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  1. Ghostbusters, Ghostbusters II, Evolution, Stripes, Twins, Kindergarten Cop, Dave, Draft Day...all Ivan Reitman films. All films I love. R.I.P. I really really hate this year...and it's only February...
  2. I finally got to see it! I loved it. I cried at the end. I did think just a couple of things would have made it even better... If they would have played "Cleanin' Up the Town" while they were in the Ecto-1 going after Chomper. They played "Savin' the Day" when the original team showed up. But that would only have been a little extra gravy. I'm more than fine with what we got!
  3. When I saw this on my news feed I automatically spouted "Fuck! Shit! Mother fucking mother fucker!!! Then I felt guilty for that. Then I thought, actually that's kind of a fitting tribute when learning of Bob's passing. The curses were aimed at Death, not Bob. I hate the bastard for going on these purges.
  4. Just watched Ghostbusters Afterlife... It was excellent!!!
  5. I've always wished Boba Fett's origin story was slightly different... Jango Fett, this ruthless bad ass bounty hunter just decides when he is chosen as the pilot design of an army of clones that he wants to be a daddy. Fine. There could be interesting back stories that explain this motivation but we didn't get them* However, I think it would be a much more interesting development and better in a "show, don't tell" narrative if we saw in Episode II that Boba was originally a defective clones, something that is rare but still happens from time to time. His sped up aging process malfunctioned and now he's aging normally, that also has an effect on not being as obedient as the other clones, he's more prone to individuality. Anyway, he's scheduled for termination because he is defected, Jango learns of this and takes pity on him, and now he has an apprentice/son. To me, that would be a much more fitting origin story for a character like the legendary Boba Fett and pretty interesting to explore in a show how that foundation effects the person he is. * If this is elaborated on in something like the Clone Wars series or other media, forgive me that I've not seen it or read it.
  6. Fraggles for the Hobbits. Have to do a little gender swapping but otherwise it really works... Gobo as Frodo Red as Sam Mogli as Mery Wembly as Pippin Uncle Traveling Matt as Bilbo For me, Sam the Eagle as Saruman immediately seems right. Link Hogthrob as Boromir Fozzie as Gimli Gonzo as Legolas Grover as Faromir Dr. Strangepork as Denethor Rowlf as Theoden Rizzo as Grima Animal as Gollum
  7. I absolutely believe The Muppet Movie is an all time classic! It's in my personal top 10 favorite movies of all time. I've also always said this about the movie: The Muppet Movie is not a Mel Brooks movie but I think someone forgot to tell the movie that. I mean except for this being a more family friendly film, it could easily be placed with all the Mel Brooks films. Dom Deluise, Cloris Leachman, Madeline Kahn...all actors who are staples in Brooks' movies all have cameos. Richard Pryor has a cameo too, while he wasn't in any of Brooks' movies he did co-write Blazing Saddles with Brooks and he was the first choice to play the sheriff but the studio wouldn't allow it. Then the man himself, Mel Brooks is in the movie. Not only that but he has a gag that's a callback to Blazing Saddles (the "PROF" on the back of his lab coat). The humor of the movie, the running gags, the 4th wall breaks...all reminiscent of Brooks films. So my pick: Goodfellas. Keep Joe Pesci. Walter as Henry Oscar the Grouch as Jimmy Miss Piggy as Karen Kermit as Paulie Fozzie as Tootie Johnny Fiama as Billy Batts Beaker as Spider Janice as Janice Sam Eagle as Morrie Bobo the Bear as Frankie Carbone Rizzo the Rat as Frenchy
  8. JL = Jabba Lives? A conspiracy cult that believe Jabba is still alive? The Max Rebo Band were on Jabba's barge, No? How'd they survive? Or did just Max Rebo make it...he jumped or was forced off the barge by the explosion? Then made it back to Mos Espa and put a new band back together? I didn't see any of the others from the band, though I may have missed it. I did see a Cantina alien there with him but there are many of those on Tatooine apparently. The idea of Max Rebo moving through the desert is funny though. Maybe the reason he wasn't attacked by sand people was they simply didn't believe he was real... Tusken Raider: (sound of a dog hacking up a huge bone) But translated: "I've seen so many strange things out here but a blue long nosed squishy thing? I refuse to believe that is anything but a mirage!" The water pods they were digging for...I thought maybe they were eggs of that Goro-creature but it looked like it was clear water inside. So then I thought that kind of creature finds them and hordes them in nests in the sand. Either way, maybe the Tusken kid recognized something about that spot that looked the same as the rest of the desert to non Tuskens? Maybe he could tell there was a nest there but thought the creature wasn't? Did Boba Fett overthrow Bib Fortuna? If so, I hope that's something we see in flashback. In any case, if Bib had anything monogrammed at least Boba doesn't need to lose it. In summation...I liked it. Looking forward to the next episode.
  9. I don't feel like it was a waste of time to watch this movie. I'm glad I watched it. The movie more than anything felt like a patch for the first two sequels...it doesn't erase them like some reboots have been doing, just puts a band aid on them. The movie felt like things were played as straightforward as they could get for a story set in The Matrix universe. I mean given the canon already established then we pick up with the characters as we see them in the movie, every question I had for what was going on, how did these characters get to where they are...my best guess always seemed to turn out to be the right one or close enough to it. Once I got an idea for how meta they were going for and who the main players were going to be, everything just clicked into place, no big twists no big surprises. 3.5/5
  10. Has anyone been watching Jeopardy!? The current champion, a transgender woman named Amy Schneider has been unstoppable! She's earned just shy of half a million dollars, she's now number 5 in champions who have won the most and she just keeps going crushing her opponents just about every episode. She's been champion for 12 days now. She is amazing!
  11. I went and signed up for the free month of Paramount+ I'll cancel when the month is up. It is pretty sad how little Paramount+ has to offer. I guess I'll watch all of Star Trek Picard while I have it. Maybe some Discovery. I don't know what I'll do when the other specials release. It's my understanding there are going to be a series of Paramount+ specials while still new seasons of episodes will be made for Comedy Central/HBOmax. As for this special, I really liked it. I thought what they did with Cartman was brilliant! Loved how Kenny was used. Thought the Beverly Hills Cop parody with "Stir It Up" was so great and fit so perfect!
  12. Quantum Leap was my favorite show as a teen and still is today. The chemistry between Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell was a big part why. Aside from books signed by authors, Scott Bakula's and Dean Stockwell's autographs on a photo of them together are the only celebrity autographs I have. In the episode of Star Trek: Enterprise where Dean Stockwell guest starred, when he picked up the hand link I squeed... RIP
  13. Anyone else subscribe to Daily Dose of Internet? It gives me ~3 minutes just about every day of cuteness, interestingness, funniness, and amazement. It's like taking a little chill pill watching a video...
  14. Yeah, I still have mine too. I also used to take pages out of the TV Guide with ads for up coming B5 episodes and tape them to the slip covers of the tapes in a crude attempt at cover art.
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