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  1. x gon' give it to ya

  2. Your clique fulla broke boyz.

  3. I wonder how many women and children are going to get butchered in the 30 second attack on the wildling army. We already know stannis will personally be killing numerous pregnant women as they beg for mercy, but how many people 12 and under will get killed? That's probably why they left it out if this episode, they wanted the wildlings to be as unsympathetic as possible for this. So Jon looks good. But next week they can make the wildlings look as helpless and easy to sympathize with as possible without harming Jon's reputation.
  4. Im genuinely puzzled why your font is so large and bolded. spooky. Oh, so its like a way of saying one is "salty" I get it.
  5. is vinegar code for something? Sorry im not hip to the lingo, but what does this vinegar thing mean?
  6. I could read YourMomsBox posts all night. Such quality posts imo.
  7. dude shes like a ninja or power ranger or some shit, super fast and super deadly
  8. wow YourMomsBox you took the words right out of my mouth, YourMomsBox speaks with my voice.
  9. Yeah, Jokes about Stannis not being around to save the wall aside, it will be a VERY quick scene. and that just sucks.
  10. your capslock has such a calming affect though. All of a sudden I feel safe and warm. tho to be fair that might just be the stannis selfie I just saw doing this to me.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdemFfbS5H0 I think thats the theme of next weeks episode.
  12. More viewers does not mean more quality. The sopranos was a once in a lifetime treat. This might have more viewers, but it is not better.
  13. Oh god, I was terrified when I saw your previous post. I thought it was your way of chastising me indirectly.
  14. I love you though brah brah. I will stop cuz i don't wanna beef with you.
  15. I completely missed that tbh, I hardly paid the episode any attention at all. I was too busy telling everyone how badass the end of the episode was gonna be when an unexpected force showed up. whoops
  16. Yes there is an ignore feature! It is very simple to do and extremely user friendly, im sure you can figure it out, just click into your profile go to edit settings and take it from there.
  17. the people saying calm your tits are worse, anyone that uses this phrase is probably up past their bedtime anyway.
  18. How is he making a scene? You do realize this is an internet forum right, its not like hes your kid and your at kmart or some shit. Get off your horse.
  19. Stannis is getting played down because with all the huge stuff happening next week no one is even going to give a shit about the fight at the wall. As far as tv watchers are concerned the battle is over and won, the wildlings lost.
  20. It is tho, when some five year old screams to "calm your tits" you know its true.
  21. Fuck the kingsguard, fuck the city, FUCK THE SHOW.-Sandor Clegane 2014

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