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  1. Pure private ownership of resources* in space is a pipe dream. Or, rather, the supposition that some private companies will be able to "corner the market" there, as it were. The only way that'll happen is that some dystopian version of the future occurs where a handful of people control/own more than half of absolutely everything (including people themselves), and in that scenario they are writing their own laws anyway. Whatever resources exist out there only has economic value down here. The people are here, the markets are here, everything is here. Add to that the huge and ubiquitous risks involved in ventures like these, and you know that the money invested in it will be of the Fsck You-variant (as in "Fsck You I'm Elon Musk and I spend on what ever I want!"), not money that is expected to provide a return. I would sooner expect the Moon to be declared US territory. State-subsidized private ownership in space is a possibility, but then that would be an offshoot of general state-empire building, not of Weyland-Yutani sending out Space-Hat Columbus to plant their logo everywhere. And "state-subisidized" means the resources being exploited really were here all along, not out there. * Resources can of course mean many things, and some things are easier for private money to exploit than others. Mostly those that are in the immediate adjacent space of Earth already.
  2. KAH

    Spoil me in style

    More or less been away from here since the show started. Read all the books; watched the first episode, did not care for it, jumped off, dodged spoilers (more or less successfully) since then awaiting the book. Now, seeing as it is gonna be straight on impossible to remain unspoiled on the matter (because it's EVERYWHERE) without becoming some sort of cave-living hermit, I have decided I might as well spoil myself in style...and where better than here? There are two categories I figure the show spoilers fall into: 1) In the parallell-to-books story; deviations from the book series 2) Spoilers from where the show has left the books behind (most of the content of this thread would necessarily fall here, I imagine) These will be dry and dusty facts, but I'd like to have it juiced up a bit. So. Here's your chance to let me know just how YOU feel about the show, on every nook and cranny, every emotional high or low, everything. If there was something you hated, describe the scenes with dripping contempt. If there was something you thought was fantastic, describe it so that I will literally feel the goosebumps through the screen. If there was something dead in between, give it your best stoner "That happened" impression. Now....SPOIL ME!
  3. Oh. Is the cushion made out of daggers or morningstars at least? I dunno, swords just spoke to me, comfortwise...
  4. KAH

    Happy Metric Day!

    You non-metrics keep your dirty feet away from this thread! Imagine leagues of imperial barbarians come to pound our walls down any day now...tear em down stone for stone, giving us no quarter. Give em an inch, and you will see the unfathomably painful picture of our wrists in chains. We need to go the extra mile and ensure our children a happy future in our yards. Call me prejudiced if you will, but you know as well as I that there is more than a grain of truth in this...and a ton of sense!
  5. If you make em out of swords, comfort can be safely avoided.
  6. KAH


    How could we forget? :)
  7. Spoony

    Insane in the Mainframe is the best episode of futurama - IMO.

  8. KAH

    Official Testing Thread

    How to deal with Goodkind!
  9. KAH

    Official Testing Thread

    Testing testing...a-ouan, ah-too, ah-tree, afoor