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    How would you rate episode 310?

    And before I forget, Jack Gleeson is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors. He seemed like a giddy schoolgirl in that one scene. Man, he is awesome.
  2. Maizel

    How would you rate episode 310?

    And the Tyrion whitewashing continues. Though, I do not have too many problems with it anymore. The show clearly stands on it's own. Compared to any other television, every episode of AGOT should be a 10/10 in my opinion. However, we are all lovers of the book, so the show suffers in our eyes. I'll give this episode a 8/10. Great TV, but the departures from the books may become a bigger and bigger pill to swallow for some.
  3. I get why Roose ran away. After Catelyn shouts 'Robb' the gig is up, and Roose, is standing right next to one of the primary targets, with alot of Frey cronies about to rain down bolts. I would have gotten clear as well until the dirty work was mostly done. As for Lady Stoneheart, I think she will be in, otherwise the Beric revival would have been a loose end. I am doubting whether Fairley will play as Ladt Stoneheart though, or whether they;ll go with some cheaper choice. I'm sure Uncat gives them a alittle leeway in make-up, veils whatever.
  4. This episode fracking rocked. It made me forgive all unJayne Westerling from Ashaii, and all the faults they (imo) have made with Arya, the hound, and the whole bran Company, For me this is the best episode of Agot so far. As every book reader, I knew what was going to happen. The marriage feast was also well done. I felt jolly, even though I knew some beloved characters would soon snuff it. I can't even imagine how blindsided non-readers were. Jorah even got some action. It doesn't get much better than this. Onto season 9, I say. Agot forever.
  5. Maizel

    How would you rate episode 308?

    I think I likedthis episode the least so far, Compared to the other episodes, I'd give this a 7. Though it;s still better TV than most anything out there. I just felt like nothing much happened. The whole Mellisandre/Gendry thing annoys the crap out of me. I really liked the wedding scene though, and Daario seems to be decently cast.
  6. I lioe the Joffrey and Margaery scenes. So pretentious, and Joffrey is totally messed up man. I love Jack Gleeson.
  7. Maizel

    How would you rate episode 301?

    Also, this episode is probably also the first time the show has broken the third wall, kind of.
  8. Maizel

    How would you rate episode 301?

    I've got it at an 8/10. The episode felt a little slow, and many characters were not even seen. Understandably so, but still. All Tyrion scenes were highlights of the episodes. I'm not much of a book-thumper, but there were some changes that irked me bit. Jon's excuse for example, paper thin.