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    Why wasn't fAegon raised in Dorne incognito?

    That's a good idea in principle, but it depends on who they are selling him to- yes, a guy who lived like a peasant is more likely to appeal in a democratic setting, but they need to sell him to any potential allies- powerful lords who might not necessarily be into the whole peasant prince as much as Varys is. After all, Egg wasn't liked by the lords after he made reforms to allow more freedom to smallfolk as lords saw it as an infringement to their rights. Varys and Illyrio need allies in Westeros to back this guy, and even Martells are unsure now- how can they even tell if he's the real deal? I suppose that he wouldn't want to relinquish the control to Martells, that's a good reason. But the whole set up was fairly risky to me, an important heir raised in wilderness with very few attendants- anything could've happened to him between Roberts Rebellion and the events in the last few books. I don't know if he's a Blackfyre, he might well be, but the fact that there are no people who could corroborate Varys' story is telling- the only people in the loop are him, Illyrio and Griff. Babies don't look much like anyone at the age he was supposedly spirited away, so he could be anyone.
  2. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why wasn't fAegon raised in Dorne incognito?

    It's been a while since I've read fAegon theories, so I hope this wasn't a point that's been discussed to the moon and back. There is a point that kind of sticks out with me when it comes to Aegon that Varys peddles- if he really is the child Elia and Rhaegar had, why wasn't he transported to Dorne and raised there, under the watchful eyes of his mothers family, rather than shipped off to some godforsaken part of Essos on a crappy little barge with very little security, and I don't mean security against any assassins- I mean basic security like not coming across pirates or sailing around Stone Men? Yes, it would be dangerous for Dorne to be harbouring a Targ heir, but he didn't have to be presented as such, we've seen how Ned successfully pulled the wool over everyone's eyes for years, taking Jon and passing him off as his bastard. And that was honourable Ned freaking Stark, a guy who was hardly known for being a ladies man the way his best mate was. Who do we know that had a beloved sister that was dead before her time and at the same time known for being sexually promiscuous and known for having bastards? Oberyn! I'm sure that if it came to sheltering his sisters son by presenting him as his own bastard and then raising him in relative comfort and level of education offered to his "half-sisters" and cousins, he would've jumped at the chance, or left him with Doran the way Robert left Edric Storm with Renly. That way the perfect little Targ heir is raised by his uncle as his dad, and Martells have someone to rally behind when they get a chance. Aegon wouldn't even have to suffer the same problems Jon had, Dorne is far more accepting of bastards, and Sand Snakes are fairly well treated (too well, given their insolence tbh). Now, there is a problem with his potentials Valyrian looks, but purple eyes are not unheard of in Dorne- Daynes are known to have those, and in any case, Dorne is sufficiently close to Essos to explain any Valyrian features in Oberyns offspring- and he is known as a man who likes his variety in women, so he could just say he got him with some Lyseni gal he met at a tavern. He is different from Ned in that he's rash and known to be dangerously cocky and impulsive, but I'm pretty sure he'd understand how much danger his nephew is in if he shoots his mouth off- and there is Doran, the more cautious guy who would give him support. The only few reasons they wouldn't leave him at Dorne is a)security and potential danger to Martells that Doran wouldn't want to chance b ) Varys wouldn't want to give up an important chess piece to other players, and c) the kid has nothing to do with Elia and he wouldn't want to risk Martells finding that out. The first two can be worked around- Varys and Illyrio were ready to commit Vicerys to Martells and Doran was happy to play the convoluted game of trying to bring him and Adrianne together (in which case they should've sent volatile Vicerys somewhere safer than Dothraki plains, where he could meet Arianne in secret, which any Free city qualifies for), and Vicerys is no less important in terms of Targaryen succession than Aegon - in any case, Martells would be more likely to fight for their blood than the unstable son of an unstable father. And the last bit could also be worked around, because Martells wouldn't suspect anything even if the child looked nothing like them or their sister - people don't normally look beyond obvious marks such as eye/hair colour and any prominent mannerisms and features- they could look at any generic Valyrian looking kid and see their sisters only son because it's what they'd want to see. I hope this not completely off the topic, as this is about doubts to fAegon identity. It's been a while since I've discussed fAegon theories so I apologise if my idea isn't new.
  3. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Theon Theory

