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  1. cdawnb

    Into the Badlands, Thoughts?

    I'm enjoying it. It's entertaining. I think it has the potential to become good if they smooth some things out.
  2. cdawnb


    Controllig hair isn't as hard as it sounds. One good ten minute brush outside once a day will go a long way to helping with the shedding inside. Do it right before or after his walk. It will quickly become a habit on your part and won't seem like a chore. And I'm also going to emphasize how important early socializing, training and daily exercise is with a corgi. Don't stop at puppy classes, commit to basic and preferably, advanced training classes also. Maybe consider something like agility or flyball. Corgi's love to have a job. They will find one if you don't give them one. Lovely family pets when you put the work in. Good luck!
  3. cdawnb


    Oh, I'm so trying not to get my hopes up.
  4. cdawnb


    I just started watching. Loving it so far. It's funny watching it so long after it originally aired, I recognize so many of the actors from other shows.