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  1. Haha... I have a CDL and cannot work without it so I tend to be afraid of doing much reckless driving. I do speed but only around five miles over the limit. Also, if someone tailgates me and I am going the limit or above...all they are telling me is that I need to slow down. In my train, I use a radio regularly. It is on open air so I can hear it even if I am not using it. It cannot be turned off without a hammer or killing the power of the entire train. If I were seen using my phone while my train rolls by I would very likely be pulled. I don't use my phone in the cab at all, though.
  2. Congrats to Otis, but it's pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that Holly let Grazer win in the opening round.
  3. You need to make it clear immediately if you ever plan to look at yourself in the mirror again. I almost married a woman whose favorite band was Kiss. That cannot stand unchallenged.
  4. Bummer. Still...great season for the Mariners. The rebuild might be working.
  5. I am aware of it's flaws and I rate it very highly.
  6. Well I went on my date with the woman from the dating site. I was sure she had dropped out but she texted me at the last minute and we made a quick plan and off we went. The date went well. She was great...better than I expected. Nothing even remotely approaching a deal breaker was present. She was attractive and smart and relaxed. Right now I am worried I am going to find out she's married or some such.
  7. 747 will win but 435 Holly is my bear.
  8. Yes this is where I get the reluctance to misrepresent myself. I think I can get a couple of dates out of this graph. Yeah I agree with this. Agreed again. Thanks for the responses to all. I think I was already in agreement but wanted to hear other people say it out loud. So to speak. I think the best policy is to wait until things become more serious than a first date between people who have never seen each other in person. If she brings it up I will respond truthfully but other wise it can wait. Also, I remember the advice given to people on dating sites to not post a picture with a fish. I laughed for week when Fury posted that. Now I have been on some dating sites for a few weeks and sure as shit the fish picture is a bona fide thing.
  9. I have managed another prospective date for either Monday or Tuesday coming up. I am thinking this will be a very preliminary type thing since we don't know each other. Incidentally, I have never been on a date with a person I did not already know. This should prove so awkward as to be utterly hilarious. My question for the more experienced with dating people they don't already know is...at what point, should things go well and more dates follow, should information about one's questionable mental and emotional health be shared? I don't want to kill my chances too soon but I also think it's information a person should have fairly soon and I don't want to misrepresent myself. Or am I over thinking this?
  10. That map is beyond badass. Who made the thing and are they selling it? That is probably the best fantasy book map I have ever seen. My little wood map is still cool, though.
  11. I have been having several conversations on the dating sites. A couple have moved on to the phone. One...my favorite...actually asked me out and I said yes and we were working the details out. She then stopped responding to my texts or messages. So. Bummer. ETA - She has now uploaded a photo of her standing in the spot she wanted to go as part of our plans for a date. ?
  12. I thought it was the neighbor's cat but now I think it's just some cat out and about that found our window. Yes I will try to scare him or her off if I can. The cat will come to the wall and meow until Ellie comes to hiss at him/her. I am not sure if the cat wants to be friends or what. There is some Feliway there now. No cat since I got home from work. We'll see if the cat finally went home or found some other window to peep. Ellie has already climbed through the blinds several times so I don't put them down at all anymore. She also pulled the screen down with her on it.
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