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  1. Rhoynar

    [Spoilers] EP601

    Didn't anyone else think Ramsay's mourning over Miranda's death was very off-character? Come on, he's a total psychopath, he would be mad at someone daring to kill his plaything but he wouldn't be all sad and teary.
  2. George has recently posted this on his blog: Do you think he's hinting he might do the Shireen thing differently in the books? He does seem to be having a go at D(umb)&D(umber).
  3. Stannis and Ramsay cracking jokes. http://i58.tinypic.com/2mzciuh.jpg
  4. I'm done with this show. What a pile of crap.
  5. Rhoynar

    [Spoilers] EP505 Discussion

    Brienne is being set to take Abel's role, she will get Sansa out of Winterfell with Reek's help. And then she will meet Stannis.
  6. They are butchering the books... Characters┬┤ mindsets, characters and motivations totally changed, usually in an absurd way: Ellaria, Doran, Kevan, the Kindly (Kindly?) man... The Lord Commander election was ridiculous. Jaime is off to Dorne on a whim, to save Myrcella singlehandedly (oh the irony). Brienne keeps meeting people by chance, never mind Westeros is as big as the Americas...
  7. Ok, so we know for sure the following plotlines will be in next episode: 1. Jon meets Mance. 2. Stannis! Stannis! Stannis! 3. The Mountain's agony and Qyburn's messing about (the actor playing Qyburn said he was appearing in the last episode with Bjornsson) 4. The Hound fights Brienne (WTF?) 5. Twincest 6. Bran meets the Children 7. "Khaleesi" locks the dragons up 8. Cersei speaks with Tywin 9. Tyrion and Jaime 10.Tyrion, Shae and Tywin Maybe: 1. Stannis offers Winterfell to Jon 2. Lady Stoneheart So, now, how the f* will they have time to make the battle of the Wall seem lost before Stannis arrives?? And how will they have enough time to give the man his due glory? Will they show us the crushing of the wildlings? How much do D&D hate Stannis?