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  1. 1) Sword of Shadows gets the predictable ending if the prediction is she finishes it. I would rate Sword of Shadows second on this list. Easily. 2) The Gentlemen Bastards can have the unpredictable ending. Hopefully a good one as Lynch is fully capable. 3) A Song of Ice and Fire can have the disappointing ending. This means either it doesn't get finished at all or it just finishes as the show ended. I haven't seen a single episode of the show so the latter wouldn't be that bad for me...but I hate the idea that the show influenced the remaining books as I know it must have. Not sure why that bugs me but it does. 4) The Kingkiller Chronicles can go unpublished because who cares. This will never happen.
  2. This thread is a little bit more interesting than I thought it would be. I just feel that if you're asking the question posed in the OP you're completely missing the point.
  3. I am a fan. Also, the movie adaptation of The Player is among my favorites. I am currently reading Psychology in Modules, which is an introductory level textbook.
  4. Someone...possibly here...was saying something about the stealth system regressing. That's too bad if true. Still, the game is already on the console so I will play it whatever the case. I won't be too surprised if I still feel Origins and Odyssey are better. I was looking at games I bought and forgot and I also have Syndicate so there's another AC to play at some point. I haven't played games at all for over a month, though. We'll see what I do once I actually sit down to play again.
  5. You have good taste. I would rec Valhalla as I loved the last two AC games...Odyssey and Origins. They are huge but that's good. I haven't played Valhalla yet even though I do have it on one of my consoles...probably the XBox as the other AC games are on that one. I have heard it's more of the same so I'm in. Fenyx Rising is pretty and fun. I have that one going and I like it. Ghost of Tsushima is a good one. Have you played Vampyr? You don't need a 5 for it but it's a moody, atmospheric vampire game that I liked fairly well. Whatever console you have you should play Control. This should be option number one if you haven't played it already. These are all games I have on my PS4 or my XBox One. Some have the upgrade included like Valhalla and Fenyx Rising. I think it will be a bit before we get games that you need a 5 or a Series X to play.
  6. I just started Brian James Gage's The Nosferatu Conspiracy. Promising so far but I really am just a few pages in. Google Books says...
  7. The stop the steal Qanon trash have been using 'release the Kraken' as a rallying cry/meme/sign...whatever. These people must be eradicated.
  8. Spice is a great name. I hope his testing goes well. Here's a pic of Ellie staring at alka-seltzer for luck.
  9. Well it was roughly in the middle between my apartment and this particular podiatrist office. So naturally I stopped to buy some school supplies, a scale and about ten Blu Rays. The scale is fantastic. I have never had a scale before this one and I stand on it like fifteen times a day.
  10. I went to the podiatrist earlier and then went to Target and spent $400.
  11. I'm just talking about pies you buy at the supermarket. Nothing special. Bought two more. Why is the Safeway store pie so much better than other store pies? The Freddie's store pie is not very good at all. In other news we went to the vet earlier today and my cat has healthy teeth and freshly trimmed front nails.
  12. I bought a printer and a calculator. Tried to buy a pack of undershirts but they only had v-neck and fuck that shit.
  13. At some point I'm going to have to discuss Etsy and Abe Books with my psychiatrist.
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