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  1. I have now finished Martine's A Memory Called Empire which was pretty good. I have begun Morgenstern's The Starless Sea.
  2. I am fairly confident the vegans were harvested in an ethical manner as mention of "their own farm" was made. Also, all the people on the website are smiling and appear to really have their shit together.
  3. This is a podcast interview with Mark Lanegan.
  4. If I understand this thread correctly, quality has no real bearing on selections. I imagine the premise as being pitched for the first time...and someone greenlights the thing. I think a significant percentage of produced scripts could work as most movies are at least a little absurd. Think of the opening of The Player where we wind around to see Buck Henry pitching The Graduate Part 2. At any rate, I still think Face/Off wins the thread. I'll add Soul Man because...wtf?
  5. Inkdaub


    This is a good answer for any recommendation thread. I also liked this one quite a lot. Supposedly the term was coined by KW Jeter in reference to himself, Powers and Blaylock. I have read one Jeter book and didn't really like it. I do like Powers' books to varying degrees with Anubis Gates being the clear favorite. I like Blaylock most of the three...but I haven't read any of his steampunk work.
  6. I used to be an award show junkie. I would take the night off work to watch The Academy Awards. My co-workers thought I was crazy. I absolutely loved that show. This year, I didn't even know it was on until I saw this thread. I haven't seen any of the nominees though hopefully I will watch them at some point. Haven't seen Da Five Bloods yet but as a big Delroy Lindo fan I offer full support to all those saying he was snubbed. Anthony Hopkins has never really done anything for me. I liked him in Lambs, of course, but most other things are just...alright. I'm the same with Spacey. Anyway, I congratulate Hopkins on his win.
  7. I got my first shot earlier today. Waiting to see if any side effects hit me. They said I couldn't leave for fifteen minutes and gave me a cool sticker like the "I Voted" ones. Also got a goodie bag with treats and a pen. Second shot will be in a month.
  8. I have finished all my errands and will have the entire rest of the night to myself. The plan is to eat dinner then play Tomb Raider until my eyes cross.
  9. I admit the idea unsettles me. Also I have the game on the console already and it would be redundant. I do dislike playing while sitting in this chair, though. Maybe I'll try it.
  10. While I was without a TV I started another Tomb Raider play through on Steam. I have a TV again now but I can't stop playing Tomb Raider so my couch will have to wait.
  11. Agreed entirely with first section plus bolded part of second. Particularly when the training police do get includes 'Killology'.
  12. I want one of those canes, too. I have been spending money lately, though, and I'm not done yet so I'll have to revisit the cane later on in the year maybe. I have developed the beginnings of a skull motif in my apartment and that cane would fit in nicely. I wanted one of those skulls also but they are too expensive.
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