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  1. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    The younger, more beautiful queen . . .

    What if Jamie arrives at Winterfell and informs everyone that Cersei has reneged on her deal. He also informs them the Golden Company is on the way from Essos. That might influence the Northern / Daenerys armies to attack Kings Landing. Perhaps Jamie will plead with Cersei one last time to see reason and Cersei will tell Qyburn to "burn them all" which causes Jamie to become the Queenslayer. Kings Lands is gutted by Wild Fire fulfilling the vision from the House of Undying and the prophesies regarding Cersei come to fruition.
  2. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Best lines of 707

    "Maybe it really is all cocks in the end."
  3. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Where was Gendry?

    My guess is he is at Dragonstone. He was on the boat with everyone else just not shown. Winterfell doesn't make sense logically because he would be walking from East Watch to Winterfell alone. Every other character was accounted for last episode. Winterfell makes no sense.
  4. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    What will Dany & Aejon name their heir?

    I don't see an heir being produced, because I don't see Daenerys making it through next season. The game has killed almost everyone that has attempted to win it and now there are only two players left and I believe they both with get killed next season by someone they love / loved. "If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."
  5. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Golden Company arrives so what?

    I may have underestimated the Dothraki force which would make the arrival of the Golden Company even more irrelevant. If the Night King wins, everyone dies. If the North / Daenerys win, I am betting there will be enough forces left over (perhaps a dragon or two) to wipe the Golden Company out.
  6. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Golden Company arrives so what?

    Not sure where you get 120,000 for the combined force of the north, the Vale and Daenerys. Dothraki - 40,000 cavalry Unsullied - 8,000 infantry Wildlings - 1,500 infantry (gave or take) Knights of the Vale - 10,000 cavalry Northern Houses - 5,000 (mix of infantry and cavalry) The Dothraki and Unsullied have been in battles recently so those numbers are even smaller. Top end I would say the combined forces are a little more than half (70,000 and I am being kind, my guess it is closer to 60,000) the number you projected.
  7. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    Well done sir! Dany must have x-ray vision. Women are always obsessed with the size ...
  8. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    WHats up with the lightbringer??

    The only problem is Tormund has seen Jon's wang and said it was small ... it would need to be long for to be wielded as a weapon!
  9. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Daenerys will rule Westeros in the end of the story.

    Everyone that has aspired to sit on throne is dead sans three people: Daenerys, Cersei and Petyr Baelish. Of these three, only one can produce an heir (Dany has said she can't have children, Cersei is pregnant, but I don't see the child being born because of Maggy the Frog) and I believe Baelish is played out. It makes no sense to put someone on the throne at the end who can't procreate a legacy. I see none of these characters surviving to the end and so the winner of the Game of Thrones is ... No one! I believe the seven kingdoms will go back to the time before Aegon. The odds are pretty good Arya will kill Baelish (or Jon), I think Jamie with kill Cersei as she goes into Mad Queen mode and Jon will be Daenerys's last betrayal for love (sort of). I think Melisandre went off to research the Azor Ahai prophecy and will return with the solution for forging a new Lightbringer. Jon has already shown he will put duty above love (RIP Ygritte) and whatever feelings he has for Daenerys would be cast aside if it meant stopping the White Walkers. Bitter sweet ending ... Daenerys dies ... Westeros is saved! Oh and for the Jon will rule crowd ... not a chance. He was a reluctant Commander of the Night's Watch, a more reluctant King in the North and there no way he would ever sit on the Iron Throne. Game over ... everyone loses!
  10. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Rant and Rave without Repercussions [S7 Leaks Edition]

    Easy. The wights can't swim ... they also can't drown because they are dead. It wasn't they couldn't go into the water, it was just they would sink to the bottom. Which is perfect for getting chains on the dead Viserion, just they are stuck at the bottom. The Night King can replace his army almost at will, so it doesn't if a few wights are stuck at the bottom of the lake. As far as all the complaining about the Night King, not taking out Drogon and the army's stop at Hardhome Depot, there is an explanation that fits most of your complaints. If the theory about Bran is correct and he is the Night King, then Bran King could have had a vision of Viserion being killed by his spear and plummeting into the lake. This would explain why he changed targets at the last moment and how the army had chains to pull Viserion out of the water. Once the Walkers took Hardhome, the Night King could have had the chains forge there and brought with them to the lake. It would also explain how the army suddenly appeared after the wight was captured. It might have also been a trap set by the Night King because he had a vision of Jon trying to get a wight.
  11. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Azor Ahai

    Another issue with this theory is Thoros can ignite his sword as well and Thoros has never died to my knowledge. And in the episode Sunday, either D&D made a faux pas or Beric doesn't even need to cut himself. In the last fight right before Dany shows up, he didn't swipe his hand, the flame just ignited.
  12. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Azor Ahai

    One problem though ... If Jon is Lightbringer ... why did he have to die? Technically he was forged at birth in your theory and therefore would not need to die to use his blood to ignite a sword. The death was significant, but your theory makes it mute, which is a paradox.
  13. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Azor Ahai

    Stannis wielded a fiery sword as well. It is plausible Jon could ignite Longclaw with his own blood if the reason Beric can do it is because he was raised by the R'hllor. This is just another assumption.
  14. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Azor Ahai

    So what is going to happen in an abstract interpretation? How does Jon stop the White Walkers if he is Lightbringer? Like I said the theory depends on too many metaphors and moving parts, but I have seen worse theories. Personally, I think Hot Pie has a better chance of sitting on the Iron Throne than this theory working out. If I am wrong, I will be having my own Feast of Crows!
  15. Rohlin_the_Wretched

    Azor Ahai

    Quite possible she saw a repeat of the scene in A Clash of Kings as a vision in A Storm of Swords, it would just be a vision of the past. I am not sure this qualifies as a vision of Stannis as Azor Ahai or just a vision of Stannis doing something Azor Ahai like in Melisandre's eyes. The only time I can recall her specifically asking for a glimpse of Azor Ahai ... she saw Snow. And if your interpretation is correct how is a dead Rhaegar Targaryen going to come back from the dead and wield Jon Snow? Come to think of it, how would any human wield another human as a weapon? Maybe Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun was Azor Ahai?