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  1. Don't blame them. The wall falling just means they have to resume the slowest moving parade ever
  2. So were they only one quick sprint away from the horde the whole time
  3. I guess I'm in the minority here but I don't hate Arya for calling out Sansa. The sibling rivalry is the only way the show explores Sansa's inner monologue that she feels entitled to credit for winning The Battle of the Bastards and reclaiming Winterfell and deserving of the rule of Winterfell. She pretends to be neutral but arguing with her sister brings her back down to the juvenile level of saying things out loud that she normally would not
  4. Poor guy. In any other group he could have been considered a bad ass. Now he's the whining weak link
  5. I missed the text of the scroll. Did anyone catch it?
  6. Poor Jorah. He just showed up and is already on the losing end of the Dany-Jon-Jorah love triangle
  7. The maester's lecture sound like Dumbledore lecturing Harry Potter right before awarding points to Griffindore
  8. I hated the sand snakes but I think I will hate what Cersei will do to them more
  9. Not trying to think too deeply. Just not sure why the phrase "small council meeting" is lost on him.
  10. Does he really need to announce all of his decisions to the group? Announcing your plans only brings dissension
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