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  1. This quote from Vox sounds not great As always, the point is that white women aren't single-issue voters, and whether or not he makes sexist remarks one way or another is probably far less important than his handling of the BLM stuff, his handling of COVID and the economy, and his handling of schools.
  2. Anything equivalent to Chapo? No? Anything equivalent to Joe Rogan? No? Huh. That's because there was a substantive difference in how Sanders supporters acted online, both in amount (Sanders supporters were 2-3 times more likely to exist online compared to other candidates) and in negative content (Sanders supporters were negative 50% more often than other supporters). Basically, if you found a negative or extremely negative person online they were 6 times more likely to be a Sanders supporter than a supporter of any other kind. Citation needed. You're literally saying that in the sentence right before this one.
  3. Per the other data, it was 45-47 before. I guess comparing exit polls to exit polls is probably more accurate though, so that's reasonable.
  4. It's a shift of 2% per your links. I think that's entirely aligned with what I said, where I said specifically "They're probably worse than they were in 2016 given the 2018 results, but I doubt very seriously anyone is on the fence about Trump"
  5. My point even if the 52% or 53% is not precisely accurate is that in general, white women were not particularly turned off by Trump in massive fashion, and betting on them to be turned off by Trump in 2020 is probably not a winning strategy, at least to a great degree. Furthermore, the idea that misogyny will somehow make them less likely to vote for Trump when he's been running on that for years and won with it doesn't seem realistic to me either. They're probably worse than they were in 2016 given the 2018 results, but I doubt very seriously anyone is on the fence about Trump; what they might be, however, is on the fence on whether Biden/Harris is worse or not.
  6. Clinton had all sorts of baggage, but in general don't underestimate how much women have internalized the misogyny in the system - particularly the misogyny around women daring to achieve anything. But remember, kids, deplatforming is REALLY WRONG and we should all care very deeply about this person's right to broadcast bullshit on youtube
  7. Yes, because clearly in 2016 white women (who voted for Trump in a majority) were turned off by naked misogyny
  8. it's an exercise left to the reader to determine whether or not said stain is a detriment or a bonus.
  9. I'm really not; it's a very common thing to exclude women when people are talking about oppression. It's an example of something in the US I see constantly - that it's significantly less negative to be sexist than to be racist. And oppressing people of color does not deal with that intersectionality. neither does it deal with oppression of LGBT, which happens all the fucking time too with cops. It isn't enough to simply have cops not oppress people of color. That's my point. That pithy statement includes a lot of systemic issues, which is why I called it out.
  10. They are quite a bit, actually, but I guess it's okay to just say fuck white women?
  11. The next thread really needs to be named PRESIDENTIAL HARRIS-MENT
  12. I think it's a significantly better movie than the Dark Knight is, but it's also a significantly more Nolan movie. He's pretty restrained in the Batman movies - he has his swelling music, his slightly twisty bits, but there's very little ruminations on memory and the mind and what a person actually is, and what reality actually is. It's hard to explain, but when you see Memento you'll see how basically all of his other movies ever came about and why.
  13. The shoe fits until it doesn't.
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