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  1. Anyone want Javonte Williams? He would be a 2nd round keeper next year.
  2. I think it is more a with and without steroids thing than an AL and NL record. They just don't want to keep saying that it is the non-steroid record.
  3. I'm a Jets fan, so I was just excited someone was using them as a yardstick for improvement
  4. Are we at the point where the Jets are a good indication of your team improving an area of their game? Despite putting money into it, the Jets pass rush still isn't very good.
  5. Well, there is a lot more to do before I can claim a spot back. One of the teams I was most excited about is 0-3. So it is not looking good.
  6. Come on Jaime. I gave up my spot for you. I expect you to rise in the rankings
  7. I was going to post this yesterday too. It is great.
  8. Henry - 2 years Waller - 3 years Pacheco - 4 years Robinson Jr - 4 years Tyrion - 4 years Hardman - 3 years
  9. It could be worse. Your RBs are really good. Yoiur QBs suck. Trade Andrews or Kelce for a QB and you should be fine.
  10. Ok, contracts by Sunday game time. If you want to start someone from Buffalo and Washington tell me who and who to move out of your lineup. I am starting Gabe Davis. Not sure who is in my WR starting spots. And depending on if Dobbins is healthy may start Henderson
  11. @Firebrand Jace draft is starting
  12. Cool, that is what I did in Yahoo, so you are all set.
  13. The nomination time for players is set at 30 seconds and the bid time is 20 seconds. Is that normal for our leagues? It seems to be the default for Yahoo
  14. Once we are done with this draft and get contracts I plan to put the new rosters on page 1 of a new thread.
  15. OK. All done. If you want to check your team you can look at the draft results and I have posted the final rosters before the draft on pages 44 and 45 of this thread.
  16. Crap, just erased all the keepers. Have to do it again. Give me a little bit before anyone checks.
  17. OK rosters are set. @briantw I took out Edwards, so you are good. @boiled leather let me know if you have any changes. Draft tomorrow at 9:30 pm. Week 1 will count and players will be on waivers for 1 day after the draft.
  18. I have you at $27 spent (Jeudy is not on your team, he was dropped last year).
  19. I had a math error in your calculation. You had 8 as your prior penalty. I had 7. So with your 2 new cuts, you have 10 in penalty. That gives you 115 spent and $85 left for 15 spots remaining.
  20. What about Brian Edwards? You had him cut originally.
  21. @boiled leather are you good with the numbers I have listed? I will set up your team last, but doing it now. On your penalties, you were missing Darwin Thompson, Jaylen Samuels and Justice Hill from last year. They all had years left from last year's penalty. And Denzel Mims you signed for 3 years last year but dropped during the year. So he is a penalty too. Oh, and you signed Marvin Jones for 2 years at $6 last year. So is he a drop? He was not on your list of keepers or drops for this year.
  22. I will update everything tonight and then if there is something wrong I will actually be able to change it tomorrow. My work meeting was changed to a virtual meeting, so I don't need to go into the office so won't be behind a firewall all day.
  23. I agree and am the same way. This situation always counted. I think I lost TO or Ochocinco (or bothe) that way once and had to pay a penalty.
  24. OK I have cuts from grozeng, @briantw, @BLU-RAY, @Tywin et al. (as of right now Brown is a cut unless the league is OK letting it be a free drop), @Bronn Stone, @Jaxom 1974; @Firebrand Jace; @RaceBannon42 @mcbigski And @boiled leather gave his cuts but during the Keeper draft last night said he wanted to look at it one more time. So I won't be back online until 9pm or 10pm eastern, so you have until tonight to make any edits (and decide if Brown will be free to drop). I will get the league set up tonight and draft is 9:30pm Eastern tomorrow.
  25. Yeah, once everyone posts their keepers I will get it in there tonight. I have not checked to make sure everyone responded yet.
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