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  1. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    I fear crochet knows where I am. I spent three hours looking at cufflinks.
  2. Inkdaub

    NFL 2019 Midway Point: Gase into the Abyss

    I am a Seahawk fan and nothing warms my heart like beating the niners. This was a pretty crazy game. That kicker was shaping up to be the story until he missed that last kick. Poor guy. I always feel bad for the kickers. Kicker for Seattle was iced about as cold as I've seen but he managed to repeat the kick. Clowney played really well. I'll take it. We'll do it again at the end of the year.
  3. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    I am developing an Etsy problem.
  4. Inkdaub

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    Well I just pre-ordered Fallen Order. I hope it's good and fun. I still haven't loaded the RDR2 that came with my PS4.
  5. Inkdaub

    A Super Necessary And All Important Survey Question

    The proper answer is that candy corn is both (i) and (k). I once loved it though I haven't had any in years. I bet I would still like it but couldn't eat as much. I also believe trolls would like it. I also like when they light up the Empire State Building like a giant piece of candy corn. That list is absurd. There are people who don't like Smarties? Tootsie Rolls better than...whatever they were better than besides black licorice?
  6. Inkdaub

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I'm borderline obsessed with all three of these so I'd say you did well.
  7. Inkdaub

    Fourth Quarter 2019 Reading

    I'm reading Connolly's A Book of Bones. It's as good as I expected and is a good book to be reading on Halloween.
  8. Inkdaub

    Video Games: Gears of Borderlands

    I read the same about Lara Croft not too long ago which is silly because Lara Croft is obviously intended to be an attractive woman. The current games don't objectify her enough, though, so the fellas got mad. There is also some controversy about a character in a Final Fantasy remake that had her boobs made a bit smaller. I can't play Outer Worlds because it's first person and I hate first person. Too bad for me.
  9. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Semi-similar situations happen on my train somewhat regularly. I had a young girl have a seizure day before yesterday and when I went to help her she was unconscious on the floor. My help typically amounts to observing if there is in fact a medical emergency and then trying to keep the person secure until paramedics arrive. It's hard because the other passengers are looking to me to help and so I feel I should be doing more. The bolded above reminds me of the awkward moment the EMTs tell the person they need to get them off the train so it can continue. It's like telling them to get their medical problem out of the way. Or having to ask them how long they will be on the train. The EMTs are used to it when dealing with the trains, though, and rarely need any prompting. In other news I am hooked on the coconut water pineapple and mandarin oranges fruit cups.
  10. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    I tried to explain Petman to the grocery clerk but she wasn't having it. I tried to warn her about Big Dog and Little Dog and the mechanical cheetah and the one that climbs walls. I told her to enjoy today because it's not looking good. She said we were on a trajectory for love to win out. Love will win out. We're on that trajectory. Those were her words. Also I can't go to that store anymore because it looks like they stopped stocking my favorite soda.
  11. I might be in the minority but I like Faile and Perrin. I agree with Gertrude above that those particular moments are really great. I think Laila must be Perrin's first wife and I strongly suspect she will be dead. I think she will take the place of Perrin's family being killed. Also, leaving her alive leads to the dreaded love triangle. Love triangles are a lazy and stupid shortcut to conflict that should be banned completely. There will be awkwardness enough already if Perrin shows up in Two Rivers and introduces Faile to a village full of people who knew Laila. Maybe. We'll see I guess.
  12. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    I've been considering that note and I do like the part about the parking brick. Also I think it would be fair if using your phone disqualified you from most, if not all, legal and safety protections. I will say that if said phone user is in a crosswalk they are ahead of the game. I encounter too many people just stepping out anywhere without even glancing to see what's coming down the road.
  13. Inkdaub

    Book of the Ancestor trilogy by Mark Lawrence {spoiler thread}

    I liked Book of the Ancestor so I'll buy this for sure.
  14. I think it must be his wife. There is a Laila in the Two Rivers that Perrin had some sort of relationship with when he was younger I think. I assume they are just making that relationship more prominent. Maybe? I'm not sure how that would work but I am cautiously optimistic. Changes have to be made after all. We'll see what happens. I'll be honest. I'm looking forward to changes being made...even big ones. I am a big WoT fan but I want the show to stand on it's own. I hope I don't regret feeling that way as the show progresses.
  15. Inkdaub

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    This guy with the note should have left out the part about 'watching you leave and come back' and all that. Maybe he's a harmless guy that wants to be neighborly but is socially awkward. I always feel a little odd about adults leaving notes, though. I've had a couple of crazy people leave me notes so maybe that's why. What sort of vibe do you get from this guy?