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  1. That was fucking bad ass. Dominique nailed it, but the directing and editing choices were brilliant. Ending the ep with the edited message going over and over again. Fucking awesome. They just nailed the best moments of the best book.
  2. I somehow accidentally triggered the voodoo boys mission. That was odd. Among other things I got the option to take the blockers before I ever acquired them. As far as I can tell it triggered off of a random ncpd subcon in Japan town.
  3. No, I agree and that was my point! That authoritarian leanings or desiring are independent of actual other political goals and go much deeper than that. But right now, if you're the kind of person who really truly wants a strongman (and there are a LOT of people who do), you have nothing for you on the left. Sanders was kind of there for a while, but if you have that itch you're going to the GOP for the most part. Polling is not going to ever do a good job capturing these sorts of people for the same reason it doesn't do a good job capturing Trump support; the people who are going to be 'dangerously' supportive of authoritarianism are also going to be the kinds of people who do not trust most people openly and easily, and will simply not be answering surveys.
  4. To be really really clear I'm not talking about recent events- I'm talking about the well documented breakdown of people's moral frameworks across the world. And in general somewhere between 20 and 30% of all populations literally desire a strongman singular leader and authoritarianism over other things. It is to some degree built into our ape brains. Right now those people are basically ALL for the GOP.
  5. Citation needed. Do you have evidence that you can win and be better? Its also a false equivalence. I'm not saying folks need to mudsling. I'm saying folks need to do a lot more deplatforming of people. And in Bidens case they did just that - they largely ignored fox news, ignored the idiotic requests for debate from other sources, and encouraged others to do the same.
  6. @Tywin et al. - no. We don't have to be better than the other group. We have to win. We have to realize that anywhere from 20 to 30% of the populace wants authoritarian rule (regardless of other leanings). Ignoring that and ignoring the current environment means things will continue to be asymmetrical and one sided until, well, they win.
  7. I'll put it another way- I'll worry about hosting the likes of Weiss or any other conservative pundit when fox starts routinely hosting liberal viewpoints.
  8. I'm all for Trump and Shapiro and Bari Weiss and whoever the fuck else you want appearing on Public access at like 4:30 AM with some curtains and shit. Let them do that all they want!
  9. I am 100% fine with blacklisting opposing views when those opposing views are things like 'should jews exist? Eh' and 'should Democracy exist? Eh'. Go look up the fun paradox of tolerance for a while and get back to me. I don't really care about Bari Weiss one way or another, honestly. But to be clear, I'm not advocating censorship at all. Censorship is the government blocking the ability of people to speak. I am advocating that corporations choose not to facilitate this both-sides bullshit and stop fomenting lies, and, well, insurrection. If these people want to put together their own megaphone, let them try it. But otherwise, they need to get the fuck on board with actually living in a society.
  10. Yeah, that's pretty much my take as well, with the proviso that Parler did not remotely not use all the bells and whistles AWS provides. They certainly did, because it's cheaper and easier to do so and their techies that work at Parler are not, shall we say, particularly competent given that they allowed people to gain administrative access and scrape 57 TB of data because they didn't have basic security protocols in place, and they kept all of that incredibly valuable PII data (like legit SSNs and driver licenses) in completely unsalted, unencrypted data just...hanging out there. The good news, if you can call it that, is that they are VERY well funded by the Mercer group and can throw a lot of money at people. The bad news is that they have a whole host of challenges in store.
  11. The Parler website being up is not particularly noteworthy. Migrating their entire backend and most of their frontend to a non-AWS system quickly - especially when most companies don't even want them - is going to be a LOT harder.
  12. if you can have her as a guest? I don't honestly know that much about Weiss other than she was horrible at NYT and engaged in a lot of bullshit things. Mostly, I think that unless you're engaging actual political entities you don't need these people at all. They provide no value and only provide cover for more extremist viewpoints.
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