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  1. In the middle of October my mom went into the hospital because of a pressure sore infection. She has been having increasing problems in walking and me being disabled myself, I can prepare meals for her, do light chores and all, but she has to be able to get up and go to the bathroom on her own. But she was increasingly not doing that relying on adult diapers and liners. The weekend in October she didn't get out of her recliner at all and by Monday she was acting very strange and talking quite crazy. I called 911 and when she got to the hospital they said she had an infection down to the bone and put her on IV antibiotics. she stayed in the hospital for 1 week then got moved to a care facility. She has been in an isolated room this whole time per the new facility rules and she's been tested for Covid once a week. I'm not allowed to visit her, only talk with her on the phone. She's still on IV antibiotics. Today she tested positive for Covid. apparently she is the only one there currently who has tested positive. She has no symptoms. She already lost her sense of smell like 20 years ago. It could be a false positive, I'm hoping it is, but still...fuck
  2. I celebrate his entire catalog, but...man The Finer Things is such a great song that doesn't get enough love because of being overshadowed by his bigger hits.
  3. Haven't had time to read the whole thread yet so sorry if someone already thought about this, but... I want to see a re-edit of the end of Special Edition Return of the Jedi but instead of showing Tatooine, Bespin, Naboo, and Coruscant all celebrating they are showing New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. I don't know...maybe at the part where Luke sees the force ghosts instead of Obiwan, Yoda, and Anakin it's John Lewis, RBG, and John McCain...something like that...
  4. Absolutely not. Their other big talking point is "Wait until the SCOTUS gets involved, they'll throw all the votes out." Another one I saw talking about the judge in Michigan who threw out Trump's complaint said, "It shouldn't have been allowed for a Michigan judge to make that decision!" And they had a few people agreeing and saying what a good point that was.
  5. For a lark, I've been reading comments on You Tube news videos... Whenever I come across a comment from a Q anon person, and there are more than a few out there... more often than not they are bragging about what a genius Trump is because of the trap he set. Apparently he put a water mark on all the mail in ballots so now he's going to spring the trap by proving many of the Biden ballots are fake. They are actually gloating about this and gleeful that at any time now all these frauds will be caught and everybody involved will be locked up. It could happen any time now! Yup! Any time. Any. Time. Any. Time. ...
  6. Oh I know, I was just saying theoretically there could possibly be something good coming from this...
  7. What if he says "Screw you, I quit!" ?
  8. I agree. But if it does manage to stay blue, AZ and NV is all Biden needs. Luckily PA is looking good just in case Trump manages to.squeeze by in AZ.
  9. . But I got top of the next page.
  10. As long as AZ stays called for Biden.
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