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  1. Well, if she's pregnant that's with a Kettleback/Euron. And Jaime has just learned she tried to kill him! For the second time! Him loving her 'oh so much' and wanting to protect their imaginary baby doesn't make even a lick of sense! That's just D&D creepy obssession with Cersei (and L.Heady) and dragging that rotting corpse of Jaime's character with it. And direct contradiction to the book story. "We cannot possibly image how he or anyone couldn't love this amazing character of Carol we made, so let's just continue write Jaime as Larry and her accessory." That's not love, that's total idiocy.
  2. They're not the same - that's the fact. They're opposite of each other. And, not for even one minute, will I ever believe in that valonqar nonsense - especially that GRRM intented him to be a sibling murderer.
  3. I sincerly hope not! There is nothing in his arc that point in that direction. And there's nothing good, redemptive or moral in murdering your sibling - whoever they are...
  4. WTF?!? GRRM: Jaime left Cersei 4 seasons ago and he's more interested in counting pennies nailed to a tree than helping her. D&D: Jaime is addicted to Cersei. Everytime I think they cannot destroy what's left of his character, Dumb & Dumber prove me wrong. They erradicated Jaime's arc, intelligence, wit, agency and everything good about him, turning him into his twin's satelite. I don't think he's addicted to Cersei, they are! Unless, it's one of these weird fake-outs, because PLOT TWIST! SHOCK! SHOCKING PLOT TWIST! And I blame GRRM too, because he's more into stupid side books than finishing the main storyline. I HATE THIS RUBBISH. Oh, I never cared about Jon or direwolves, but poor Ghost being left behind left me really upset.
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