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  1. Yeah WoW...I can't keep pace anymore but I still log in and play sometimes. I'd probably have a panic attack if I were to let that sub lapse.
  2. I'll at least try the Diablo II remaster...looks good. I have been playing Shadowlands mixed with various console games. I have Immortals Fenyx Rising going currently. Pretty fun game but I'm not that far in.
  3. The overwhelming majority of whom will not be saying anything remotely negative about him until years from now when it doesn't adversely affect their careers and their lives...if even then. I think this is getting glossed over. The working environment...the entertainment industry when your boss is Joss Whedon...is going to be different to the point of being unrecognizable to most of us. The idea that some people haven't backed up these accounts means less than nothing.
  4. The last two times I have had Beyond Burgers they have been even more delicious than usual. Last night I had lasagna with a meatball and some scampi.
  5. Took a break from all the comics I've been reading to read a book that compiles a series of interviews with Mark Frost. Conversations with Mark Frost by David Bushman. I really liked this one.
  6. My favorite semi-recent Plummer role was in Syriana...RIP. RIP Chick Corea as well.
  7. I have now read... Death of Wolverine Hunt for Wolverine Return of Wolverine Issues of Wolverine up to X of Swords, which I am saving until I catch some other titles up. The first (Rebirth)Detective Comics trade...written by Tynion...called Rise of the Batmen. I am now reading the second DC trade...The Victim Syndicate. All were/are good and enjoyed. Particularly good villains with good creepy vibes. I hope to see more of them. I will likely never be current again, though.
  8. So War of the Realms is much bigger than I thought. I've been out of the comic loop for a bit and didn't know it even existed. The good news is I like War of the Realms. Bad news is Marvel put out a sweet omnibus that almost immediately went out of print. Sold out in a couple weeks and is now gone. I hope they reprint it at some point. More good news is the Annihilation omnibus is still out there so I can order one. Currently reading Daredevil Back in Black trades which are great as expected. Art is absolutely fantastic.
  9. I am usually a big fan of all that galactic level stuff. I am a huge fan of the first Annihilation event as an example. I have always been a fan of Silver Surfer but writers always try to put him on Earth fighting muggers or some such. Put him in space! I also like Thor stories about Asgard and the Realms and all that. Yeah seeing those groups and others like them in the MCU would be pretty cool. Gladiator is like the Karsa Orlong of Marvel Comics.
  10. Yeah. I would finally find that wolf and then my horse would die as I tried to fight the thing off from horseback. I would buy a horse from the dealer in the stable that would get killed by a wolf before I reached my destination.
  11. I was unemployed years ago and had SNAP. I never had any problems at the register. I once had to wait for manager approval that the Coke I wanted to buy was not an energy drink. Otherwise I pretty much knew what I couldn't buy. Prepared food, liquor or beer and apparently energy drinks were not allowed. I will admit that the checker sometimes let me buy a rotisserie half chicken which technically would not count. I would only try that once or twice a month, though. You needed to spend those SNAP benefits on cheap food in mass so you had enough for the entire month. A few treats is okay but mostly a pretty dull month of food. I was happy to get it, though.
  12. Anya Taylor Joy with black hair maybe. I love the Christie casting.
  13. My problem with my horse in Skyrim was that it always took me just a little too long to realize a wolf was attacking. So I walked a lot.
  14. I am reading all the Jane Foster-Thor comics I can get. I have just finished with the Shi'ar issues so now it's time to return to the War of the Realms...I assume. I have a few issues missing from X of Swords so I haven't started that yet. I still have a ton of Batman and Daredevil comics to read. Detective Comics and Daredevil are probably my favorite comics overall so I'm saving them for whatever reason. At one time...maybe still...Brubaker was my favorite comic writer so I look forward to anything with his name on it.
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