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  1. drawkcabi

    Terrorist Attack in the Netherlands -Trams

    My thoughts and sympathies are with the Netherlands.
  2. drawkcabi

    Terrorist Attack at New Zealand mosques

    I'm so incredibly sorry. My deepest sympathies to all in New Zealand.
  3. drawkcabi

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    Bob Saget is hosting a new funny videos show on ABC. I'm calling it, tonight's when the television reboot fad has jumped the shark.
  4. drawkcabi

    Daylight savings time sucks spring 2017!!!

    For @Ser Scot A Ellison https://www.change.org/p/eliminate-daylight-savings-time?j=503108&sfmc_sub=174550847&l=32_HTML&u=66575161&mid=7233053&jb=1944&utm_medium=email&utm_source=aa_sign_human&utm_campaign=503108&utm_content=&sfmc_tk=6z27HwELzjHYPzGQUdqKQCcw8rFSpa3NX90stLRKa7NBPleaeyrhgh1k6uggKFC2&j=503108&sfmc_sub=174550847&l=32_HTML&u=66575161&mid=7233053&jb=1944 This morning, most of the United States adjusted clocks an hour ahead in observance of daylight-saving time. Thousands of supporters — including Lynne, who started this petition — believe the practice is outdated, unnecessary, and burdensome. Join the movement to end daylight-saving time as multiple states have recently done. Sign and share Lynne’s petition now.
  5. drawkcabi

    Watched, Watching & Rewatch Redux

    She reminds me a lot of Sally Struthers from her Gloria Stivic days. http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/220635/si/Stivic http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/showfull.php?photo=253127 http://www.sitcomsonline.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/196568
  6. drawkcabi

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    I thought of Shatner but he's more polarizing than universal, I think. I know he's passed on but, John Candy?
  7. drawkcabi

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    Michael J. Fox?
  8. drawkcabi

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    I couldn't believe it when they were having the All Star Championship the last couple weeks, one episode no one got final jeopardy and I did! I was so full of smug that day. "Kipling echoed a poem from a century earlier with this title of a chapter in The Jungle Book"
  9. drawkcabi

    Jeopardy! A salute to Alex Trebek

    My grandfather and my uncle dies of pancreatic and bile duct cancer. Fuck cancer beyond the farthest star, fuck it to oblivion. I loved Jeopardy! since I was a kid when I'd watch it with my grandmother. I always liked it when Trebeck would show up in a cameo as himself on shows like Golden Girls and Mama's Family. Then there was the legendary Jeopardy! episode of Cheers that established "Who are Two People who are not in my kitchen" as a go to answer when you don't know what else to write as well as coining pulling a "Cliff Claven" - if a contestant "couldn't be caught" during the first two rounds so is assured winning that episode but makes a foolish wager and misses the answer in Final Jeopardy. Then just this last season on Orange is the New Black Trebeck had a great cameo. I also remember as a kid in the late 80's whenever I stayed home from school there was a new version of the game show "Classic Concentration" that I'd watch in the morning and Trebeck hosted that. I always thought it was funny how on Jeopardy! he always wore a suit and on Concentration he was always in a sweater, like they were trying to set a more casual atmosphere. I've been trying out for the show for twenty years now. Never getting farther than getting called to D.C. or Baltimore to test there and meet some of the "clue crew" Still I take the online test whenever it's being given. I was just starting to feel like I found my groove to get on the show. So yeah, Alex you better fight this off. More power to you!
  10. @Kalbear I wholeheartedly agree with and applaud many of the things you've said in this thread. However, the most dangerous thing we can do with the obesity epidemic is let people think they are not responsible for their weight. That takes away the biggest weapon we have right now. The food companies are manipulating us and making us into addicts for their products, the government has not devoted much to making obesity rehab a thing like it has with other addicts, and many doctors are still taught to shame us. Yes, we need to make noise. Make it understood that food companies need to be regulated better and there needs to be better products at reasonable prices, government needs to be more active in regulation and along with private institutions better sponsoring of rehab programs and medical research, there needs to be more effort to combat fat shaming. Yes to all of that. But the thing is, we don't have any of that yet. The only thing we really have is our own personal willpower. No, it's really not enough, and no, most of us really are not at fault for how we are, but taking responsibility for ourselves is all we've got. We need to understand that it's perfectly fine and even necessary for us to demand changes, but at the end of the day obese adults are the ones responsible if they want to change their lifestyle. Asking for help and for things to change is good, we just can't feel entitled to it though. We can not take away the idea that we are unhealthy and that it is unacceptable to be that way. Fat shaming - No! But also fat acceptance - No! We are in a predicament, and however unfair the cards dealt to us were, and no matter how very, very, very, difficult it is, at the end of the day we are the ones responsible for our own bodies.
  11. When I was in my early twenties I wrote a short story, well it began as one and ended up more a novella. Anyway, the story was about a meteor crashing to earth and affecting the water supply. It caused a massive disease to spread in humans called fat cell disease. It basically attacked the fat cells burning them up rapidly while at the same time enhancing a body's muscles, reflexes, ability to heal, and other senses until it got to the point where those positive effects no longer allowed the remaining fat cells to burn off, the human body needs some fat cells after all, but it ended up with a lot of people lean and ripped with no amount of excess fat. So basically it ended turning the world's fat people into Captain Americas. The more obese a person was at the beginning, the more powerful they were after going through the disease and it followed one particular character going through this. It also turned out that the disease was created by aliens to genetically modify the human race to create a bunch of super soldiers for their use, but that was only barely hinted at, I was saving that reveal for sequels I never got to.
  12. drawkcabi

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Yeah, I think there's two ways people are thinking about her. Within the Marvel Universe, Captain Marvel's importance could be A-level, I wouldn't argue about that. But what I'm saying is her relevance in pop culture is C-level based on knowledge of her existence. It's not about being interesting either, many people could find her very interesting, the only thing stopping them is that they don't about her. That by no means says a movie shouldn't be made about her though or that a Captain Marvel movie can't be a success. Precedent set with other characters shows otherwise.
  13. drawkcabi

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Very cool to hear! I plan to wait until the 15th to see it. I'm not a fan of crowded theaters like I used to be and the 15th is by birthday so I figured that would be a nice treat.
  14. drawkcabi

    MCUniverse - Nick hath no Fury like an MRA troll

    Yep. For me, when I watched the X-Men 90's cartoon and they had the storyline about Rogue and Ms. Marvel I was always like "Who the heck is Ms. Marvel? I've never heard of her." Then a few years ago they did the excellent cartoon "Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes" and they had a storyline in it involving Mar-Vel and Carol Danvers and she was Ms. Marvel and then Captain Marvel. When I saw that I was like "Ohhhhhhhhhh, now I get it."