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  1. Thanks much. I'm glad that things eventually get brought back together. Sometimes it seems to ramble a bit - especially for a tv viewer. That combo of 100's of characters, fantasy, and making up magical powers tend to lose your average HBO audience. Thanks again.
  2. Non-reader here with a few observations. Now, I don't mind a spoiler or two and I guess that's why I'm on this thread. I think hearing the back stories from book readers is really interesting and fills in many gaps - even though most of those observations are rants (I totally get it). So here's where I am: After Season 1, I'm thinking - great, the Starks are going to King's Landing and are going to get some revenge - obvious story line. Also - WTF -are those real dragons? Yeah, that chick is going to burn some shit down. Also, why is the coolest Stark (or non-Stark), Jon Snow going to the wall? Must be pretty pivotal. Also, I can't wait for Joffrey and his Mom, Uncle/Dad is get theirs. The Imp is probably the best character on this show. Season 2 has me thinking - Okay, how far does this poor woman have to roam the desert with these dragons? She's really going to burn shit down now, because really, how are you going to stop a dragon? Robb Stark is on a mission - wait a minute, who's this chick and why is his quest completely derailed by her? WTF - they're married - why? Arya is going to be pretty badass someday and may be the one that avenges her father. Why hasn't Joffery and his mom been killed yet? It's going to be awesome when the Lannisters get theirs. Stannis is pretty cool but that witch he's with will be his demise. I don't really seeing this guy going anywhere. How many more characters / families / tribes / magical beings can they introduce this year? Who sacked Winterfell? And are they going to be sorry when the Starks get their shit together. This last episode was great - in the context of the others. I also know that is TV Land, the second to the last episode is always the best and the finale is supposed to set up the next season. So, I guess Jon Snow will infiltrate the wildlings and destroy them from the inside. Unlike others, I wasn't confused about his battle with the other "crow." I thought they explained that earlier. Arya is on a quest to find her family and the face changer was pretty cool. Robb Stark probably f'd up pretty good for some unknown reason - I didn't like that whole marriage scene - didn't make sense to me but maybe they have to show the betrayal so that they can kill him off next year. The Lannisters are still in power and Imp got screwed. I'm guessing we're not going to see the end of him. Dany's scene at the magician's tower seemed a little weak and rushed. As mentioned several times, it's probably much better in the book but I think I got the point with the little foreshadowing they did include. She probably will be queen soon? Lastly, the White Walkers seem pretty unstoppable (except maybe for dragons? - hoping). Nice way to end the season. When I read through this thread and tried to fill in the gaps through character wiki sites, I leave very confused. So Arya never avenges her father's death but rather will always be on the run and in hiding, eventually moving away from the kindoms? Tyrion will never be King and also is always on the run, leaving his family behind? Dany continues to unsuccessfully try to raise armies and never really becomes the queen? The Starks will basically be no more? The Lannisters are always in power? It seems that the most important characters haven't even been introduced and all of the people we've been watching never amount to anything and will constantly be in hiding. I hope this is not the case and next season doesn't disappoint but if it dragged out like this season did, I may be done.