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  1. (Because I am as old as dirt) I saw them on the Women and Children First tour. Dave was a little too pandering to the audience for my taste, the long drum and bass solos were tiresome, but when they locked in on a song or when Eddie did his solo bit, that was special. I wish they'd release some live shows from those early tours, when they were young and full of piss & vinegar. Rest in power, Eddie.
  2. K J Parker (Tom Holt) is 59. Robin Hobb is 68. And of course, our exalted champion who brought us all together is 72. Good health and long life to ye all.
  3. Scott Lynch used to live in Wisconsin as well. He has since moved to the Massachusetts when he married Elizabeth Bear. Gaiman moved to Boston when he got in a relationship with musician/performance artists Amanda Palmer. They moved to Australia and then New Zealand. He split with Palmer this year and last I heard moved to the UK, where he hasn't lived for a long time. He had a monstrous reference library built up during his time in Wisconsin. I wonder what happened to it.
  4. I gotta confess, I have yet to read any of Peter Brett's stuff. Is it bad or is he yet another author who was caught waving his dick around at cons?
  5. Like so many others, this sits in the to-be-read pile. Maybe after I finally finish Ruin of Kings (which also strains under a split narrative).
  6. It does sound like like entire R/L/and maybe B thing sounds like a round of terrible choices. In my cubicle farm job in the 00s I had two people making serious plays for me (married person with no history of pursuing others). One was in a position above me, the other was a mentee. I could tell that both of these people were not exactly emotionally healthy. I just ignored the advances and thankfully both of them ended up in different areas. It was just a difficult area to skate through and in retrospect I so dodged a couple of serious bullets by just being a good spouse and not going for a fling. Whew.
  7. Yeah, I came off as a little harsh. Monastic focus is for monks. I'm just saying that for a guy that delivered 3 books in fourteen years (his struggles with depression aside) maybe partying at cons and chasing women could go on the backburner. Again, I realize that authors are not anyone's bitch (to paraphrase Neil Gaiman).
  8. I hadn't realized that Myke Cole was in some sort of trouble. Dropped by his publishers? Ouch We're in a new era and there's going to be a lot of artists who previously got away with bad behavior/actions will have a reckoning. For the ones I truly cared most about, I'll have to go through the painful process of trying to extract what I found of value from the art and keep it separate from the artist. The rest I'll just dump in the trash (Marion Zimmer Bradley was thrown in the trash with some force). I've been doing that with musicians for decades but now we're seeing more and more of artists, celebrities, and news people getting their comeuppance. I welcome the reckoning to those bad actors but it's still going to be a rough ride for us fans. I'm having a really hard time not thinking "gee, Scott, maybe you should stop trying to get laid and try writing". I know, I know, he has other problems. But jaysus, try to keep it your pants dude.
  9. I read the reviews and have the hardcover sitting in my ever-growing to-read pile. I'm looking forward to this one.
  10. I LOVED the first book and can't wait for the second. There are some faults but considering this is a debut it is steps above the work of many experienced writers. I had very little idea of where the book was going, even less of where the series is going and I want more!
  11. If Bayaz is to die, please let it be extremely painful and let him see all his machinations fall into ruin.
  12. RIP to a good son and the most significant interpreter/scholar of his father's work.
  13. I just finished the new book this morning. It's good to be back in Joe's world, even if it means being covered in mud, blood, and shit. This was a helluva ride and mostly unpredictable. I love how the two big conflicts (the rebellion and the battle), which most authors would save for the end of the book, happen in the center. It is the fallout from these events that drives the rest of the story. I did have to spend about 45 minutes on the First Law Wiki, reacquainting myself with a lot of fine details that I've lost since I read the first trilogy. I totally forgot about Jezal and Ardee, so I had to wonder about the claim that Savine was a brother-fucker. Leo topping Stour would be excellent but I don't see their "friendship" going any other way other than Stour's eventual betrayal. Too bad, because the buttsecks deserves a little representation in this world. Prince Orso is at least one of those guys that would have "experimented". All in all, a stellar effort from Joe and I eagerly await the next two books. Gotta know what that white horse on the broken tower is all about! And now on to Gideon the Ninth.
  14. I am five episodes in and I'm hooked. This series is about 50% good and 50% OH COME ON! When my wife was hooked on Merlin I bitched that it was obviously aimed at children. The most salacious it got was Arthur taking off his shirt once per episode. This is often easily as cheesy as Merlin or even Xena. But there's all this gore and nudity and Geralt growling "fuck" whenever things go wrong. There is so much good cheese (Toss a Coin to Your Witcher) and then just OH COME ON cheese (The Hedgehog Knight). And what the hell kind of a name is Yennefer? Is that really Polish? I hope it is because the alternative is ridiculous. The Nilfs are pretty much cardboard baddies so far, as others have noted. Queen Badass was more like it - a possibly genocidal warrior queen with a soft spot for just being entertained. Henry Caville seems to nail Geralt, especially when he's all growly, been there done that stop whining about your precious kingdom. Ciri is boring but I imagine that will change. Yennefer has the most intriguing story line. There's some troubling issues with the amount of time she spends nude as opposed to the male characters. I am sure advocates for the disabled have some objections with her story but I think they never slack off on how broken she is, even though the outward appearance has changed. I want more Yennefer. I want her to kick some ass, take some names, throw down some magic that will BURN.
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