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  1. There are interesting aspects to it for sure.
  2. I like any brand of chocolate chip. No mint or cookie dough, though. I actually love one of the store brand chocolate chips though I forget which one...Safeway or Freddies likely. It has the little shavings sort of for chips and a ton of them. Tillamook is better quality but fewer chips. Still good. Lately...like for months...I have been on a float binge. My favorite root beer for floats is usually Weinhard's. I also like B&J New York Super Fudge Chunk though it is a little busy for every day. Also plain choc chip is perfect already. Right now the only ice cream I have in the freezer is Trader Joe's Sublime Ice Cream Sandwiches.
  3. I can dig it. I am pleased with tonight's result. Covid anxiety is turning me into a fair weather fan and I need Seattle to win to avoid a breakdown.
  4. I finished Hickman's House of X / Powers of X and liked it. Now I'm on to Lethem's Gambler's Anatomy.
  5. I finally read House of X/Powers of X. I liked it but... Still liked it, though.
  6. I am never going to find a XBox SX or a PS5 at a store. Best Buy is rumored to restock the week of Thanksgiving. So the bots can buy them in .04 seconds. Sales should be capped at two and the item should be reserved in your cart for one hour or some such customer friendly nonsense like that. They will still sell out it just might take a day or two instead of an eyeblink. Good news is I still have WoW to play as I try to unlock Mechagnomes before Shadowlands. It's unlikely I will make it but we'll see.
  7. We will be starting a two week freeze on the eighteenth I think. Some places...the zoo, museums, gardens and outdoor rec spots...will be closed for the period. Churches capped at 25 indoor and 50 out. Stores capped at 75% occupancy. All restaurants take-out only. A small aside is a guy who has declared he will be selling take-out cocktails even though it is against state law. He is saying it is civil disobedience. He sounds like a goof but I think selling the takeout cocktails...within proper guidelines...should be alright.
  8. Russell Wilson has ten turnovers in three games. Also there is a pandemic going on.
  9. Delaney is the one I like the best so that's good news. More about her is welcome. I am now reading Hickman's House of X / Powers of X trade. My unread comic stack is getting obnoxious. Pretty good so far. I'm about half-way through.
  10. I read Moreno-Garcia's Mexican Gothic and enjoyed it for the most part. Can't put my finger on it but something felt...missing from this book. I don't know what. Just left me cold at times. Still a good book. Next I read Craig's Resurrection Men. I just finished this one last night. Great story with good characters...some great who hopefully are still around as we continue. Lore and society and intrigue...none of my guesses panned out. None. The end...the last few pages are an ass kicking that really thickens the plot to vastly understate the situation. Good thing I already have Lord of the Hunt ready.
  11. My goal is to unlock Mechagnomes as an allied race by Nov 23 for Shadowlands release. I have unlocked Vulpera and Void Elves already. We'll see what happens.
  12. I agree he may head down to Florida sooner rather than later. I think he'll just keep tweeting and having rallies after that. I'm not sure his supporters will really notice any difference as he never really did the job of President anyway. In truth I'm more concerned with whatever he gets up to between now and 1-20.
  13. Where are you all looking at results? I am looking at the AP results on the Yahoo page and it has Biden up over 18 grand in Mich. Is that right or old or what?
  14. So I have a cavity. Probably more than one and need to make a dentist appointment. I have been trying to stop drinking sugary drinks even though I love them. So I stopped buying Pellegrinos and instead bought some Talking Rain seltzer water. It is not good. I looked around on the internet and found that absolutely no drinks are good for teeth. Milk which is like digesting lava or water is all you got. So water it is. Also green and black teas are okay I read. I also found that if I fill a glass about a third way with OJ and then the rest Talking Rain is is pretty delicious. Of course...juice is another bad drink with a lot of sugar.
  15. Today I wore a pair of dark brown Outpost Makers boots as I turned in my ballot. I have twelve pairs of shoes in total. This thread always makes me want to buy another pair, though. Every pair of shoes I own can be worn with jeans. I have no dress shoes at all and let's all pray for that to hold.
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