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  1. I thought it was the neighbor's cat but now I think it's just some cat out and about that found our window. Yes I will try to scare him or her off if I can. The cat will come to the wall and meow until Ellie comes to hiss at him/her. I am not sure if the cat wants to be friends or what. There is some Feliway there now. No cat since I got home from work. We'll see if the cat finally went home or found some other window to peep. Ellie has already climbed through the blinds several times so I don't put them down at all anymore. She also pulled the screen down with her on it.
  2. You are all high. I loved every minute of Witcher 3. I'm hoping to play a bit more Valhalla tonight.
  3. WoW is the great game of my life. I still maintain my sub though I don't often play. I can't play everyday anymore so I can't keep up. I still occasionally log in just to hear the ambient sounds and jump around doing a quest or two. Last couple times I logged in it was very quiet. It is sad because I do have a fairly significant emotional attachment to the game world. There was a time when BlizzCon was my number one dream vacation trip. Gameplay-wise, WoW is still overall the best out there. I hope they get their shit together and can have some sort of resurgence. I always played a ton of characters and would typically main one or two at a time. Eventually my favorite classes settled as Rogue, Warlock and Hunter. I also enjoyed DK and Mage. I like all of them to an extent.
  4. I say "that's good, that's real good" like Bodhi as often as I can. I will say it even if there isn't anything all that good.
  5. I can agree it was a bummer when some of the educational type shows all fell away and were replaced by reality type stuff. Some of it worse than others for sure.
  6. Another cat came to the window and is sitting now on the wall between the window and the house next door. Ellie is furious. She is hissing and yowling really low and possessed-like and her fur is standing on end. The cat outside is just sitting on the wall watching.
  7. I would love a great Wolverine game. I do hate it when they draw his claws so huge like that, though. Kotor remake might be cool. I never played the OG but I will check it out.
  8. This is the desired response. First, someone who would recognize it which shouldn't be that difficult. Next, someone who agrees that I have a wallet with the White Tree of Gondor on it because of course. Yeah, I knew I was all in with the woman I almost married when she said, "the funk of forty thousand years." Can only work in my favor. I have almost thirty 'likes' now and they are all reasonable to ridiculously out of my league. I have one that said at the end of the profile..."I guess I should admit I'm fifteen years older than my info claims." I have three saying something about daddy. It's depressing how many of these profiles say they want to go to the beach. Onward... ETA - I have a profile here that I have matched with so I liked her and she liked me back if I understand it correctly. She is thirteen years younger than I am and is stunningly beautiful. The only info on her profile is the line..."The best way to get over someone is…".
  9. Thank you for saying so. I will be alright with it. I still think I should go for honesty in my profile rather than a sales pitch but who knows.
  10. I didn't even think of this. She said she was a cardiologist from Belgrade. We have lost contact. She responded to the initial greeting portion and then became more general. She did describe herself a bit. This happened within minutes of my signing up. The site was showing me as being in New Zealand and wouldn't correct itself. It seemed to know where I really was, the profiles were local, but listed New Zealand in several areas including the area where you pay to see the blurry pics of people who like you. I looked up the faq and support page and decided to just delete my account and then open it again. I did and it no longer had me as a Kiwi but also my true love was gone and my blurry pics. I am not totally sound mentally and emotionally and it's likely I shouldn't be on these sites right now. I read that I shouldn't mention anything like that in a profile. I don't want to misrepresent myself, though. I tried looking for sites where mental/emotional issues were more acknowledged and I found one and signed up...you can probably see where this is going. The place is very quiet with a group of creeps milling about. I looked it up and the info was not good. There was several complaints that the webmaster would flirt with any women and if they didn't respond he would ban them or some such shady behavior. Also read that what little activity they had was of the incel variety. These Tinder pics are still pretty good. These poor girls, I am old and dull with mood disorders and a wallet that features the White Tree of Gondor.
  11. OK...I have been manic lately and have made a gang of dating site accounts. I am addicted to the endless profile after profile after profile. I have signed up with Tinder amongst others. On Tinder I was getting matched instantly at three in the morning. The site is just weirding me out a little. Am I over thinking this or what? There is a woman talking to me right now who hit me up the second I logged in on my new profile. I am a little intimidated. How did she match me that quickly? Also...and this sounds terrible I know...but the level of overall attractiveness of the profiles I am being offered is significantly higher than any other site I have tried. That makes me feel it isn't legitimate. I don't know. This woman says I should tell her about myself and she'll go next.
  12. I have started playing Valhalla and so far it is pretty good. I am always disturbed by the lack of jumping in AC games.
  13. No one does. Unfortunately, people keep being told they like WoT because they are too ignorant to know better. Strangely enough, that can be offensive to your average dumb WoT fan.
