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  1. I don’t think that would work in that moment. Ellie is almost definitely dealing with PTSD, so I don’t think it would be entirely ethical to ask her to make that important of a decision in that state.
  2. Rumor after the combine was that they fell in love with Richardson, who’s probably one of the bigger gambles too.
  3. I don’t think anyone is criticizing teen pregnancy. Just pointing out the hypocrisy that the right in the US always displays.
  4. I don’t see where the mystery is. Ellie told Joel that the boy she shot wasn’t her first. From the expression on her face and the fact that she refused to speak further it’s pretty obvious what happened.
  5. For you. I guess mine was pretty similar, because I turned to the guy as he was coughing his ass off, and he said he and his girlfriend couldn’t take any more.
  6. Bella Flek and the Flektones in Atlanta. Pretty good show, and the first time I had a random stranger hand me a joint. Oddly enough, the only other two times that has happened were at the only two other shows I’ve been to.
  7. Harley Quinn Valentine’s special is up! I’m going to save it for tomorrow, but I have no doubt it will be great.
  8. Andor is excellent. It was everything I hoped an adult themed Star Wars show could be. Willow is shit. But if your nostalgia itch is irritating enough, it’s not bad.
  9. This sounds like what I experienced with the tv show Willow. They strove very hard for emotional/pivotal moments that ended up feeling unearned. That’s how I felt with Cyberpunk. Not the vibe I’m getting from this show so far. And I really can’t emphasize how much I love this series. I’m really hoping that this is another Andor.
  10. If it’s the death I’m thinking of from Cyberpunk ( I’m just starting that game ), the no. If I understand your question. TLoU had entire game on which to build your empathy before the sequel.
  11. I reached that certain part in the second game with the main character from the first, and ended up not playing the game for a solid year. When I eventually played and finished it I loved it.
  12. I’m a huge fan of both games, and I usually hate adaptations. This was wonderful. I feel like everything added helped the story that we’re going to get, and I thought the acting was excellent.
  13. The first season premieres this Sunday. By chance did you mean the first three episodes of this season?
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