving Roslin Frey. I was a staunch supporter of adaptation changes made in seasons 1-3, but since then the M.I.A character syndrome in GOT has gone beyond a joke for me and I've started to lose faith that season 5 will redress that. Only really Jacquen H'gar has gone any way to alleviating it, but hey. Better than none.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Seeing the Brienne/Sansa stuff this week is making me realise what a convoluted mess the knock on effect on other storylines of cutting Lady Stoneheart has been. Her Oathkeeper/noose scenes with Brienne were awesome, bringing Brienne's bond with Jaime (as well established as it's been in the show) to crisis point. So that's gone. BWB set up ... all useless. Arya's connection to Nymeria ... never touched on. Blackfish still AWOL going for a piss. It's making the writing look so amateurish.
  8. Not that bit about his mother, just a partial flashback (sans dialogue, even) of him riding away from Ned that last time on his way to Castle Black to underscore the journey he's made in getting to this point. And that he probably wishes Ned could've lived to see it Anything to give his election a bit more emotional heft! It was all a bit too .... ordinary. :dunno:
  9. Hmmm. Think the new Brienne/Pod plot and the Jaime/Dorne material is maybe starting to make the people who championed Stoneheart + Riverlands feel a little better. Erm ... because that plot WAS better. Still can't believe it's all been cut. Was a fan of most of the book changes until the end of season 4. Dorne was hugely disappointing, imo, especially Ellaria having apparently morphed into a cartoon villain with different (or more exaggerated?) accent. Vengeance for what? For trial by combat Oberyn volunteered himself for? Awful scripting. HOB&W ... hmmmm. Big old block of CG on the horizon looked a bit conspicuous. Liked the election scene but as some have already noted it really needed more emotional resonance at conclusion like we got with Robb being chosen as King in The North - perhaps the Stark theme soaring to crescendo with Jon briefly thinking back to the last time he rode away from Ned en route to The Wall, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=diZPm20DdLM Would've cost nothing to bolt onto the end of that scene in post but given it so much more power. Also, whilst I applaud them trying to get a few more "emoting" facial expressions out of Drogon in the final scene, the end result was some of the worst dragon cg on the show to date and at best, a throwback to Dragonheart. 7/10.
  10. Not bad, and while it WAS gorliy effective in terms of what was there, I'm slightly gob-smacked they left the much hyped trial by combat to the last rushed five minutes, much as per the bear pit scene in E08 last year. Couldn't believe it when I looked at the clock, it was nearing the 50 min. mark and the fight had only just got going! Presumed that like the Purple wedding, it was pretty much locked to be a 15-20 minute segment at least? Weird. Overall all, I love the show and the hard work that goes into it, so will be sticking with it in S5, but tbh, by this point in S4, they also seem to have replicated the massive problem of season 2 with their finale BIG time, i.e: left way too much for even a (marginally) extended final episode. The certain upshot now, since E09 seems solely centred on the wall and the battle for castle black, is that one or more of the remaining plotlines WILL end up feeling rushed and short-changed in a 60 minute finale (and no, it won't be 66 at all after titles, credits and/or recap. More like 60 tops. Knowing that is sadly based on past experience.) That's not really a statement of opinion; having followed this show from the beginning and watched how it either allocates too much time or subtracts too little time from scenes - ESPECAILLY when placed under pressure of the clock - it's more one based on mathematical fact. The good news: I fully expect them to nail Tyrion's climactic scenes in 4x10, but at what cost? Whose story will end up becoming the new "what the hell just happened with Theon at Winterfell?" or Houses of Healing, condensed and truncated into baffling insignificance? Which massively powerful moment will come out Robbwind-disappointing in the wash? Since they've clearly excised Arya's vision of Nymeria, this is arguably the episode that should at least have established some hanging Freys showing up with salt stuffed in their mouths in the Riverlands. They didn't so if LS DOES show, prepare yourself for cries of "jumping the shark!" & "Deus Ex Machina!" from non-readers because of that frustrating oversight - zero set up has been done. Ideally this one would have been a longer 58-59 mins cut. They needed to check in with Bran and co. They needed to effect the Hound's demise, at least in part (much better set up here, admittedly) and get Arya in position ready from Braavos. They needed to squeeze at least one iota of emotion from Kit Harrington who has been appalling this season where I've always defended his acting in the past. Ditto Emilia Clarke, whose coldly imperious queen routine is wearing so thin now, it almost robbed another rushed (hugely rushed through) scene in the banishment of Jorah of any real sense of this being a two-way tragedy. So thank god for Ramin's score and Ian Glenn. It's also worth bearing in mind that as good as it may be, The Watchers on The Wall is highly unlikely to surpass Blackwater in peoples' minds, especially since characters like Jon, Ygritte & Stannis are among the lesser favourites, performance-wise, compared to the Kings' Landing crowd. It can compete SFX-wise, but that's about it, most likely. Which means that taken as a whole, so much is riding on the finale as to how S4 will be remembered: success or patchy failure? Trashing things is not in my nature, so hope springs eternal and all that ... but my gut feeling by this point if I'm honest, no matter how hard I try to banish it, is that despite some standout scenes in individual episodes, time is running out to stop season 4 becoming the runt of the litter. Prove me wrong, show. Prove me wrong. :crying: .