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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    This episode was..well I guess it wasn't terrible, what with the Brienne+Jaime, Theon+Luwin, Arya+Jaqen and Kings Landing scenes in general (except Roz+Varis). But seriously, they made a lot of pointless changes. While the Drogo Scene was pretty touching it is irritating to have all these other visions (that we all were really looking forward to) replaced with mostly meaningless fluff. I didn't care about the wedding, mostly because I have already given up on Robbs storyline. Jon fighting Qhorin was way to contrived. If they hadn't completely changed the entire storycontext just to give Ygritte developement she would have had in the third book anyway, this wouldn't have seemed so silly to me. But the worst part for me was how they just left out Ramseys/the Boltons betrayal. I mean, that was a really important moment. It informed us of the Boltons inherent treachery and gave us an idea of Ramsays cruelty. I realize that you can't get everything into a 50 Minutes episode, but seriously if they had just cut out Roz and fill in Ramseys betrayal I would have been much happier with this episode. By the way, where is the Others hatred for everything living? Apparently Sam isn't worth their attention..