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  1. The CIA debrief at the end with JK Simmons is absolutely amazingly funny. The rest of the movie not so much, but that whole scene is incredible.
  2. I mean that during Clone Wars we know that they are both going to survive and be fine no matter what happens. There is no chance that they die, for example, or are defeated and imprisoned permanently. (Same is true for Anakin and Obi-Wan). That means that through the duration of Clone Wars whenever they do their fakeout of 'what will happen to them' it tends to largely be blunted by this unavoidable fact. But that can't be said for the resurrected Maul, or Ahsoka (at least pre-Rebels), or Ventress. IMO, this was one of the strengths of Rebels compared to Clone Wars - because we were dealing with largely unknown people whose fate wasn't really stated, it could do a lot more interesting things - and when they got too close to canonical characters is when it tended to kind of suck.
  3. Once we start talking about 3+ doses and refreshes every few months we have to really question the efficacy of that vaccine and start asking if we should be going for more targeted treatments against the latest variants (like we do with flu). The main reason we're thinking about doing boosters is that they appear to increase effectiveness and production of antibodies which directly impact how dangerous the infection is, and that appears to wane over time after about 2-3 months - at least against Omicron. The reason I think people are suggesting it is that it is the tool we have right now in relative abundance. But that can't be the way forward, and it will eventually simply result in a highly-resistance strain of the virus that cares nothing about any of those antibodies.
  4. For me, it's things like seeing really cool Jedi battles, or interesting expansion of the lore of the world that makes me appreciate things a bit more. For me some examples: Darth Vader fucking everyone up in Rebels. Ahsoka and Maul's interaction and story in the last 4 of Clone Wars. Emperor vs Maul and his brother. Some of the Inquisitor stuff in Rebels. Long winded shitty filler: All the stuff with Hondo, anywhere, forever and ever. Most of the Lothal storyline in Rebels. Most of every single ep in Clone Wars, especially anything with Dooku or Grievous (since we know they're not going to, ya know, lose). Almost every single thing about Mandalore ever. I don't know if we'd be better off if it didn't exist, but the whole bullshit about the darksaber and Bo-Katan is not something I'm super happy about extending in the Mandalorian and at least so far more info about Boba Fett being a legitimate Mandalorian wasn't something I needed, either. Things that I really like are seeing what the Imperial Remnant are up to, some of the Operation Cinder stuff they've referenced, how the New Republic is doing (or not doing), and I'm kinda okay with Ahsoka (though not really cool with Ahsoka barely able to take on a non-Jedi, magic staff or not).
  5. So here's the main point that I got: With Cortazar's protocol working, they were able to believably utilize the factory in orbit. Once they could do that, they had absolutely no need for anything from Sol. That was always their hope, mind you, but until they got that working they were always at some risk of being overrun because their tech and manufacturing capacity would not be enough to deal with Sol's ability to kill them. So before that happens, they absolutely needed Inaros as an ally to keep people out of Laconia gate. But that was always a contingency plan and one that they didn't particularly want to have. So why did they do Strange Dogs? Because they needed to have us have some viewpoint on Laconia to tell us that specific central bit of information, and just randomly switching to Cortazar and Duarte talking without any other context would be a weird infodump. So they repurposed Strange Dogs to both give us an idea of what was happening on Laconia and tease the future of Expanse AND give us that information about Inaros' allies and have us not have no idea who the hell Duarte was. I'm not sure how entirely successful it was, but I think that was the main reasoning. We had to have some idea of why Duarte and Laconia would abandon Inaros after helping him so much previously, and I think that reasoning is because they were successful talking with the factory. There's a number of them - the Churn got repurposed a bit here and there in Amos' backstory. The Butcher of Anderson Station was made into a major plotline as one of the eps. So was Drive (about the Epstein Drive). Gods of Risk was adapted for Bobbie's story in season 4. The one I really, really wanted them to do in some way was Vital Abyss, which is my favorite of the whole thing by a large margin and is really fucking cool - it's about Cortazar.
  6. I guess, though there's some pretty not great stuff in there too. But yes - occasionally there's some really cool shit. But, as an example, the previous 4 eps were some incredibly stupid bullshit that had horrible writing and characterization. Which sucked, because they introduced two characters and then brought those two shitty characters back for Bad Batch. Same is true for Rebels - there were a couple of really cool things (Obi Wan and Maul! Thrawn!) but most of it was really long-winded, shitty filler. Which...is basically Mandalorian, and so far Boba Fett. Boba Fett at least has fucking diesel wookiees and more boobs.
