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  1. I'm starting dalvin cook. If he doesn't play, I'm staying Melvin Gordon. I'm staying Terry McLaurin. If he doesn't play, I'm starting Lazard.
  2. Without the last second field goal it would have been by less than .5 points again.
  3. Take a look at my loss to Bronn last week. Now that's a bitch. That one will haunt me for years. Fucking Lamar. Then he beats my chief's this week. I'll gladly trade him if the price is right!
  4. Just fucking brutal. If they just would have put it in the endzone the first time, It's over. Dear God.
  5. Trade between QBs not appearing and I. I get: McCaffery and Kupp He gets: Darnold, Tua, Adams, and Ekeler. He didn't have a choice. I'm sure everyone was sending offers, guess I made the best one.
  6. I couldn't get in either? ID and password would make it easier.
  7. This draft did not go as planned. At all. We'll see what happens. Just listing starters everywhere but WR cuz my depth is shit and i have no idea who my wr3 and wr4 will be. QB- Allen, Darnold RB- Gibson, Edmonds, Davis WR- Diggs, Lamb, Meyers, Crowder, Kirk, Sanders, Fuller, Campbell TE- Kelce DEF- KC K- Gay
  8. Dear lord! You are absolutely right! Why did you retire Woodhead! Why!
  9. Love this team, but I have no depth outside of QB but my WR room is the best in the league. QB- Fitz, Darnold, Burrow, Tua RB- Ekeler, Henderson, Edmonds, Lindsey, Hyde, McCissik WR- Adams, AJ Brown, McLaurin, Metcalf, Samuel, Sanders, Green TE- Andrews, Smith Jr DEF- Baltimore, Indy K- Crosby
  10. 5. Ekeler 9. Tannehill 15. Henderson These for now with the option to change please.
  11. I'll get back into A if no one wants the spot.
  12. I have drafts scheduled for the 5th, 7th, and 8th of September. I can make the other dates work but would rather not draft in 2 leagues at once if at all possible.
  13. Boooooo!! Good luck on the thesis. We'll miss you buddy. Looks like @Bronn Stone is back then correct?
  14. I'm back for B and can fill in anywhere else you need me.
  15. I'll make it work. I usually get off work around 5 so I'll log in even if I have to miss out on a few bids.
  16. If anyone wants a starting rb, bernard is the block. I need a wr.
  17. Foles for mahomes Peterson for ceh Arnold for Kelce Cole for Edelman
  18. Unbelievable. @Jace, Basilissa I'd almost feel bad if you hadn't talked shit. My balls went thru my throat when he almost threw a pick at the end.
  19. This is beyond brutal! @Jace, Basilissa
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