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  1. A hard life is no excuse to rage at people and equate them with rapists and Nazis. At least it’s no excuse for doing so because they gave you a less than perfect, but still above average, review.
  2. Fields is having another pro day, which I believe Shanahan is planning to attend. Kind of makes their “prioritizing” Jones a moot point.
  3. I hadn’t noticed that. Man, if they follow the comics this shit could get dark.
  4. He’s working with the military now, but he’d been a fugitive for two years before Infinity War happened.
  5. As to the super powered bank robbers, Power Broker’s name is shown in the first part of the credits. Whether he’s a terrorist or just selling powers to the highest bidder remains to be seen. It’ll be interesting to see if the delivery method is based in n the super soldier formula or not. And I assume the new Cap will be taking it. Maybe getting a little over aggressive a la the guy in the comics who later became US Agent. Really enjoyed this.
  6. I’m never doing shrooms again.
  7. But then we’ll need a thread explaining which order to read the threads.
  8. Clark is his CIA name, which he acquires by the end of the novel. His given name is John Kelly.
  9. Judas and the Black Messiah is only streaming through March 14th.
  10. Wasn’t there an early X-Men storyline that involved a carnival, a mind controlling mutant, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants?
  11. This appears to be a loose adaptation of his short story Jerusalem’s Lot from Night Shift and not the novel Salem’s Lot
  12. I’d think it had more to do with witchcraft or some nefarious cloning plot. Considering where you’ve been spending time lately though, I guess you’d know best.
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