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  1. Nah. It was incredibly smart. It has no interest in first contact. Why would you attempt to make first contact with an ant colony? Or even better, what it tried to do WAS first contact. For an organism that can assimilate any life it comes in contact with the most efficient way to communicate is taking them over. They're a biological borg.
  2. Yeah, those day traders sitting at their computer at home and not having physical contact with anyone they don't want to are entirely the same as people required to work in warehouses and grocery stores and in police precincts. VERY apt comparison.
  3. Under. Larry has never, not once, sent any dick pic accidentally, because all of his schlong is 100% deliberate.
  4. It is really, really weird that a Grand Moff is just running around and people that were in the rebellion like Cara Dune are just...totally cool with it. And it ain't like a huge amount of stormtroopers and a few TIEs in Nevarro aren't going to be kinda obvious. This sort of thing made sense in Rebels (to a point) but even then they attracted the ire of Darth Vader eventually. Here we get Cara Dune involved in literally exploding an active military base with a weird-ass lab and she just says nothing, and the pilots who show up also don't do anything about it? Realistically this is exactly the sort of thing that should bring Luke or at least Leia, great general of the new Republic, running.
  5. Why even bother with them? It was just basically to get into a battle and show off Fett's mad skills. Which, okay, rule of cool and all, but the plot was worse than most kung fu movies.
  6. In addition to that, the market is up and will continue to go up because stocks are basically the only place to earn anything right now. Interest rates are absurdly low, the long-term future is somewhat bleak, and inequity reigns supreme. So naturally, you put money in the stock market.
  7. Interesting to me that Robert Rodriguez directed this ep. I like that things actually happened, but holy crap were the fights garbage. Stormtroopers remain absolutely pointless. Their ships had big fucking guns on them - why not use those? Meh.
  8. Another aspect of The Thing that is great - and there are so many - is that the characters are acting largely intelligently. They do figure out what's going on quickly. They do think about ways to deal with the problems. They quickly figure out how much shit they are in, and how they can't trust anyone. There are very few, if any, truly stupid decisions like hugging it out with a creature or something. They're just so hugely over their heads that it doesn't matter.
  9. Interesting. Sounds like they're basically doing the entire Fraction run. Which is great, because it fucking rules.
  10. New ep is out. And it's really nifty!
  11. Fury Road is definitely one of the best movies made. Not 'action' movies, just movies. It's also one of the best action movies ever made. It's incredibly rewatchable too, with absurd details about seeing how people move from place to place in these massive set pieces that actually make sense. Like, seriously, no one just shockingly pops up out of nowhere. All of it can be traced back to an establishing shot somewhere in one scene or another. I often think of this quote:
  12. You can get a Pokémon home account without needing anything other than a Nintendo account. And you can do that online.
  13. Meltan you have to either transfer something from go to the switch in lets go or transfer something from go to your Pokémon home account. The home account is a lot easier.
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