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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    Hi, this is my first time post here. I've been a long time follower of this forum and really like what the community has accomplished with it so far. So first of all thanks and thumbs up to everyone involved in westeros.org :) As a book reader I would have liked to see some things a bit different as it was in the show (HotU for example) as a TV show though it does just fine (of course the books are way better but I am biased, so it might not be truely objective) What really confused me in this episode and made me think was the whole "...you will betray the men serving you, you will betray your family, you will betray everything you once held dear..." about Stannis. Now this might be spoilery or at least crackpot also for book readers (sry I don't know how to insert spoiler tags): Does betraying everybody and everything hint to Stannis leading the White Walkers somehow, what we even haven't had in the books (yet)? I am really curious what you folks might think about that... (And sorry for my English. it is not my native tongue, so feel free to go Stannis and correct my grammer :P )