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  1. My mother never smoked, my grandmother never smoked. My mother would not allow anyone who did smoke to smoke in our house...ever. So it was a unique and different smell when she'd come home. My dad was a smoker before I was born. He quit when my mom was pregnant with me. Another memory from the times I was 3-6 years old, every time my dad left for work I'd get a piece of bubble gum from him. Why my dad never smelled like smoke...he always wore a perfume/cologne concoction of his own mixture that was so strong it overpowered any other smell.
  2. I don't mind the smell but I sympathize with those who do. The reason I don't mind is psychological, almost insidiously so in a way, as best as I can tell... Growing up in the 70's/80's with parents who owned a restaurant, my mom who never smoked a day in her life would come home with the smell of cigarette smoke clinging to her. It should have been the smell of garlic, oregano, tomato sauce, etc. But because of the times it was smoke that overrode all that. Now, when I smell cigarettes, I get reminded of how I felt as a 5-year-old whose mommy had just come home when he hadn't seen her all day.
  3. They should have kept John Kracyzy... John Kracinski... Jim Halpert as Reed Richards and have Pedro Pascal as Dr. Doom. They should have tried to sign up Meryl Streep as the original Madame Web, not as the main character in her own movie but as a supporting character that enigmatically reveals more of what the multiverse is and what's been going on in the Loki series to our more singular verse characters.
  4. I just learned that another word besides "flock" for a group of parrots is a "pandemonium" and after my dad having a parrots, specifically a blue and gold macaw for 15 years, I find it hilariously appropriate. (Also, something else I learned from my dad's bird, birds should never be kept in cages, they need to live free and this is the only way they should be enjoyed by humans! )
  5. Been rereading a lot of Ken Follett. The Kingsbridge series and a couple of stand alones (A Dangerous Fortune and A Place Called Freedom). Looking forward to the new Kingsbridge book coming out the end of September.
  6. Just noticed Justice League Action is available in Amazon Prime. For the longest time it was only available on the premium version of Hulu. Think this is gonna get a rewatch. It's fun and lighthearted yet still really smart. Plus it's the last time Kevin Conroy voices Batman in a series
  7. Barney Miller If you haven't seen it trust me give it a chance, you will not be sorry! You will be amazed how relevant this series is to today with the stories it has to tell. Just subtract the lack of modern technology and a wardrobe department screaming "1970's!" ... or just let be part of the fun! The show profoundly exhibits one of those "the more things have changed the more they've just stayed the same" deals. It can be sesn on the progressive side of things even by today's standards but it's still working in the era of 1970's conduct and attitude. In my opinion this is one of the most sadly forgotten great sitcoms of the past. It also was the spiritual predecessor to Night Court another sitcom to watch if you haven't seen it. The head writer of Barney Miller went on to create and executive producer Night Court. The two shows (especially in Night Court's early seasons) go together like they could be combined into one show: Law & Order: Laugh Track Edition. Plus Shepherd Book from Firefly is in it. Also Taxi is another great sitcom that never gets old and if you're going to try Cheers, which was another excellent suggestion, Taxi is that show's spiritual predecessor. Happy Watching!
  8. Blake Crouch's Recursion, for the 3rd time. One of my favorite books of all time Seriously though, it is one of my top favorites!
  9. Pee Wee's Big Adventure was one of those movies I didn't really get when I saw it as a kid. Only as I grew older I saw more and more the genius it is. R.I.P. Paul Reubans
  10. I've not seen the Barbie movie and I don't plan to any time soon so I didn't care about spoiling myself on what it was about and when I did I realized it sounds really similar in plot to
  11. She knew what was going on with the Catholic Church. She had a voice and damn if she wasnt going to use it! She tried to tell us, she tried to bring awareness of it, she tried to do something, and she was hated, ridiculed, made the butt of a million jokes, and lost the respect of too many people who should have known better. But most of us cared more about the symbolism of a piece of paper with a picture of a corrupt religious leader on it than we cared about our children being hurt in the worst ways imaginable. She didn't deserve it, humanity failed her. R.I.P. Sinead O'Connor
  12. If I hadn't been going to Atlantic City as a kid with my dad every few months or so for a string of years (roughly from 1986 - 1996) I would have never seen as many concerts as I did, including comedians and magicians I saw... Donna Summer The Pointer Sisters George Burns/ Lucy Arnaz David Copperfield (a few times) The Temptations and The Four Tops (saw wach group individually once, saw them perform together twice.) Kenny Rogers Chicago Marilyn McCoo and the 5th Dimension Julio Iglesias (funny thing...his opening act was Jeff Dunham) Jay Leno (probably the most disappointing) Jerry Seinfeld Buddy Hackett (One of the best!) Joan Rivers Bob Newhart Drew Carey George Wallace/Kathy Ladman/ Dennis Woflberg Had tickets to see George Carlin, got there the day before and learned the concert had been cancelled, there was some dispute between Carlin and the hotel he was preforming at... Trump Plaza I had the opportunity to see but chose not to (and I kick myself for this whenever I think of it) Frank Sinatra as well as Whitney Houston. My parents went to both of those shows though. Outside of Atlantic City, in 1994 I saw Billy Joel and Elton John together at RFK Stadium in Washington D.C. That was a great show! I lived in Hawaii for a short time in 1996/97 and I made friends with a guy there who was a great fan of Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole. I hadn't heard of him at that point. My friend took me to one of his concerts and it was one of the best shows I'd ever been too. Sadly, a few months later was when IZ passed away.
  13. Well " Global Warming" was tried first but that got laughed out of the building because we can still make snowballs in winter...
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