  14. That was in truth not your point. Here is your point. There it is again. Here's the point once more. It does not appear that you are talking about yourself here. Generous. Your posts do not reflect this sentiment, though. Most people would say, secretly of course, that such an opinion is idiotic and the world has enough of that already.
  15. I also say 'better believe it' at any even vaguely appropriate moment. I say 'unlikely' anywhere proper.
  16. I say 'absurd' and 'mmhmm' as often as possible. I also say 'awesome', 'dig it' and 'bummer' regularly. I also say 'regularly' whenever I can fit it in. My favorite word might be 'significant'. I love the word 'well' and use it frequently as an opener. I say 'day aint over yet' at least once per day. Hopefully more.
  17. Well, they have withstood the test of time by being taught in classrooms every term every year decade after decade. They are actively maintained in that way. There is also a significant majority of people who will assume quality or import simply because they have been told it is so. If Stephen King is anointed by some august body and is being taught in classrooms in a hundred years, you can bet there will be a butterweedstrover 2.0 telling everyone why that's appropriate. Unless it's Dreamcatcher being taught...that one is just real bad. I think a mix would be best as far as classrooms go. Hobb and Twain and Whitehead and Hugo and Alexie and Chaucer...etc whoever and whoever.
  18. Trailer looks good. I don't know. I like trailers, but I never form any opinions based on them. Looks fine to me. I thought the Egwene-into-water clip was alluding to learning to swim? Wasn't that something they talked about as they reminisced about Emond's Field and their previous lives and roles? Am I imagining this? The channeling actually looks better than I was thinking it might. I saw this trailer on the same day as my sweet engraved Randland map arrived in the mail along with four other packages containing three books and a watch. Quite a haul. I love WoT.
  19. Haha...I never saw it before, but there IS a powerful supernatural race without/with very few females. There is a reason behind it, though, and the supernatural race is led by a female of immense import. Anyway, chronologically as follows... First three of House War series/Sacred Hunt Duology. The Sacred Hunt Duology takes place roughly at the same time as the first three House War books, though over a longer time span. The climax of Hunter's Death is the same as the climax of House Name but is told from different perspective. This is not to everyone's liking and is a bit odd. If you are totally against this idea, skip the Sacred Hunt as the early House War should not be skipped. Sacred Hunt is worth reading beyond the shared climax of book two, though. Sacred Hunt is best read first, I think. Hunter's Oath Hunter's Death Hidden City City of Night House Name Sun Sword in it's entirety. The Broken Crown The Uncrowned King The Shining Court Sea of Sorrows The Riven Shield The Sun Sword Remaining five House War. Skirmish Battle Oracle Firstborn War Now we wait for End of Days...that Daw renamed Burning Crown...that is once again End of Days. In it the people from Sacred Hunt will once again join the story. One thing to consider, West often knows her endings first and then works to get there. So, the story can and does grow along the way and it shows. As an aside, West says that Sheila Gilbert will still be reading/advising as she writes End of Days. I'm sure at a limited capacity, but still a good thing.
  20. It cannot be any more clear to me that, yes, there is something very wrong with people who kill animals for fun. Finding support in that stance for animals being kept in factory farm conditions is absurd. This argument is often brought up by hunters of all types including trophy hunters and their supporters.
  21. I am confident the West books are different in these ways. There is a Nightshade-ish 'alphahole' as you say...there are a few alphaholes in there...but none of them relate as they do in the Elantra books. The character who I think is like Kaylin (like Kaylin in her being central to the story and some other characteristics but not similar to Kaylin in behavior) did not start the story as a main character but became one later, so did not start the story as Kaylin started hers. Also, the Essalieyan books have a much larger cast and do not focus exclusively on one person. There is also a fairly pivotal 'avuncular/fatherly' man. There are a few, but one in particular is very important. He is referenced often but does not relate in the way you describe or if he does it is much less so than characters in the Cast series. The repeating names thing I didn't notice and that is a big pet peeve of mine so I think I would have. I am biased in favor of the Essalieyan books and might skip over things like that. Maybe. I don't know. I think the things you mention are still present but in very different or lessened forms as to be less bothersome. The stories are significantly different in most ways.
  22. Possibly, yes. I think it will get much, much worse and, if we survive, then will have the chance to get better. I guess I feel like we will have to get better or we will not survive at all. So, better or extinct. My confidence is not high on this point.
  23. Thanks for the info. Truth is I'll likely keep trying at some point. I am stuck on a section where you have to jump down and flutter under a wall then across to another wall then up and up and up to safety. The ground is water that kills you I think and the walls are covered in spikes. I have watched people do it on youtube and it sure looks easy...haha. I have tried a thousand times and never make it.
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