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  1. I think his knee might have been down before he got in. And no, I’m not an Auburn or SEC fan.
  2. @KingintheNorth4 Don’t know if you’ve seen the terrible news. Gale Sayers passed away.
  3. I actually read somewhere that this was standard if someone wanted to use his hotels/properties in film or television. He’s such a pathetic, disgusting person.
  4. None necessary. Like I said, I was certain that nothing was meant by it. Often times the reporting on what happens before landfall on the continental US is poor at best.
  5. I’m certain that you didn’t mean anything by it, but at least twenty people were killed on the island of Hispaniola.
  6. The focus shifts a little, but not enough and the pace remains about the same throughout. I wasn’t too impressed with the “series”.
  7. I just checked to make sure this was recording, and the finale is the length of three episodes!
  8. That’s Carl Weathers, not Billy Dee Williams. You know, Apollo Creed? Or Action Jackson? Or Chubs Peterson?
  9. I’m very glad to hear that, thank you. The first episode was one of the only times I’ve ever felt the need to pause something and walk away for a while. And it happened multiple times. Kaitlyn Dever is absolutely amazing.
  10. I just finished watching the first episode. Fair warning, this is very difficult to watch. So far it’s very well acted. I first became aware of the story this is based on because someone posted a link on this website. https://www.propublica.org/article/false-rape-accusations-an-unbelievable-story I want to say again that this is difficult to watch and that the story is difficult to read. But I think both the story, and so far the show, are worth the time.
  11. I think that the one thing that opponents consistently underestimate about Khabib is his sheer strength. DC might be exaggerating, but he always says that Khabib is the strongest grappler that he’s rolled with.
  12. It’s a Welcome Back, Kotter reference. Juan was famously a Spanish Jew. Sorry, it just popped in my head and struck me as funny.
  13. @polishgenius How do you feel about what happened with Joanna and Valentina’s title fight. Seems like more of the bullshit that’s been happening since WME bought the company. This is worse than what happened to Meisha in my opinion, because according to Joanna, she had already signed the fight contract.
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