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  1. drawkcabi

    Best historical fiction for HUGE ASOIAF fan...

    HBO style GOT then... But also a good deal of medieval English history throughout in the background.
  2. drawkcabi

    Best historical fiction for HUGE ASOIAF fan...

    Ken Follett's "Pillars of the Earth" and later sequels are very good and have an ASOIAF style. I find them very enjoyable. Most of his historical fiction is good.
  3. drawkcabi

    US Politics: Sit Up Straight and Show Some Respect

    I think it's a combination of the racist/bigot/xenophonic zealots + the apathetic + people who are fine with cutting our country's nose off to spite its face = Trump staying put. In simpler terms, too many stupid people.
  4. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    In a thread titled "All things Star Wars" all things Star Wars is being discussed. How insane!!!
  5. drawkcabi

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    Maybe they were. I think it's a legitimate debate, a debate Disney wanting to take risks with directors like Josh Trank and Lord and Miller and then getting cold feet and wanting to play it safe (Early enough in Trank's case after his meltdown, but late in the game with Lord and Miller) and if so then KK being in charge of it is also legitimately a target for criticism. I've not seen Infinity War, I only see that it's on the verge of breaking $2 billion. Deadpool's schedule change aside, Solo's opening was still in a packed summer and only 5 months after a SW movie that left a bad taste in a lot of the fans' mouths if not the critics, and not much breathing room for more fans to get in the mood for a SW movie again and also in the past years December has become the usual time for A SW movie and is usually the big event of the season. People are not going to get as excited about Mary Poppins, but I bet it's going to do a hell of a lot better in December than in the Summer regardless, but even if it had to share the month with Solo they'd both probably make out better.
  6. drawkcabi

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    KK was responsible for hiring then firing Lord and Miller and the entire Solo debacle. Yeah Ron Howard made Solo a good enough movie, but maybe Lord and Miller could have made it special or maybe it would have been worse but there wouldn't have been all the extra production costs. KK decided to put the movie out Memorial Day weekend right after Avengers: Infinity War and Deadpool came out. If she held it until December maybe it would have done better in a less busy month and at a time when people have gotten used to going to SW movies lately, and people have a right to debate that and it was KK's call. Rian Johnson gets as much hate if not more than KK, but KK put him on the job and she's given him a whole new trilogy. J.J. Abrahams gets somewhat less hate but the grumbling is grwoing as people realize The Force Awakens wasn't as good if all it was, was a rehash of ANH with no plans to go forward, just Abraham's empty box, doing the same jerking around he did with Lost and Star Trek. The three of them together are doing the job and getting the criticisms Lucas mostly alone got for the prequels and Snyder got for his DCEU fiilms. KK is also getting the misogynist scumbags jumping on the bandwagon just because they see a woman being criticized and are gleeful to lambast her too regardless of reasons, but the other fans are legitimate in their criticisms and she shouldn't be untouchable for what she's responsible for.
  7. drawkcabi

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    It's in the same vein as "fire Zack Snyder" was with the DCEU, in the way of anger at (in their view) mistreatment of the characters, disappointment in writing and directing style, and yearning for a new direction. I'll readily admit that the people upset with WB/DC are/were more than the people who want KK gone, I'll also give you that 1% is about right for the boycott SW people, but the people who are dissatisfied with SW and think it needs or may need a change at the top, re: KK out, Rian Johnson's trilogy definitely needing to be scrubbed, is far greater than 1% though still probably less than 50%. A community in a bit of turmoil though nonetheless. These are people who are still going to see Ep IX and if it's good may revise their opinions on KK, but if it disappoints they will allow that to cement their opinions. I respect Mormont and I respect you Darth, but I'm confident in what I posted above.
  8. drawkcabi

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    This is the heart of the Star Wars community and Michael French is one of the most stand up guys you'll ever meet no one should ever say he's alt right, incel, whatever. The community is divided but it's still the community. But it's legitimate opinions vs. legitimate opinions. Yes it sucks major donkey balls that the MRA's and incels and Alt right are taking advantage of the SW needs new direction side just because it suits their needs. But if someone gripes about SW but does so only on plot, writing, and character development, even some pissy things producers and directors are saying about the fans, the other side needs to not bring up the whole scumbags of the alt right into the equation.
  9. drawkcabi