    It would really help if they chanted the Drowned God prayer when doing that "What is dead" *Whack* "May never die again" * Whack* "But instead rises again, harder and stronger" *Final kick to the groin* "And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you cockless kids!"
  4. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    Re Trial and Lysa Arryn murder charge/possible conspiracy, I think that the trial itself was as you say, a legitimate process (so that no one could accuse Stark girls from being underhand) and at the same time a show of power to any possible detractors (Umbers and Karstarks if they didn't learn the lesson already), and I think this is why he wasn't offered either a trial by combat or offered to take the black (though for someone like LF this is a death sentence in any case). I think starting with Lysa's death was almost a psychological trick- get LF started with admitting something he knows he can weasel out of, by claiming that he did it out of concern for Sansa, rather than getting rid of an inconvenient witness, then hit him with something that he would struggle to deny/ be completely unprepared to defend himself against, as prior to that he was absolutely sure that no one left alive knows about his schemes. When he went for the "you can't prove that, you weren't there" line of defence, he pretty much signed his death warrant - in a society like ours you need to be guilty beyond reasonable doubt to be convicted, and a testimony from a kid who looks high most of the time, tied with circumstantial evidence wouldn't cut the mustard, but this is Westeros- they didn't need any material proof once he established his own guilt, and his reaction to Bran's revelation was all they needed to see. I also think that this is the reason the trial started so ambiguously, with everything made to look as though Arya was the one on trial, they've lulled him into a false sense of security and accomplishment, hence his customary smirking at the start, his guard is down at the start and the sudden reversal hits him like a brick. By Littlefingered, I meant that Sansa has clearly outwitted Littlefinger, the man who very successfully managed to outwit most powerful families in Westeros ( five great houses out of seven!), not that she dealt with him in a sleazy manner. Someone like Ned or Robb would probably offer taking the black or trial by combat if asked for mercy, but I think Sansa and Arya learned from their mistake and realised how dangerous LF was if he was given an opportunity to escape, which is much more shrewd, more in line with Tywins thinking, but at the same time they couldn't quite stoop to his level and jusr murder him or torture him into a confession, so the trial was more of a compromise between values Ned instilled in them and Tywins Machiavellian tactics. idk about Tywin being considered harsh but fair though, he is mostly despised in universe by rival houses- both Jaime and Tywin were considered traitors even by their own allies, what saved Jaime and the likes of Clegane and Lorch from being executed or sent to The Wall was the fact that Tywins help was invaluable in taking the capital, and that Robert needed someone to do the dirty work and not spoil his image. Plus, you obviously don't piss off a rich and powerful ally by sending his heir and banner men to the wall, when the war has just ended. He was still considered a monster though, Ned wasn't impressed by the Lannisters even before the events in GoT, and as far as I remember a lot of people, like Barristan spoke about him in less than flattering manner. Even at his funeral, Jaime notes how he had few smallfolk come to the procession, as a lot of them still remember the sack. With the Red Wedding, most of the blame went to Freys, but most people did realise and talk about how they couldn't have acted without Lannister help, they just couldn't voice it (Northmen and Riverlords being being held hostage, Tyrells being in a formal alliance, Vale being forced to remain neutral).
  5. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    By stooping to his level you mean the fact that she accused him of covering up for him initially and not admitting it at the trial? I think most of the attendants were aware that she lied and was complicit in the initial cover up- but then the conversation could've happened offscreen, BY going "why did you lie tho?" and Sansa going "I had no choice, mea culpa". I'm sure most of them understood her complicity and made peace with it, making allowances for age and mental state. It would've been more satisfying if she said "yes, I covered up for you but I was scared and traumatised", but it wouldn't change the outcome, he's guilty of murder and he made no attempt to deny it. I agree that the whole Littlefinger/Sansa interplay was executed pretty badly- it reduced a previously cunning and cynical LF into a smitten idiot too busy fawning over Sansa to notice his growing lack of influence -by removing his allies such as Corbray, Nestor Royce and a protective figure Lothor Brune from the show they left him exposed- book!LF would never leave himself as powerless as he did in the show. Seriously, Arya could've slashed his throats in a dark corner/slipped him a poison and no one would bat an eyelid, but they needed to prolong the fake tension, so all previous characterisation went out of the window. Suddenly, LF was hatching really obvious plans, Arya and Sansa were at each other's throat despite longing to reunite with family for years after they last saw each other, Sansa making moves against Jon despite running for his help in the first place, they really are butchering characters right left and centre. To me it feels that they are really pushing the Dark Sansa really heavily- the way she copies Cersei's style and the way she seems to admire her, the way she questions Jon/Ned\Robb and their decisions, the way she becomes vary of Arya because she's not the same skinny little thing she remembers. I think it's used to generate a lot of fake tension- so that we wonder if she's becoming Cersei 2.0, even if it doesn't always make sense and relies on everyone around her becoming stupid (the way Cerseis plot armours hinges on everyone else around her dropping IQ points). It is bad storytelling, but after Dorne, nothing surprises me anymore. As an aside, though, I can't help but notice a parallel between Stark sisters and Tywin Lannister, of all people. Both girls and Tywin saw significant harm come to their respective houses due to the bad decisions made by their fathers- Tytos Lannister was far too kind to his enemies, and the same applies to Ned and Robb- they suffered for their honourable nature, and their children became much more ruthless and cynical than their parents to make up for what they suffered due to their elders decisions. As far as I know the show doesn't explore Tywin's daddy issues much, but even book wise, the parralel worls- Sansa is becoming more of a politically savvy player and Arya is on full on revenge mode. Show wise, Arya stopped just short of Castamering Freys, and Sansa Littlefingered Littlefinger- that's not how Ned would've gone about things, but then that's why he died.
  6. Princess_of_Sunspear

