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  1. They already believe that the Indian variant is more severe. They've done animal testing that indicates that, the specific mutations are similar to another variant that was more severe, and the evidence in India where more younger people are having more severe symptoms faster is pretty clear. In particular it appears to cause more lesions in lung and intestinal cells.
  2. Its the majority voice or at least one that holds major weight, it is the best at courting the power of the orthodox strict jews which has a lot of power by itself and is very good at voting as a bloc, and Israel along with the rest of the world has been going more right wing and more isolationist for the last 20 years.
  3. Running naked through supermarkets was the first and second quest GRRM sent to get people knighted
  4. Well, kinda. Linebackers are FAR more prevalent in college than they are in pros since pro base is nickel now. That means good CBs are in a higher demand and good LBs are in a less demand as a rule. Same goes for RBs; there are a LOT more RBs compared to the need at the NFL level. Counterpoint: if a team drafted QBs that were awesome and used those to get other players of equal value, they'd be drafting super awesome. This would be the @Whiskeyjack version of real drafting, where you get the best high value players and then worry about specific positions a bit later to a larger extent.
  5. That's really not the point. It's that you don't kill even if your life is in danger or others are in danger of losing their life and there is always another way. It has almost nothing to do with actual power had or owned.
  6. 12 year old signed up for Pfizer on Friday!
  7. He can fly around the globe in about 3 minutes. Was he too busy stopping another bank robbery?
  8. I'm pretty hyped for ME given I've never played it beyond the starting mission of ME1.
  9. Utopian can "hear" a rogue comet coming for Earth as far away as outside Mars. He can fly to Iowa from New York in about a minute. The general public heard rumors of the concentration camps in 1943. The idea that super-powered beings couldn't find this out is ridiculous.
  10. Really, yall are talking about a much more interesting show that doesn't exist. Most of the Code on the show was not about interfering in human politics or wars - it was about the very basic "never kill no matter what". Whole major arcs were devoted to that and that alone. And that was really stupid and sophomoric. If the show had done more about the choice being interfering in society and well meaning fascism vs strict nonintervention? Okay, cool, that might have been interesting. But they didn't. The framing from everyone about the Code was whether or not it was okay to kill.
  11. Except most of what they do is fight bank robbers, which I'm pretty sure humanity can handle okay.
  12. The show didn't bother asking any real questions. Compare this to watchmen - where in JL the world hasn't changed at all, everything is exactly the same, it just has superheroes in it. The part of the Code that is stupid - no killing no matter what - is not followed by anyone, including France. The idea that you can't kill combatants is ridiculous on its face and the show shows quite clearly how stupid that is. It works if you're as powerful as utopian and can't be killed, but even then it just works out for him. The interesting part of the Code - the choosing to not interfere in politics or leading - is more interesting. And the show does nothing with it at all. It instead focuses on the very shallow never kill no matter what and gives trolley problems af nauseum. There is not a moral framework on the planet that tells people killing in the act of self defense or defense of others who are about to be killed is wrong. Pretty sure zemo killed a whole lot of people. He isn't providing accountability. He's providing a leash. This kind of accountability is not free will either - it is forcing everyone to do things only one way no matter what. Their conversation about how they could have stopped ww2 years early is a good counterpoint to this illusion of accountability - when they had chances to do the absolute right thing, they chose to do nothing at all. The only time they do anything appears to be when they are fighting shitty crime (which is also in support of something and is a choice) or fighting supervillains over and over again.
  13. I really don't think given the special effects in the show that the budget of costuming is the massive drag you're implying. They spent tons of money on the period bullshit. They couldn't have adapted costumes to not look stupid? Please. It was a choice.
  14. I didn't read the comics, but the effect is really stupid looking on the screen and the costumes look just cheap cosplay style. I guess its good that they were loyal? But it really didn't work for me at all. And marvel did a fine job making the costumes look decent without them being ridiculous. He'll, daredevil the TV show largely did a good job too. Even the Boys did a good job and half of that show is about making them look somewhat ridiculous!
