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  1. Anyone else subscribe to Daily Dose of Internet? It gives me ~3 minutes just about every day of cuteness, interestingness, funniness, and amazement. It's like taking a little chill pill watching a video...
  2. Yeah, I still have mine too. I also used to take pages out of the TV Guide with ads for up coming B5 episodes and tape them to the slip covers of the tapes in a crude attempt at cover art.
  3. Fire up those Amigas! Still, as a week to week, season to season, record every episode on VHS watcher from back in the day, strange one of the things I'll miss the most is... P...T...E...N coming up at the beginning of each episode triggering that Pavlovian response getting me excited for the show. Yeah, I missed it in season 5 too....
  4. Speaking of Jim Gaffigan. I made (what I hoped was) a humorous comment on one of his videos on You Tube. I know it's actually him because on his channel not only are there a lot of his best comedy bits, but since the 'rona he's been posting a lot of segments with him and his family. Anyway, Gaffigan replied to my comment saying something like "funny!" and I felt like I had been given the best compliment in all my life.
  5. Don't really pay as much attention to comedians as I used to. When I was a kid/teen I'd make note of comedians I liked on talk shows like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, and Jay Leno. Also I'd find favorites on Comedy Central back in that channel's early days when showing stand up comedy was like 75% of the programming. I saw a decent amount of stand up shows live too, back in the day. I used to go to Atlantic City maybe once every couple months with my dad and he was always getting tickets. I've seen live: George Burns Bob Newhart Jerry Seinfeld Joan Rivers Buddy Hackett Drew Carey Jay Leno George Wallace Kathy Ladman Dennis Wolfberg I saw Jeff Dunham back in the early 90's when he was the opening act for Julio Iglesias. I had tickets to see George Carlin but when we got there I found out the show had been cancelled. Word was Carlin had a disagreement with the management...not surprising at all as the hotel was Trump Plaza... The best ones were Seinfeld, Burns, and Hackett. My favorite specials are John Pinnette: I'm Starvin'! Donald Glover: Weirdo Jim Jeffries: This is Me Now
  6. This totally brought up from memory from the sitcom "Fraiser", when Daphne's brother was staying with them and trying Fraiser's patience... "Simon put my $65 apricot skin polish on his muffin!"
  7. This is interesting to hear about these reactions some of you have experienced. I got my first shot of the Moderna end of May and my second shot end of June. Aside from a sore spot in my arm for a couple days each time no other reactions whatsoever. I regularly get flu shots too and I think I remember only once having a noticeable reaction aside from the sore arm. Maybe it's because I've got so many aches and pains from other things and I've dealt with a temperamental stomach all my life I'm used to it regularly feeling upset or cramped that any side effects were totally masked by all that or I actually got a score in the "win column" when it comes to not having averse effects from vaccines.
  8. My totally-unqualified-yet-valid-opinion-because-I'm-saying-it-on-the-internet... What I think is going on ranking from most likely to least likely However (*) indicates what I'm holding out hope it could be: 1. Totally mundane objects and/or equipment glitches unintentionally causing this. 2. Totally mundane objects and/or equipment glitches intentionally causing this i.e. hoaxes 3. Secret U.S. experiments 4. Secret experiments of other governments 5. New/undiscovered yet completely non living, non intelligent phenomena 6. The objects are non sentient lifeforms, not lifeforms in ships, but lifeforms we never knew could exist either terrestrial or extraterrestrial that have the instinctual ability to transcend our understanding of physics, perhaps extra dimensional as well. * 7. We're in a simulation and these are glitches in the matrix. * 8. It's time travelers.* 9. It's intelligent alien life in advanced craft that have travelled here from other worlds and/or dimensions. *
  9. It all does sound like something Forrest Gump would stumble into...
  10. I Just want to point out that A Christmas Story does have a sequel, and I'm not talking about A Christmas Story 2 (and shame on me and anyone else who remembers that exists!) I'm talking about It Runs In the Family or as it was retitled, My Summer Story. As the latter title suggests, this movie was set in the summer. Even though most of the characters were recast due to the original actors aging out (Jean Shepard returned to narrate and the actress who played Ralphie's teacher reprised her role, every one else was recast) it was still a direct sequel to A Christmas Story. So , I think this sequel argument is nonsense. Whether a movie is a Christmas movie should be judged on (admittedly subjective) if it feels like a Christmas movie. Only the movie in question itself should be taken into account. it does not matter that the plot could be achieved without bringing Christmas into the first formula, it just matters that Christmas was brought in and how much the presence of the holiday is felt through the course of the film.
  11. Correct! > 50% = Not a Christmas movie, only a movie that happens to be set around Christmastime.
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