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  1. Some titles from TOR on sale for Black Friday: https://www.torforgeblog.com/2022/11/25/black-friday-ebook-sale/?fbclid=IwAR1G-LQG6R_Vn7Z1VlPysQLGIZ7RRrDNbEw88iq02a7H836cOY0N7yb7JY8
  2. I just got my copy of the new one but it's going to have to go in the pile until I've finished a few others. Even then, I'll have to read a synopsis of the last book to get my head around where we are at.
  3. Abraham popped in not long ago with an update on his sequel to Age of Ash.
  4. I just finished this one and I see your point about the world-building. Emily's journey is compelling. It took awhile to get moving but in retrospect it was best that he not rush it. Everything was earned, especially the ending. Although if there was a denouement where Alice got some sense knocked into her (not literally) that would have been sweet. What a twit!
  5. I too opened this with great trepidation. I had hoped that when Scott said he was on the new anxiety meds it might result in some progress but really, if it just improved his quality of life it was a win. I am so looking forward to the novellas and am doing cartwheels that it has improved his life.
  6. I recently read his Elder Race novella and was blown away by it. I need MORE. I see he's published quite a few books in both science fiction and fantasy. Does anyone have any recommendations?
  7. Every few months he posts that he is still working on the book. Last mention of it was April 29th, a week and a half ago.
  8. At least with GRRM I have confidence that he is working on Winter. At least with Lynch I have confidence that he is working through his depression and anxiety with the idea of writing once more. With Rothfuss, I have confidence that he is a jerk.
  9. I've never heard of this series. Is it worth the read?
  10. I have books 1-8 in trade paperback and am putting off buying Leviathan Falls until the trade paperback appears. So far, all I see on Bezos is some shadowy copies from secondary sellers. Anyone know anything about a release date? My search has not been fruitful.
  11. For not including Iain M Banks, the science fiction list should be nuked from orbit.
  12. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Esquire turns to science fiction. Or should this be a separate thread? https://www.esquire.com/entertainment/books/g39358054/best-sci-fi-books/
  13. The first thing I thought of. Those two words just take me right out of the story.
  14. And pour one out for Bremer dan Gorst, who became one of the best characters in the series.
  15. Any thoughts on Jenn Lyons' Chorus of Dragons series? I've heard a couple good things but have yet to get going on it.
  16. I just staged a marathon in the past couple weeks, completing the previous book and slamming through this one. It's an odd formula that Joe has now, where the big battle/action sequences come somewhere in the middle or two-thirds mark. Few write these as well as he does but it leaves for a quiet and frustrating ending. I agree with others in that it feels this entire trilogy is a transition, the real climax will come the next time he tackles a trilogy. I'm 64 so I hope I live to see it. Broad is not a great character but he apparently was necessary to keep the pieces moving and to provide a point of view. I am not saying he bored me but I knew exactly what was going to happen and that Savine would manipulate him. Savine, on the other hand, is a great and complex character. She's a total shit but yet she's quite human, quite damaged, and is the most fun to watch. Leo is a complete dick who only got worse. The guy needs some buttsecks and he needs it now. I think his wife is trying to facilitate that. Speaking of which, she could use a cunning linguist but her best one just got the noose. Orso had the best story arc but was always doomed. I was sad to see him go but I know Joe does like to kill who we're attached to. Farewell you worthless, feckless, witty bastard. Oh how I am sick of Bayaz and his petty manipulations. Someone figure out a way to kill this fucker. Haul some howitzers up to the Great Northern Library and go full Buffy the Vampire Slayer on him. But no one will and we'll have to depend on someone magical to take him out. I still say the Buffy solution is best. And for crying out loud Joe, if they can have trains and cannons, it's time to bring in some muskets. Some of these assholes just need a musket ball in the head. Or a howitzer sheill I need a break from the world of Joe now. He's a nice guy. I bantered with him once or twice when he used to come around here. Perhaps it was his time in the film and television industry that gave him the concept of a place where there are absolutely no redeeming characters. Lord Grimdark certainly earns his name in these three books. I will now read a couple stories in Tuf Voyaging to cleanse the palate, a little Murderbot, and then there's a Djinn I have to master. That should calm me (but not Becky Chambers, I'm not that far into the Abyss).
  17. Does purchase come with a noble goat or an evil chicken?
  18. Joe Abercrombie should be in this group. Two complete trilogies, a few standalone novels, and one collection of short stories. If you want a road trip/quest, the first trilogy has a whopper. Another one to consider is Daniel Abraham's The Dagger and the Coin series - five books and he stuck the landing perfectly. Good prose, excellent dialog, some epic road trips, and oh, such scheming. And last but in no way least, Robin Hobb's the Farseer Trilogy. Grit and heartbreak aplenty, you'll never forget it.
  19. I just got a promotional email from Amazon offering $5 off River of Stars (because I bought Under Heaven back in July). There's a lot on the virtual and actual book reading piles. Is it worth adding it to the pile?
  20. I'll cross my fingers for Scott to finish Emberlain and perhaps even release those short stories. My wife suffers from clinical depression and anxiety - it's a never-ending torment I would wish on no one. Well, maybe on Trump but that's beside the point. I hope the anxiety meds make a difference for him.
  21. Will someone please refresh me on how Karsa became a god? Erickson's rules of ascending are kind of vague at best but I thought one had to die.
  22. I just finished Harrow the Ninth. I barely have an idea of what the fuck happened but the last third of the book was highly entertaining. Also, God is a dick.
  23. Digital copy of Small Gods is currently on sale at Amazon US (I presume UK as well)
  24. I think the first one I read was Mort, then Going Postal, then just picking and choosing. I probably never will read the first couple books but ye gods, the man could deliver wisdom in such entertaining ways.
  25. Wow, 18 months. At this rate I expect to have a copy of Winds of Winter before this and yes, I am serious.
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