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  1. I have found a new favorite ten hour rain video and also switched my auto+renters insurance to Progressive which dropped my payment to less than a third what it had previously been.
  2. A few days ago I decided on a game buying mini-binge. I bought... Valkyrie Elysium Skyrim High Isle Tomb Raider Trilogy...TR, Rise and Shadow. Alan Wake
  3. I have become addicted to the youtube videos that show some interesting view for hours. I will usually have on one of the 'rain outside cozy apartment/hotel with view of city' or one of the space videos. Lately it's been a wormhole video but I will go a while on the city ones as well. I don't actually sit and watch for more than few minutes, but it's on as I wander around my apartment so I can pause and look at it for a while periodically.
  4. Ice cream is good but cake is better. I likely crave cake on more days than I crave ice cream at a ratio of 10-1. The best ice cream is chocolate chip and that has remained consistent throughout my life. Stop...hold on...that does NOT mean mint chocolate chip, which of course is an aberration. Naturally, supporters of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream should burn in hell. Reading this thread makes me crave some cake.
  5. I believe it. Pink is pretty great I think.
  6. I have just begun Emmett's The Throne of the Five Winds...I have read about ten pages. We'll see what happens.
  7. I like Otherland better than the Osten Ard stuff, though it's been a while. This post can be improved by acknowledging that the book's title is good.
  8. I will order this after I clean up my dinner dishes. This is me quoting Xray quoting Hereward...and I will order the first book after I clean up my dinner dishes. I am excited about both of these.
  9. The professional baseball club that I have rewarded with my support has signed a contract with Julio Rodriguez in an amount ranging from a 'huge amount of' to 'all the money'. This contract may also outlive me though that is unlikely.
  10. I was in line at the Popeye's drive-thru when my Beyond Burger addiction grabbed me by the throat. Rendered helpless, I had to explain that I didn't actually want anything but it was still nice to chat a bit via the tinny speaker. Also... I am listening to NPR, as I eat my Beyond Burgers, interview Brian May. I can't remember ever hearing May's voice before and he sounds startlingly young*. *The interview is from 2010 so more than a decade ago...still, the guy has a great voice.
  11. I am on the last hundred pages or so of Kay's Children of Earth and Sky.
  12. It will end with him saying he has become death. I would like to see beyond that, though.
  13. Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.
  14. It isn't a trilogy and is my favorite book of all time. I know people who dislike it, though, and while they are bad people they can like what they want.
  15. Don't say anything at all. Just hold out your hand and when he gives you the document, before he even turns away, immediately throw it in the garbage and go back to what you were doing.
  16. I just read a short article on Grid...and another article about Grid itself that was maybe/maybe not odd...that was asserting the 'impossible choice' Merrick Garland has to make as far as indicting Dump or not, depending on how much evidence piles up. It used the term 'bringing the country together' a few times and it seemed by that to mean not to disturb the righties too much. The idea that indicting a former president will cause problems in the future seems to be the crux of many arguments. The unfortunate truth is that, yes, it WILL cause problems in the future but we should still do it. The root of the problem is a president/administration that is criminal NOT that they should be held accountable. The fact that holding said administration accountable will undoubtedly cause problems in future is a great example of why we can't let this shit pass. We need to accept that climbing out of the deep hole we have dug for ourselves, in this context and others, is not going to be without trauma. It's the 'too big to fail' security blanket that has us all wringing our hands and shaking our heads and letting these scumbags do whatever they want. Of course Dump will not be indicted, though. The Democrats are interested in appearing as though they give a shit but it's unlikely they actually do. The Republicans don't even have to fake it. So, I would like a moratorium placed on grandiose proclamations that the law applies to everyone.
  17. I finished the first season of Hanna and I am totally into it now. This type subject matter will almost always get to me, though. I have read some people having trouble with suspension of disbelief but I feel it's misplaced. Hanna is a comic book character or maybe a video game...her competence is not intended to be realistic. It's sci-fi at it's root I think. My issues with suspension of disbelief are more about the isolation certain characters experience growing up. Still, these are young characters and not normal people and so maybe they can adapt more quickly...is how I will rationalize it haha. Whatever the case, I am liking the show and will continue with season two tomorrow. Also, Esme Creed-Miles is good as Hanna and Joel Kinnaman and Mireille Enos are as good as they always are.
  18. I am about a third into Carrick's The Mask of Mirrors and I am liking it quite a lot. It was one of those where I read about fifty pages and then put it down. When I came back to it recently I found myself enjoying it much more.
  19. Reminds me of an interview with Robert Plant I heard years ago on the radio. Fashion came up and Plant said Americans always dress like they're going camping.
  20. I live under a rock and had no idea the Sapeurs in the Congo existed.
  21. The buff guy is photoshopped, right? Am I in worse shape than I thought?
  22. I have to admit that scene does nothing for me. I hear people talk about really liking it and I can't at all understand why. Their scenes in The Irishman...I never saw that cop movie they did...were much better. I do get that Heat was the first which elevates it some. I do like Pacino as Corleone but I have always thought his best performance was in Dog Day Afternoon. The 'great ass' scene is absurd but otherwise I really liked him in Heat. I usually come down on the DeNiro side of the Pacino vs. DeNiro debate, though. I just watched The Capture which was pretty good mostly due to the performances of the leads. It was one of those shows where each episode is progressively weirder and weirder until the gig is up and then we have a couple episodes to clean it up. This show is sometimes called a min-series and it made me think it might be nice if a studio like Netflix(or others) would just develop shows that had a finite episode count right out of the box. It would be better than developing show then just dropping it after three seasons. I have begun the first episode of Hanna but had to pause because it was late and I was getting irritated by the really quiet then really loud sound. Related is that I cannot get my headphones to pair to the tv.
  23. I have read using fewer components/materials is better environmentally but cheaper components/materials are surely part of the problem and not the solution. Is planned obsolescence, something designed to artificially maintain consumption, even remotely associated with environmental concerns? -------------------------------------------------- I let some things go until humiliation sets in before replacing them. I can go a while on towells/shower curtain/mats. Bedding I buy sometimes seemingly at random. Other things I buy whether I need them or not. I bought one of those rolly pizza cutters. It just sits over there for no reason. I bought a back-up desk chair that is still in the box. I buy socks regularly and underwear slightly less often. I don't own most of my appliances but I can see myself only replacing them when they break.
  24. I went into Comcast today and told them I wouldn't pay so much for internet and a bunch of channels I don't watch. So they said to just cancel the channels and keep the internet. I didn't know they would do that because they have to make more money off those channels. They even had a little kit ready to pair the tv to the computer for watching Netflix or whatever on the tv instead of the monitor. Xfinity flex it's called. I'm looking at it now. It comes with a remote that has hardly any buttons on it because all it does is connect to pc and has shortcuts I guess to the streaming services.
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