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    sansa, arya, and dany

    She didn't play a part in his death. He died because he was a dipshit who threatened both the wife and the future heir of the leader of bloodthirsty savages. He was too dumb to live and she had nothing to do with him being stupid. With regards to her claim to the throne, as far as everyone knows she's the last Targaryen. There is no point in trying to predict that she will not step down or that she will based on opinion, rather than evidence. I doubt it will come to a serious contest between Jon and Dany- the most obvious solution would be for them to marry, and a more pressing issue is defeating the white walkers. The only person obsessed with the throne right now is Cersei- everyone else is preparing to survive the long winter.
  2. Princess_of_Sunspear

    [Spoilers] EP703 Discussion

    To be fair to Maggie, she was an immigrant to Westeros, and chances are that it was easy for her to slip back into high Valyrian, since the Common Tongue was foreign to her. Or she was intentionally making fun of/misleading Cersei, and who could blame her for that, knowing Cersei and her manner towards everyone. Prophesies in general are mostly misleading, you don't know the context until the events took place, otherwise it would be painfully simple, and "you will be killed by someone's little brother or sister, literally anyone's little brother or sister" doesn't have the same ring to it as "valonqar would wrap his hands around your throats blah blah blah".