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  1. The Essalieyan series by Michelle West is probably my favorite. If you want me to narrow it down even further I will pick the Sun Sword series.
  2. Inkdaub

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    Finished The Great Hunt and tried to take a break from my WoT reread. Didn't work. Now I'm reading The Dragon Reborn. I guess I'll just continue like this and if I want to stop at some point I will. Sure I will.
  3. Inkdaub

    Other unorthodox books like Cloud Atlas?

    What do you mean by "unorthodox". I haven't read Cloud Atlas so don't really know what it's like. Maybe these might work. The People of Paper - Salvador Plascencia The Raw Shark Texts - Steven Hall (Hall was influenced by Auster and Danielewski so maybe they would be good recs as well.) Gun, with Occasional Music and Amnesia Moon - Jonathan Lethem (Most Lethem might work, his earlier work specifically.) Felix Gilman's work might fall in that zone. Probably not what you're looking for but good books anyway.
  4. Inkdaub

    Small, unworthy things: part whatever

    The Disney Concert Hall is the most beautiful Frank Gehry designed building. The Experience Music Project is the ugliest.
  5. I agree this doesn't sound good. I think games should have a third person, single player campaign that everything else is built around. Make sure that is done well and then go crazy putting in whatever else you want. I finished Tomb Raider about an hour ago and I loved every minute of it. This is my second favorite game since I bought the console last January. I really, really liked it and can't think of many ways to improve it. More tombs maybe. I am already choosing which Rise of the Tomb Raider edition I want and will preorder Shadow next time I'm in Gamestop. Long live Lara Croft!
  6. Inkdaub

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    CP2077 being first person has dropped it from definitely to unlikely in terms of my buying the game. We'll see what happens. Maybe I won't be able to resist. I hate first person, though. This was easily the game I was most looking forward to. Oh well.
  7. Inkdaub

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    Tomb Raider is awesome. I think this might be my second favorite game since I bought this console. I'm in the camp that doesn't like the Cyberpunk 2077 trailer. I also thought of GTA when I saw it and I have never liked GTA. The Last of Us 2 trailer looks pretty great. The combat looks just like Tomb Raider which is good. Too bad I have an Xbox and miss these PS4 exclusives.
  8. Inkdaub

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I hate corn. I will not eat it and prefer it not even be present on my plate. I do, however, like almost everything made from corn.
  9. Inkdaub

    Unpopular Opinions, Part Deux

    I like the movie Mr. Brooks.
  10. Inkdaub

    June '18 Reading - Something something witty.

    Moved on to The Great Hunt in my WoT-possible-reread. I love Marisha Pessl and her new book, Neverworld Wake, recently popped up on my Kindle. That will be read soon I am sure.
  11. Inkdaub

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I took a break from Tomb Raider to play Vampyr which just came out. Vampyr is pretty good so far but Tomb Raider is better. I also bought Xcom, Technomancer and Life is Strange but haven't gotten to them yet. I'm interested in the Van Helsing game. It looks like a copy of Diablo III and I love Diablo III.
  12. Inkdaub

    What Artists Do You Truly Regret Never Getting To See?

    Led Zeppelin are my favorite band so they would be my first pick. Blind Melon are one of my favorites and I opted out of going to the show on 10-14-1995. Shannon Hoon was found dead exactly one week later. Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix would be the other must sees for me. I never got to see Rush or Faith No More and they are favorites as well.
  13. Danzig - Little Whip
  14. Inkdaub

    Video Games: A Far Cry From E3

    I finished Final Fantasy XV and I liked it a lot. Now I have started Tomb Raider. I am still pretty early on but so far this game is great.
  15. Inkdaub

    Unpopular opinions

    I didn't really like Firefly when I watched it. I never understood the love that show gets. David Tennant was the worst of the major players in Jessica Jones. Speaking of Jessica Jones, the show is good but Daredevil is FAR better in just about every way. I have no memory of ever encountering someone who doesn't like Willow.