    sansa, arya, and dany

    She didn't play a part in his death. He died because he was a dipshit who threatened both the wife and the future heir of the leader of bloodthirsty savages. He was too dumb to live and she had nothing to do with him being stupid. With regards to her claim to the throne, as far as everyone knows she's the last Targaryen. There is no point in trying to predict that she will not step down or that she will based on opinion, rather than evidence. I doubt it will come to a serious contest between Jon and Dany- the most obvious solution would be for them to marry, and a more pressing issue is defeating the white walkers. The only person obsessed with the throne right now is Cersei- everyone else is preparing to survive the long winter.
  7. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    She's an accomplice because he's groomed her to be an accomplice. She's what, a twelve year old? A teenager who was taught to trust no one but Littlefinger since he spirited her away from KL. He is doing what a lot of abusers do to their victims- isolating her from any outside influence and telling her that the only person she can trust is him, and making her complicit in his dealings. Let's assume that she does tell the Lords of The Vale that LF was the one to Moon Door Lysa- they'd quickly execute him and then she's left on her own as a bastard of an social climber murderer, or recognised as a Stark, and either married off to someone against her will for her claim or sold to Cersei. Yohn Royce is honourable (i.e unlikely to sell her out/pimp her out to get Winterfell) but she doesn't know that- considering her own aunt tried to kill her and the person she considered a friend sold her out (Dontos), she can hardly put her trust in the Vale Lords she's scared shitless of. She lies for LF because her experience shows that he's the only persoN in her corner, however uneasy he makes her feel. With regards to Sweetrobin and sweetsleep, I doubt she gives it to him in order to kill him- she uses it to calm him down from his fits (and it's done on her orders once, the rest of the time it's ordered by LF) and from what I remember in her POV she is playing with his hair and thinks that his wife will at least find his hair pretty- hardly the thoughts you think of someone you're poisoning. Not to mention that his death wouldn't benefit either Sansa or LF in the near future as LFs grip on the Eyrie depends solely on his custody of Sweetrobin, until such time as he gets Sansa and Harold Hardyng together.
  8. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    I agree with you in part, they did have to converge a lot of plot lines (hence Sansa not fake Arya on the show), but I still think that Northern Rebellion against Boltons was always on cards, even if it's only a book thing- given how hated the Boltons are, at some point there would've been attempts to get rid of them by claiming that they're usurpers put on the seat by a bastard king. Marrying the last surviving Stark and getting her children is a sure fire way to consolidate your claim. And in the books it was a Lannister/Bolton show, but, again, I always considered it to be a Lannister attempt to put up a show for Northern lords to reconcile them to the new management- put Ned Starks daughter on show, get everyone to bow to Boltons as they now have her hostage. Even though show is not bothered with logistics as a rule, Lannisters were in deep shit at the end of S6/ start of S7 ad Jaime has mentioned how they have no allies or food. Even after the plunder of Highgarden, they have a bigger threat of Daenerys and her Unsullied/Dothraki/Dragons, so it's unlikely that they'd bother sacking Ramsay if he defies them(marrying someone they want dead), at least not until after they defeat Dany, and tbh, no one expected Cersei to last so long on IT, and Tyrells/Tommen couldn't care less about the North. LF gets Winterfell out of the deal- he installs his chess piece Sansa as the Lady of Winterfell early on in the show, but it was always his goal in books. He counted on Sansa becoming LoW and Stannis defeating Ramsay- in which case he could conveniently turn up and say "btw, Sansa is my ward, she was kidnapped by the Boltons" and pretend to serve Stannis (before stabbing him in the back LF style). The only thing that bothers me is that he risked his most valuable piece by turning her over to a known psychopath, but I guess he expected Ramsay to die sooner than later.
  9. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Why didn't Littlefinger bring up Sansa's complicity?

