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  1. drawkcabi

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Christopher Titus is putting up an episode of his series a day on YouTube free to watch. There's 8 or 9 episodes up as of today. He's also putting up all his comedy specials. Netflix is streets ahead with Community (all 6 seasons! [but no movie]) finally arriving there. Also Happy! season 2 is up.
  2. drawkcabi


    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0085Y9DTM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I didn't want to buy 6 boxes but no other reasonable prices, 12 bucks (plus shipping)...couldn't pass it up, gotta make them last.* *yeah, right
  3. drawkcabi

    Watch, Watched, Watching: A new thread was Justified

    Hasbro has released the first 3 mini-series of the 80's Sunbow G.I.Joe cartoon on YouTube, each one in 5 episode chunks. I've re-watched Bumblebee on Amazon Prime about 5 times now. That movie has made its way into my top 10 all time favorite movies. Been doing some sitcom re-watches, Better Off Ted, Community, and Malcolm in the Middle on Hulu, Silicon Valley on HBO GO, 30 Rock and 3rd Rock From The Sun on Amazon. Thinking of doing a re-watch of Arrested Development on Netflix, if I did it would be like my 5th re-watch. All great shows! Been re-watching From the Earth to the Moon too on HBO GO. Also re-wathced on HBO, The Adjustment Bureau, Thank You For Smoking, and Shutter Island. Great movies! Watched on HBO Go for the first time the movies Yesterday and SHAZAM! and Rocketman on EPIX. Liked the first one loved the other two.
  4. drawkcabi

    R,I.P. Thread

    Not a country music fan either, but definitely a muppets fan! My mom recorded the episodes for me on Betamax when I was a kid, and this is one episode I loved specifically for this song. Loved it so much my grandmother went and bought me the album. When I was a teenager I went with my parents to see Kenny in Atlantic City. At one point in the show Kenny asks to bring the lights up. He says he likes to look at his audience. He likes to find all the men sitting with their arms folded sulking because their wives told them they were going to see Dolly Parton. My dad was sitting with his arms folded when he said that and started unfolding his arms. Kenny looked at him and said "Don't try unfolding them, I see you!" Then he asked my father's name, my father told him "Luciano" Kenny responds "Nice Irish name!" Then about 45 minutes later between songs Kenny was talking about a dream he had, he said he remembered all of us in the audience being there then specifically says "Luciano was there!" My dad was never a country music fan either but after that night he was a Kenny Rogers fan. RIP Kenny
  5. drawkcabi

    M-m-m-my Corona! NCOVID-19 #5

    https://twitter.com/maxbrooksauthor/status/1239624352305303552/video/1 Max and Mel Brooks' Coronavirus PSA.
  6. drawkcabi

    Plague Lit...

    That was Bill Maher on Long Island going at it with Ann Coulter. The fuel gatherer (shit shoveler) is Carl Rove (Turdblossom).
  7. drawkcabi

    Plague Lit...

    You have to include World War Z by Max Brooks on this list. On the surface it may be a book about a zombie war but it is really a book about human nature and reaction to what is still, in fact, a virus, Brooks hits the nail on the head so many times in this book with how it starts, initial reactions, profit mongers, government reactions, real news being hard to distinguish from fake news, panic of populace, finding new normals, and eventually getting our shit together enough to fight back. Amazing how prescient Brooks was when he wrote the book over a decade ago, it's eerie how many parallels it draws, I almost expect to hear that the Coronavirus vaccine when it eventually comes out will be called "Phalanx".
  8. drawkcabi

    The Gallows Humor Thread

    I got this email from Kappa puzzles, they do Sudoku and crosswords and stuff, my mom used to subscribe to them. This is the subject line:
  9. I had plans to go to the casino in Harrington DE next week for my birthday. I'm not going. Even if it's not that big of a destination place it still gets a lot of people, it's a casino, race track, fairground, and they have live entertainment and buffets and stuff. I don't think I'm being paranoid. If it was something like a doctor's appointment or something important I'd still go, but even if it's minimal risk, to risk it at all for a day at a casino, possibly bring it home and infect my mother, it's just not worth it.
  10. Amazon employee in Seattle office tests positive for coronavirus (And if you order in the next hour you can have it by Friday!) This really is going to scare all those people who receive most of their education by watching The Simpsons... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqCVB0tOSVQ So most people then... Also, another case of The Simpsons coming pretty close to predicting the future, although it's really not that amazing, they've been on so long, it's the infinite monkey theorem in action. Not that the writers of the show are monkeys...not the first 10 seasons at least...
  11. drawkcabi


    I was gonna put this in a dream thread and there's been several of them, but they are all archived now. It'll be good here though too. Last night I had a dream I was in a movie theater watching a 40th anniversary screening of The Muppet Movie. Not only that, I was in the same movie theater I was in when I saw it as a kid and I purposefully looked back to the projectionist's window and saw there was an actual reel to reel projector and realized they were screening one of the original 70mm film prints. Other weird things like I realized I was sitting next to Paul Williams and then he says "Oops, it's time for my cameo!" and he gets up and walks past me then hops on the screen and then he's in the movie playing piano. Also, there were Transformers in the audience. Not animated and not life size, they were all their G1 toy size and designs but they were all alive, enjoying the movie greatly, and each taking up its own seat in the theater even though a bunch could have fit in the same seat.. All that's not really relevant, only it was cool/funny/strange. Anyway, EVERYBODY in the audience was loving the movie. The movie theater wasn't completely full but almost full, and there were a few empty seats around me, especially now that Paul wasn't there. This woman in the same row I'm in but 3 or 4 seats down decides to get up and move several seats over and sits next to me. She snuggles up to me and lays her head on my shoulder and says how much she's loving this movie. All I can do is think "Who the Hell is this woman?!!" So I wake up and my dog is in bed next to me snuggled right up against me.
  12. drawkcabi

    Hunters -- Amazon Prime Original

    I've watched the first 2 episodes... Just in case spoiler tags:
  13. drawkcabi

    Small unworthy things - as you were

    Maybe we need another cute adorable thread? The other ones I think have all been archived.
  14. drawkcabi


    She had another grand mal seizure today. ETA: Her veterinarian wants to try her on a newer medication called Zonisamide. It's supposed to be better for a dog's liver and have therapeutic qualities. It's also only $0.25 a pill and while that's not the most important thing it does ease some stress on me that my budget isn't going to take a big hit right now. We'll see how she does on this medication.
  15. drawkcabi


    Thanks! She's been doing great, only had the 1 seizure. Keeping her on the bottled water.