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  1. I have to admit I'm pretty concerned about it. I'm not sure what you say above is possible. I think it needs fundamental changes...sea change level stuff...that would be devastating in the short term. The good news is there are people much smarter and much more optimistic than I am working on solutions to this and other problems. Theoretically.
  2. Yeah that sentence is pretty vague. I was fixated on the specifics of the statues honoring slave owners who were powerful people. It was a quip I'm not sure my sleepy brain really thought out. I got a They Live clip out of it, though. What I was thinking about is that the rule of law cannot exist independently from the populace. It is a living, breathing ideal that requires participation to have any meaning whatsoever. So I was thinking that if statues of abhorrent people are protected by the rule of law then our participation should result in forcing their removal regardless. Tear them down whatever the legality. Speaking generally, yes, the rule of law heavily favors the powerful. I think it's fair to call it a broken system. I would say it needs fixing but still has value.
  3. I think you're right. I thought of that as I typed out that post but I left it because I still think it's true. Particularly true within the context of the subject at hand in this thread.
  4. Really? Good grief. The rule of law is created by the powerful to serve the powerful. Sometimes the actual people need to step in and make a correction. This is the answer.
  5. If I ever doubted BFC was not an American, this clears it up. It seems cops in the US will arrest people for whatever they like and just make up an offense. We saw those journalists being arrested for rioting and assault on an officer.
  6. Same here. So uh....that makes at least 4! We are legion! I think some players might find the character creation aspect part of the game and won't care if they never see the results 'live'. Maybe not. Now that I typed it out I'm feeling skeptical.
  7. I hate first person and gave up on Cyberpunk a long time ago. Little useless information for everyone.
  8. Civilian safety has never been guaranteed when dealing with the police.
  9. The NYPD van video, yeah. I understand what you're saying but I do find something in that video untoward, yes. It looked like police pushing people around because they can. My comment was actually more about perception. People don't want more excuses...we've heard them already. I will agree with you that that particular incident seemed much tamer than some others but I will add that was likely luck. Sinister might be a bit strong unless we count the whole I AM COP YOU OBEY attitude as sinister.
  10. I think you'll find people are tiring of police excuses like this one. Automatically giving police the benefit of the doubt is how we get where we are today.
  11. Is this what happened? Or was a group of people in the way of a vehicle that then gunned it's engine and mowed them over?
  12. Yeah I read a bit about him. Grossman is bad enough, but it's even more concerning that police departments are actually hiring a guy to provide training he calls killology.
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