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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    i'm clutching at straws here. i just don't want the others to be so lame visually. you know how it is: we haven't yet "seen" them in the books and so the tv version is going to colonize our mind's image. plus martin may feel pressure to conform to the series' look once/if he does get around to describing them in more detail.
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    [Book Spoilers] EP 210 Discussion

    this is my first post. i've read all the books, and while i enjoy them i take the heretical view that season 2 of the show has been a better tv show than the second book is literature. yes, depth and backstory is sacrificed but it's far more engaging for people who would never read these kinds of books anyway. the books are great with the endless plot, but let's face it's not always/often great writing per se. i quite enjoyed the episode. all the way till the end, that is. that's a white walker/other? i'm hoping against hope that doesn't turn out to be the case. i was hoping for something not (very) reliant on cgi--more an uncanny almost-human creature rather than the nazgul/skeletor/orc/lotr ghost army hybrid that showed up at the end. let's pray it turns out to have been a wight captain, and not a real other.