  7. I mean, yes? That was also a big deal with Rian Johnson, IIRC. And Rodriguez very specifically said that they used action figures in the fight with Boba Fett on Mandalorian: https://www.indiewire.com/2020/12/robert-rodriguez-boba-fett-home-movie-action-figures-1234606827/
  8. Penny Arcade is also relevant today: https://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2022/01/14
  9. The clone wars cartoon was and remains fairly bad writing. It may also be the best of the lot, and both statements can be true, but in general it is pretty lowbrow and Saturday morning cartoon. What it is good at is not challenging any status quo and occasionally doing cool things.
  10. And Bobbie saving her? Holy crap was that good film work and Foley work.
  11. They could still have made it significantly easier and cheaper for the 2/3rds who were taking it seriously. We STILL haven't authorized the rapid tests used in Europe or Asia that cost like a buck. We still haven't upped the supply of good masks. It was absolutely a failure even without omicron.
  12. It does! Ish. If the goths were able to fire their weapon again, it would destabilize the network and probably make people either not be able to communicate that way or would frag their mind like Duarte. But it wouldn't be able to end us, because we have those heavy meat bodies and brains associated with our consciousness, whereas the Romans' consciousness was likely an entirely distributed alocal consciousness around light transfer and never had a physical hard brain which stored that info. And because we had so many consciousnesses - instead of just one - we could utilize the system in the ring gate to push back far better than the Romans ever could.
  13. So this is somewhat partially explained in the last 3 books, but essentially: human minds are effectively entangled at a nonlocal level when they interact with each other in any way. Duarte sees this entanglement in PR when talking with Singh's child at the epilogue, and we see other bits of it later here and there. This entanglement is partially what Duarte uses to return his consciousness to his body. When he uses the ring space station to stop and reverse the Goth attack, he does so by directly utilizing this entanglement on every mind in the ring space at that moment - using their mental power to 'lift' more and utilize the tool that the hive minds originally did. This has the immediate effect of tying all of those consciousnesses together in the same way that the Romans normally existed, with Duarte's mind being the primary given its power at the space station. That entanglement with Duarte and the station and each other starts spreading to anyone who has been entangled with those people, with the faster spread due to deeper or longer connections with that person. Because it is a nonlocal connection it started hitting everyone everywhere, spreading not on distance or proximity lines but on connections to other people. This is also why the Goth weapon worked against the hive mind - because the hive mind was interconnected everywhere, so affecting one person and obliterating that consciousness spread instantaneously across the mind network.
  14. I don't really think it's the writing. The writing on Mando was not particularly good either. There are at least a couple more amusing bits in Mando compared, but I think most of it is that baby yoda was new and interesting and mysterious and a Jedi - and Boba Fett is none of those things. It doesn't help being stuck on Tattooine, mind you, but the writing ain't all that great anywhere, nor was the acting. It's still Clone Wars/Rebels levels of writing and acting, with some fun stunt casting.
  15. That was at least more fun, if just as stupid. Danny Trejo! Stephen root! Rancors being treated like really goofy mixes of pit bulls and ducks! The world's slowest speeder bike chase! Krssantan or how you spell it had more emotional heft than anyone else on the show, and I want more of him kicking ass.
  16. The best part about Shang Chi was the thread from a SF bus driver about the bus scene.
  17. I am a Duck fan and I thought Herbert would be okay, and definitely was not warranted with a 1st round pick. Holy crap was I wrong! He was good but not great in college, though in retrospect a lot of that appears to be the coordinator and the playstyle, which favors run-option a lot.
  18. One is bad, and one is good! And if something that is going on is bad, that would be the evil corporatism. If it's good, then that's capitalism!
  19. Ironically Intel is sucking compared to AMD these days (largely around the shift to graphics cards and mobile chips smacking Intel around) but let's keep beating that horse
  20. I'm pretty sure the people watching al gore willingly were not the people who were turned off by anti republican anything.
  21. After unlocking everything I spent my blood on making the chiron aspect best, then Arthur, then chaos shield. Also blew a bunch of blood on the special spear aspect so it didn't suck so bad.
  22. In general you should unlock the nonspecial aspects of everything first, then try and get the special aspects.
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