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    How would you rate episode 210?

    Gave it a 5. After a near-perfect "Blackwater" episode, this one just felt lame. I don't really care about changes from the books (if you want it to be like the books, read the books!), but I do want the story to make sense. The HotU felt Hollywood-ly ridiculous - one moment, Pyat Pree boasts about how the dragons give him power, next moment he gets roasted by them. Seriously? Also, I would have thought the King of Qarth would have enough bodyguards to at least give him some time to escape the mansion and not get captured sleeping in his bedchamber! The stuff beyond the Wall is even worse. I don't really like book-Jon, but at least he has some good qualities. Tv-Jon is just a dumb, spoiled brat with a cool sword and an awesome direwolf. The Qhorin plotline was pretty useless from the start and came to a fitting end - Jon did not carry out Qhorin's last order, he just killed him because Qhorin called his mother a whore. As for the "Zombie Apocalypse", while decently done, it certainly has NO place in the season finale of a show named "Game of Thrones". I guess I will still be waiting for S3, but I expect something of Spartacus level - nice fighting scenes, nice tits, nice CGI, just dumb fun.