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  1. I can only assume that dark maga is maga with a goatee.
  2. Yeah it actually looks pretty interesting. I just love the phrasing used in that review and I guarantee I will find some way to use it in rl and pass it off as my own. I love that we as people can talk ourselves into anything.
  3. I am almost finished with DiLouie's The Children of Red Peak. This is a horror story about a few survivors of a Jonestown-like cult. I anticipated it would be good...for no reason just a hunch...and it didn't let me down. Well written for the most part and progressively creepy without over doing it if that makes sense. Good book and I'll read more DiLouie no doubt.
  4. I saw this post and looked the game up and in a review it says... "However, it strives past the notion that gaming experiences have to be fun..." It sure is. I remember when I was still trying to play Dark Souls and just refused to admit that I didn't like hard games. I would spend six hours getting my ass kicked by one guy and then sweep up the shattered controllers and go to bed. I thought I must be missing something. NOPE. I read online all these Dark Souls fans talking about how that was how the games were and isn't it great and git gud. I talked to a guy who told me about the sense of accomplishment he felt after beating a hard boss or mini-boss in Dark Souls. But I could only play once a week and so that sense of accomplishment was actually wasting my entire week's gaming in a single hallway or single courtyard fighting one guy over and over and trying not to throw the console out the window and light myself on fire. It took a while before I realized I didn't have to play hard games if I didn't want to. Which brings us to last night where I continued to follow doctor's orders and play WoW. I have been questing with my warlock...who is near indestructible much of the time...and upgrading my garrison for no real reason.
  5. Have they ever explained why the stigmata occurs in the palm? I seriously wonder as I was taught the wrist forty-years ago and told the palm was artistic expression more than anything. I know little about crucifixion, though. Were nails also placed through the palms? It is a more convenient location for dramatic purposes for sure.
  6. I like this line from the article... "...or whether these Christ-followers hijacked things and projected their faith onto everyone else without asking." Haha...like that's even in question. Of course they did. For myself, the Christian bullshit aspect will always make a situation worse. However, I think this would have been annoying no matter what. It is a little interesting to me, though. I would have assumed you couldn't carry-on a guitar like that for this exact reason.
  7. My therapist would love to hear that from me. Well, you know, not technically...
  8. My therapist told me I should go ahead and play WoW. I told her I can't play enough and will fall behind. She said to play anyway. Then a box arrived containing the WoW books I ordered...Chronicle 1-3 and the cinematic art book. So I played WoW for two nights in a row which is an indulgent binge these days.
  9. I recently bought Jade Dragon Mountain. I haven't started yet but it does look good.
  10. I consider Robert Jackson Bennett to be a favorite of mine but I have tried to read Foundryside twice now and bounced off both times. I think this one might not be for me. So I started Sagara's Cast in Peril which I already knew I would like. Full speed ahead.
  11. I went into the Target to buy a pile of Red's Burritos because I was running low. I left the Target roughly $300 lighter with my burritos, a Batman shirt, two regular long sleeve shirts, a Matrix Blu Ray set and a West Wing DVD set. Struck out on frames again, though. Trader Joe's has now stopped carrying my favorite mints. It used to be that Trader Joe's was great because the inventory would change and you might find something you like. I feel I am coming out the other side of that now, though, because I am getting tired of finding things I like only for them to disappear.
  12. Lists are lists and I try to enjoy them despite the flaws I know will be there. I agree that the whole 'of all time' thing strikes me odd. I do tend to consider these lists to be in no real order, whatever the intent of the writer, so where a book falls usually doesn't bother me. In theory, anyway. The biggest issue I have with selections for this list is no Malazan. I also have to admit that when I come across the words, 'The first book in The Lord of the Rings trilogy...', a downgrade is automatic. I understand people do that and I understand why but it still drives me batty. Still, this list has some good stuff on it. The one that caught my eye right off is Ajvaz' The Other City.
  13. Very sad news. Condolences to Timmett at this difficult time and I'll add my thanks for your heartfelt words. I don't post very much and I didn't post very much back then, either, but I do remember Timmett and Lilith of Tarth and the memories are good ones. RIP
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