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    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    - Missandei's death - Jorah's death - Jon's origin - The betrayal of Jon\Varys - Sansa being Sansa The sum of it all is the explanation. Not saying you should like it or believe it, but its the explanation anyway
  2. Gelious

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I am sad Qyburn died. The dude was supposed to be smart. He should have GTFO from KL instead of giving regular updates to Cersei. There was no point to stick with her till the end. How many fake deaths did Aria had in this episode? 3? 4? Writers, either make it stick or stop trying so hard. It gets real old real fast. Doesn't help it's the same situation every time. So the reddit leaks turned out to be completely true, huh.
  3. For anyone wondering why Jon and Dany can't just marry and call it a day. Here's my answer. Dany doesn't want to share power. Period. In her mind, she is that awesome Chosen One, destined to bring balance happyness to the Force 7 Kingdoms, and only she and she alone have the right to do so. No one else, not even a loved one, not even fellow Targ. Yea. it's pretty dumb, but that's how it is. I was hoping Dany will have enough character development to move past that notion, but alas, no such luck. Maybe in the books. Assuming same events occur there. Assuming the books will ever come out.
  4. - I never liked or cared about Dothraki but sending them blindly to their own death? Really? Just for a cool scene of lights going out? This is stupid. - Just as stupid as having all your catapults in the open field instead of inside the castle. - Sam's plot armor is outrageous at this point. He should have been dead several times during the episode. - Melissandre conveniently appears out of nowhere and despite the undead horde being in her way. Sorta like the guys from the previous episode. And also conveniently self-destructs. - Dany why are you landing on the field of battle? Do you not understand that being in the air is the only advantage you and your dragon have? - So what was the point of Jon Snow again? Why was he brought back from the dead? Just to have sex with his aunt and rule beside her? - Never thought I'd say it, but not enough main characters died. Theon and Beric were not that important to begin with. so it's basically just Jorah. Lyanna doesn't count at all - Cercei as final baddie for 3 episodes is lame. No offence to Lena Headey, whom I always like to see on screen.
  5. Gelious

    SPOILERS: Rant and Rave

    So... did Bran told Tyrion abridged version of his story? Or did he tell him nothing? Because Tyrion went from sitting with Bran to sitting with his brother pretty fast and I didn't get the impression that any big amount of time actually passed. It's nice that they were discussing battle strategy (which basically amounted to "get NK before his army gets us"), but how come nobody brought the fact that he has a dragon now? Did nobody believed Bran or did people who heard it never bothered to tell anyone else or did everybody already decided that it's Dany's and her dragons problem only? P.S. Please tell me they are not going to actually finish NK next episode. As much as I adore seeing Lena Headey on screen playing anyone, making Cersei the final baddie of the show seems really lame.
  6. Gelious

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Thanks a lot! Wasn't really keeping up with fan theories, so only knew the one about Jon. In the books, it may very well turn out so. In the show, unlikely as hell. Thanks for laying it out, anyway:)
  7. Gelious

    [Spoilers] EP705 Discussion

    Wait, what? Did Winds of Winter already come out? I read all the books and had no idea Tyrion and Jaime have different fathers. Can somebody explain me this moment?
  8. Gelious

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    If I still have not read the books, I would have said it was awesome. Alas, I finished the last one two weeks ago, so.. by the book's standarts this one is pretty bad. 1) Sacking of Winterfell - done way better in book. Not to mention the whole plot, which included Ramsay, a Stark's bannerman (I forgot his name) etc. Of course the Teon's speech was cool. And the way it ended, lol. But.. they didn't even show us Ramsay and his men with tourches or something! 2) House of undying - even worse. Those shitty scenes with Drago and a warlock is nothing compared to Deny's visions. Also, where the hell is prophecy about 3 treasons, and 3 fires, and 3 mounts? Nowhere! 3) White Walkers and Others... at least it looked cool, But... no fight on the Fist with Sam writing those letters while everyone else fights for their lives? No undead bear? No Sam going through snow and blizzard or charging at Other with dagger, etc?! Hell it was cool stuff to read, it would be AWESOME to see... But, instead we get another Nazgul, a snow version. Gee, thanks.... 4)Arya and Jagen... no soup, no visible trick of face change, nothing, sucks. 4) Jon Snow's capture and his dealing with Halfhand were better done in the book. Hell,in the show he doesn't even declare himself a traitor BEFORE fighting Halfhand! So the entire act of freeing him after Halfhand's death shows 1 thing - Wilderling are idiots. 5) Robb Stark sudden marriage in books had at least some sense. Here - not so much. 6) And brother and sister Reeds apparently don't exist. Also Bran and Rikon going one way is wrong. My disappointment in writers knows no limits. Sure you cannot make show 100% true to book, but they have gone too far..