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  1. Sounds fair, since D&D always wrote him much worse than he was.
  2. MarkPierre

    They ruined Jaime once and for all

    So basically the following article is the OPPOSITE of what GRRM is saying? Alrighty then. Totally logical ending. /sarcasm off
  3. Well, if she's pregnant that's with a Kettleback/Euron. And Jaime has just learned she tried to kill him! For the second time! Him loving her 'oh so much' and wanting to protect their imaginary baby doesn't make even a lick of sense! That's just D&D creepy obssession with Cersei (and L.Heady) and dragging that rotting corpse of Jaime's character with it. And direct contradiction to the book story. "We cannot possibly image how he or anyone couldn't love this amazing character of Carol we made, so let's just continue write Jaime as Larry and her accessory." That's not love, that's total idiocy.
  4. They're not the same - that's the fact. They're opposite of each other. And, not for even one minute, will I ever believe in that valonqar nonsense - especially that GRRM intented him to be a sibling murderer.
  5. I sincerly hope not! There is nothing in his arc that point in that direction. And there's nothing good, redemptive or moral in murdering your sibling - whoever they are...
  6. WTF?!? GRRM: Jaime left Cersei 4 seasons ago and he's more interested in counting pennies nailed to a tree than helping her. D&D: Jaime is addicted to Cersei. Everytime I think they cannot destroy what's left of his character, Dumb & Dumber prove me wrong. They erradicated Jaime's arc, intelligence, wit, agency and everything good about him, turning him into his twin's satelite. I don't think he's addicted to Cersei, they are! Unless, it's one of these weird fake-outs, because PLOT TWIST! SHOCK! SHOCKING PLOT TWIST! And I blame GRRM too, because he's more into stupid side books than finishing the main storyline. I HATE THIS RUBBISH. Oh, I never cared about Jon or direwolves, but poor Ghost being left behind left me really upset.
  7. It's so NOT finished. Brienne has always been horribly mocked since childhood because of her looks. She loved dancing and singing and enjoyed male attention until it turned out it was only a joke. She was engaged 3 times, and one of those morons actually spit at her feet when he saw her. Her arc is about finding true love and being appreciated for who she really is - a woman who happens be a warrior, or maybe a warrior who happens to be a woman - not matter how she looks! She and Jaime are a version of the Beauty and the Beast (normal & reversed). They'll get a happy ending (and children.) I don't care about Torment or Bronn - that's on Dumb & Dumber screwing Brienne's arc - just like they do with all characters. I wouldn't mind Hyle Hunt in the show, because it's clear he's attracted to her lands and titles, not her. Oh, and he was in on the joke.
  8. We didn't say goodbye to Brienne. Her character arc isn't finished, only the knight part. There are still themes of love, attraction, motherhood, being desired as a woman, to explore.
  9. Yes, that battle had no battle planning. Commanders should have battle experience, instead of we have Brienne who has no experience (I guess being a swordwoman is enough) and Little Lady Morment who is a child (she talks back to adults, so it's okay). Lena Heady might be a great actress, but she's completely miscast as Cersei, IMHO. Worse, she wearing the same scowl since the pilot - she's always mentally in the same place. Book Cersei is awesome! She's a horrible human being and a sociopath, but she's highly entertaining and her chapters are hysterical. Show Cersei - Carol - blank, dready and boooooooring! And I agree with you that she's long dead in the books, but that's what you get when cut out FAegon and lots of plotlines.
  10. The only thing I liked was Jaime and Brienne fighting together and saving each other. I guess Podrick's song protected all present with magical armor. Bad: Torment is still alive to sexually harass uninterested parties. WHY IS EVERYTHING SO DARK?!? Do they think this is artful? Interesting? Popular? In any way enteraining? Like Assassin's Creed movie, it took away 70% of my enjoyment; and since this episode is just bad... A whole episode of nothing but a battle is just boring, especially since you can't see anything. I never liked Jon Snow, but with all this build up of his character I expected him to kill the Night King at least! Nope, it's Arya, who swallowed so many other charaters, that now she's suffering from multiple personality disorder. Fighting with a stick made her proficient in all kinds of weapons, washing dead bodies made her run faster than light, and killing a woman in a dark room made her completely invisible. Apparently. Melisandre emerging from nothing - it's good to know some of Littlefinger's teleportation devices are still working. Yay! Another episode without Carol, but God, there will so much of her later. How is she the big bad wolf again? I blame DD creepy obessession with Lena Heady. Bran is only good for unsettling people. A POV character Theon is dead, but Torment is not? Bloody hell. An experienced battle commander like Jaime Lannister is fighting as a foot soldier, but Jon & Dany are in charge. And suck at it. And lost in the wind. Somehow. Okay, I'll stop, but it's just a tip...
  11. MarkPierre

    [Spoilers] EP701

    What romance? *is confused*