  15. Again, the show is both boring and fairly stupid. The storyline of how they got their powers is a massive drag that takes forever to get anywhere interesting, the conflict with the Code is obviously stupid for the reasons mentioned, the show is weirdly cheap looking and reminiscent of 80s and 90s superhero TV shows, the action is mostly bright colors but not actually great. One sequence with a younger hero dying while mentioning heartfully how she didn't break the code is very bad. And the big twist at the end completely makes no sense in terms of reactions of characters prior to it. The best part by far is Hutch and his interactions. But he is in it for very little and interacts with the rest of the cast almost not at all.
  16. Jupiter's Legacy is both fairly stupid and fairly boring and does nothing better than the boys, invincible, doom patrol or umbrella academy, or any number of other dark superhero things. It is also very slow. I dont know if season 2 will be better but season 1 is not good. That the costumes look incredibly stupid and cheap.doesnt help things.
  17. Well, there is a callback to this in Avengers - something about Thanos 'courting death'.
  18. Pretty sure part of it came from them drafting other QBs and random schmoes and not going after good talent in free agency to help Rodgers. And then whatever happened in the playoffs? I don't honestly know or remember, but twitter said that it was a pretty shitty coaching job.
  19. Pretty sure it's not; it doesn't mean that you're inherently going to be biased, and taking people who have NO opinions on events like this is itself a massive form of bias (as the judge pointed out).
  20. Ooh, are you on a first name basis with Elon? Elon also is a fan of bitcoin which is causing more actual emissions than most small nations. His idea of this being true in 10 years is, shall we say, VERY optimistic. They've slowed down quite a bit though, and they're willing to risk things. By all means, if you have a terrifyingly efficient police state which can monitor all dissent AND can shut down any talk of things like nuclear reaction failure, I'd highly recommend nuclear plants. You may need a great deal of storage. But you don't necessarily require a great deal of baseline generation. Again, the problem is not the current risks but the ones in 10-15 years. And again, it doesn't really matter because 10-15 years is way too slow. Chernobyl didn't kill a crazy amount, you're right. That said, that 'dam failure' was the failure of 62 dams, and probably did not kill more than Chernobyl ended up doing. It's still worth considering, but I don't think anyone is talking about a dam network of 62 dams built by one of the least competent countries on earth (at the time). If that is your concern, you should be REALLY concerned about nuclear power too.
  21. I've not surveyed all nuke plants that currently exist, but my suspicion is that any plants that exist right now are almost certainly not prepared for any major weather events. Some are probably not earthquake proof, but most are likely vulnerable to flooding events, wind damage, and may be vulnerable to extreme temperature events - not just heat, either. As we saw in Texas earlier this year lots of places are probably unprepared for high degrees of coldness, too. And we've really not thought about designing anything - but especially nuke plants - for this kind of thing. What works for Houston won't work for Iowa, and what works for Iowa won't work for Florida, and neither will work for Canada. Depends a lot on the age, but I suspect a lot of plants - especially ones in France and other places where they proliferated - are simply not ready at all for the kind of heavy cascading failures that extreme weather can cause. Fukushima should have been brilliantly designed, but it failed because of stupid things - flooding AND battery backups being damaged by that flooding. And this was in a country which is one of the most well-prepared and forward thinking towards disasters in the world. Probably not a ton, but it's worth mentioning. As external and internal pressures rise, we're going to see bigger, more dangerous events on the terrorism front, and domestic terrorism will be the primary cause. Add to this that right-wing terrorists tend to see climate issues as nonissues or things to mock, and you can easily see some proud boy asshats proudly exclaiming that they wanted to melt down a place 'to own the libs'.
  22. Eh. I think you're underestimating how big the planet is and how much space we have. There's also a lot of waste in terms of that energy usage that we can avoid. But really, no - there are huge swaths of the US where thousands of square miles of solar and wind farms will not be even noticed by anyone. And that's not talking about even sparser places like Canada or Russia or other places. As the grid fails for varieties of reason having self-sufficient houses and the like are going to necessitate these sorts of technological changes anyway. There are other non-battery storage systems that work well too. Tons per what? Gigawatt? Anyway, this is going down more and more every day and it largely doesn't matter because nuclear power for a variety of reasons ain't gonna work. Having a whole lot of smaller reactors that are even more prone to domestic terrorism and natural disasters is not, IMO, a good way to sell it.
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