    Watch, Watched, Watching: The Prequel

    Disaster Artist is on Amazon Prime so I'm going to check that out. Garden State and Napoleon Dynamite were on HBO today so I spent a morning with a decidedly 2004-ish indie flavor.
  10. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    What about flashlights? Sure you had to imagine the sabers connecting but nothing beat carrying one around in your pocket or inside your belt, then drawing it out and flicking the switch and in your head hearing the snap, hiss as the light came on. Then your mom or dad would catch you and you'd be in trouble because flashlights were "not a toy!" I do remember finding some really nice long sticks once and a friend and I playing jedi duel with them. We acted out each movie saber battle. My friend was Vader and first I was Obiwan and we'd fight until I held my lightsaber straight up and he'd hit me in the arm and I'd fall to the ground. Then I'd be Luke on Bespin and we'd play until he "cut" my hand off. Funny though, when we got to the third movie my friend would complain he was tired of being Vader.
  11. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    I'm fine with everything said and take it with the levity it was meant. So saying that, I know I was privileged as a kid, I know I was spoiled rotten. I've grown to be contrite about it now but also what was done was done. I have good memories and I'm going to share them as well as be grateful for the happy childhood I had.
  12. Good luck and it's always the lactose free ultra pasteurized milk that I freeze, though I think regular milk would do fine too. My ultra pasteurized long life milk would last well enough in the fridge until I bought milk again since we go through it so fast except I buy so much it's more an issue of there not being enough room in the fridge when I come home from my once a month trip from the grocery store so the freezer is utilized.
  13. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    Star Wars I didn't have that much of comparatively to G.I.Joe/He-Man/Transformers. I had the Hoth playset with the gun turret tower and probe droid, had an X Wing fighter, Slave-1 (with frozen Han Solo) and Jabba The Hutt and his throne. I had Obiwan, Vader, C-3PO, R2, R2 with extending scope, Bespin Luke, Bespin Han, Hoth Leia, Chewbacca, Bespin Lando, Jedi Knight Luke, Yoda, Boba Fett, Storm Trooper (just one), IG-88, Bosc, Dengar, Bib Fortuna, Imperal Guard, Bespin Guard, ugnaught, Hoth Rebel Trooper, Nien Nunb, Barada, Medical droid, Gonk droid, R2-D4, Hammerhead, and Walrus Man. I know Boba Fett is the figure with all the awesome, but he was only my second favorite SW toy, Bespin Han was my favorite. I think I still have the Gonk droid somewhere. That's all that remains of my SW toys.
  14. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    I know! I gave away all my Star Wars, G.I.Joe, and Masters of the Universe vehicles and playsets I had when I was a kid. I had so much and they took up so much space (I know supreme privileged problems). But I had Castle Greyskull, Snake Mountain, The Fright Zone, Slime Pit, Point Dread and the Talon Fighter, Battle Ram, Attack Track, Roton, Wind Raider, Spydor, Dragon Walker, G.I. Joe headquarters, The U.S.S. Flag, Battle Platform, The Terror Drome, The Sky Striker, Sky Hawk, Night Raven, Tomahawk, Conquest, Rattler, Killer Whale, Hydrofoil, Mobat, Slugger, Water Moccasin, APC... All that gone. At least I held onto all my Transformers and He-Man action figures and my G.I.Joes that didn't get lost or broken. And seeing programs like The Toys That Made Us and reviews of vintage toys on You Tube, while bitter sweet I'm at least grateful to see them again and not just relying only on my memory what they were like.
  15. drawkcabi

    All things Star Wars

    To the point of one actor being viciously and hurtfully harassed to disillusionment, resignation, and disgust, yes. To the point of viciously and hurtfully insulting not just one person but an entire group of people, no.