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  1. BaleriOne

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    So the only thing that can kill the Whitewalkers and others is fire...AND dragonglass weapons right?
  2. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    I think the Whitewalkers have a bigger mission and ethos behind their campaign of reclaiming the world than just killing without any differentiation. The one from s01e01 potentially was left to live to send a message that they were coming. Sam potentially left because of his insignificance to the event taking place.
  3. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    can you PM me the name of that controversial character?
  4. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    Jorah seems really week actually, a bit of a wuss - not convincing as a protector. I think he is playing a double game. Daenerys hair will probably change at some point as the dragons gain power. Jorah leaks information to the Spider as a deal for having him redeemed, my own theory. BaleriOne
  5. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    1. Cool, then they can just prepare it themselves with breathing fire. 2. Fair enough, did not go very well though - retreat!
  6. BaleriOne

    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    But why does it SEE Sam and not care? That seemed wrong. It was to illustrate Sam's insignificance in the event taking place, Winter Coming -the return of The Whitewalkers. Like a grain of sand facing a tidal wave - it's destiny insignificant.
  7. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    Yeah and more, So Dragons had not been around for Millennia right; I think that should have been more emphasized - the return of the dragons in the Universe, there should be more training, figuring out what they eat - protecting them better. I think they eat either horsemeat or people. Maybe Whitewalkers? Clearly Westeros needs Daenerys help, as the only thing that kills Whitewalkers and turned people is fire...if she is returning, they might have to ally with her in return for the Throne! Glad to see magic returning, Bran can probably evolve his visions into seeing the future - or control the wolves better. Hopefully the wolves will grow bigger and play more of an active role. Any reason why Stannis is not using that black smoke demon in his campaign for the Throne? Surely it had more than one kill in it. Cercei and Joffrey needs to die soon, too annoying - not clever enough. Sansa needs to get her loyalty straight!
  8. BaleriOne

    [No Spoilers] EP210 Discussion

    Various opinions and questions on finale: The reason the Whitewalker-king(?) just looked at Sam, and apparently spared his life was a good way to communicate his insignificance in the event of Winter Coming. He was not perceived as a threat or vital one way or the other for what was taking place. Disappointed to only see one Whitewalker, and hundreds of turned people - hopefully this will be more majestic in s03. He was clearly an elder/king, the Whitewalker in s01e01 was brown w/blue eyes. Can somehow forgive Daenerys weak season, with a lot of whining, bad strategy (or none, just demanding) and horrible acting - finally looks like she is going dark and hard again, like she was transformed by the marriage to Dhrogo. She needs to be relentless, ruthless and dark to work, otherwise that character falls through. Varys most definitely needs more screen-time to show his ways, or maybe it's good that his activities remain off-screen - too add to the mystique of his power? The Imp prevails! - surely keen to avenge his demotion. Is Sansa and Lord Baelish getting together?