    The reason I think both LF and the Boltons betrayed the Lannisters, is because with Tywin dead and batshit crazy Cersei being in power, House Lannister was weakened and marrying Sansa to Ramsay and getting her knocked up with an heir to both Boltons and Starks would've solidified their claim to Winterfell and ensured that Northern lords wouldn't rebel - a concern more immediate than wrath of Lannisters who are miles away and have other problems. Like Sansa states to LF "he needed my face, the face of Ned Starks daughter". LF was banking on Stannis and Ramsay destroying each other, or at least one of them dying and another being weakened enough so that he could swoop in at a rift moment and use the Vale lords to rescue Sansa. It's really stupid that he gave Sansa to a psychopath for an indeterminate amount of time (what if she killed herself/went mad/was mutilated like Theon), but perhaps he expected Roose to keep Ramsay at check - in the books Roose explicitly tells him to not provoke Northern lords by torturing FauxArya.
  10. Princess_of_Sunspear

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    Ragger My God He's Heavy Targaryen, First of His Name, Unburnt and Defrosted.
  11. Princess_of_Sunspear

    About Edmure

    Haha. Or a finger up their bums.
  12. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Fleeing to the Vale

    The Great Westerosi Refugee crisis you mean? I can just imagine some richness Essosi merchant going "We can't let them all in, there are some bad hombres in that crowd". And he would even be wrong
  13. Princess_of_Sunspear

    That was Rhaegar?

    GRRM the dragon needs three illustrations.
  14. Princess_of_Sunspear

    [SPOILERS] What did you love about this episode?

    Jaime leaving KL and snow/rain falling down on him as he looks back. His acting was top notch there. Just wish that the soundtrack was set to Rains of Castamere in instrumental- that would be ironic in a bitter way, Lannister win (for now), but he's lost everything that really mattered to him, it ties in really well with book Jaime, and the music would've made it more poignant.
  15. Princess_of_Sunspear

    Cersei's Strobing and Deathly-Hallowed Ensemble

    They don't need to smear her face in blood, they can stick to giving her hypocritical speeches about how great she is and how mean everyone was to her - apparently Dany is a foreign usurper whore because Dragon-stone is apparently not a part of 7K anymore, and a person who had sex with all of two people, one of which was her husband is more of a whore than lady who was having sex with her brother and cousin and started a war because she gave the last king horns. And Tyrion was mean to her and Jaime is stupid, and everyone hates her because she's cool. I mean one more scene where she cries and stomps her feet at someone is all you need to make her even more cartoonish. I really think that her motivation is just power for the sake of it- she doesn't give a shit about her children or Jaime or the Night King, all she cares about is being able to order people around and punishing everyone who was ever mean to her or has an opportunity to be mean to her at some point in the future. I don't think that's too far from the book characterisation, she keeps saying how everything she does she does for Tommen, but most of her internal monologues just whinge on about how she hates x,y and z and how they just want to take her power away. The only reason she seems to care about Tommen is because he's her pawn and she abuses him emotionally when he defies her. But I disagree that people like that don't exist in real world - your own examples like Kim Jong and Osama work pretty well, there are people who use those around them as props for their power, regardless of the cost.