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  1. As someone who works professionally with Manichaean history & mythology, I'd point out that even the Manichaeans weren't Manichaeans. Poor folks.
  2. It also seems Victoria has a harder time with supes than others - she struggled a lot with popping her childhood pal, IIRC. The stronger the supe, the harder it gets, I'd guess.
  3. Shouldn't discount the symbolism (for both parties) inherent in making peace in Jerusalem though. Might make any treaty negotiated there a bit more difficult to break. And the name itself supposedly means 'abode of peace', after all.
  4. In the history of ideas, at least, the notion that humans souls are genderless and can be incarnated in differently gendered bodies is common for those religions/cultures that operate with reincarnation - gender is, after all, closely tied to sexuality, not normally an attribute of the soul. Although it should be mentioned that it has often been paired with the notion that being incarnated as a woman is a punishment or "step down" from incarnation as a man.
  5. It's interesting, in this regard, that a central exercise in later Greco-Roman education involved writing imaginative pieces (ethopoeiai) about characters from the Iliad, Odyssey or other narratives of the classical tradition's 'expanded universe', explaining their reasoning or mindset at specific events. Or that Augustine censored himself for loving Latin literature, which caused him 'to remember the wanderings of some Aeneas, while forgetting of my own wanderings, and to bewail Dido’s death because she committed suicide, while in the midst of these trifles I, wretched as could be, allowed myself to die away from you with dry eyes.' (Confessions 1.13). The ancients certainly did not think their canon void of emotional attachment or opportunities for escapism.
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