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  1. It’s interesting, because I don’t feel anything drags for me. I find the acting in ROP of much higher quality over all, other than the exceptions I mentioned in the Witcher, but those were central charachters. It’s a subjective opinion by both of us. I never thought I’d never get to see the Second Age of MIddle-Earth in my lifetime, so I’m enjoying myself.
  2. I have a question for those who don’t like The Rings of Power, is it better or worse than the Witcher or Wheel of Time? As I’ve said earlier, I could not get past the first 5 to 15 minute of Wheel of Time, it is so godawful. Despite Henry Cavill’s good-looks, I was on the verge of dumping the Witcher until Yennefer’s and Ciri’s stories in both seasons. On the whole, the acting is quite pedestrian— with the exceptions of Anya Charlota as Yennifer, and Myanna Burnig as Tissaia—and the stories feel like they are based on a video game, not a book. I’m entirely invested in Tolkien’s works and TH White’s, so the constant whining about a show based on an outline from Tolkien is perplexing. All I can figure is that people were expecting a faithful adaptation of the Silmarillion and didn’t get it.
  3. Thank you for saying what I have been thinking. There is not an adaptation of any book, anywhere that hasn’t disappointed fans in some way, let alone adapting what is barely an outline of a story, as is the case with ROP. Heck, Aranofsky got crap for doing an interpretation of the Noah story in film for not being “kid friendly like Veggie tales.” The parental viewership of ROP is 14 and up. Though I believe it was intended for 12 and up. So the story telling and dialogue is as simplified as possible. BTW, I have one theory for why the Tolkien Family/Estate is holding onto the Silmarillion. At some point they may want to produce a film/tv show/radio production themselves. Then the complaining will be even more vicious and unmoored.
  4. If the writing is bad and you don’t like the show why are you continuing to watch and comment on it? Why are you wasting your time with it? Frankly, I could not get through the first five minutes of the Wheel Of Time, I found it so dull, the dialogue trite and the production value low.
  5. Celebrimbor paid the heavy price but Elrond, Galadriel and Cirdan reaped the rewards of having those three rings for thousands of years. Always seemed unfair given what happens to Celebrimbor.
  6. The Dragon Pit is the one that looks like Hagia Sophia most . Y’know where they stable the Dragons. The one in ROP looks like a half dome of it. I am enjoying both shows. I still haven’t ruled out Halbrand being Sauron despite his reveal that leans into his more likely to being a possible witch king. I would enjoy a monologue from Sauron on what his experience being human is like.
  7. My God, this show is Beautiful and sprawling! Also so full of new lore and story. Episode 3
  8. Was just surprised to see it. I’ll watch it tomorrow, too. Listening to InDeepGeek explaining the three Elven rings.
  9. So you’re leaning to Halbrand being Sauron? But jumping in the water and saving Galadriel? True, he does play the long game. He could be using Galadriel to check out the Numenoreans and later the Elves? I guess he did take a risk fighting Huan, though why would he ever think a dog could beat him? He was also hitting on Galadriel on the raft. Sauron? Or Sauron pretending how he thinks a man would behave? I’m leaning to Halbrand being just a man who had Morgoth allegiances and maybe was a leader/king once. Why would Orcs attack if he was loyal to Morgoth? Because in this era some Orcs are running wild on their own after Morgorth’s downfall and Sauron in hiding and are not under control. And Maybe Halbrand isn’t much of a Witch King yet. Also, he might be Theo’s father.
  10. 1)It does not preclude them at all from setting up the Annatar plot line. The fact they set up Eregion and introduced Celebrimbor demonstrates to me they are doing it. May not see it this season. 2) They are Limited by Copyright to whatever their lawyers and Simon Tolkien says they can adapt.
  11. They are not telling the Silmarillion, at least not directly, but much of what you have requested is being set up. TROP is meant to be family friendly, accessible for those not steeped in the lore with only nods to it, as well as the Peter Jackson films. It is understandable if it’s not to your liking. I was and am still pissed off about the deletion of Lady Stoneheart, Alleras, FAegon, and other aspects of the ASOIAF’s lore being mishandled or not present in GoT HBO.
  12. Can you give me an example of what you mean by “fleshed out from what Tolkien wrote”? Because as I see it, they are doing that. They are limited by the fact of not being able to reference the Silmarillion or other Tolkien works. Can you give me an example of another adapted series that did this well?
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