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  1. Weeping Sore

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    Honestly Al Gore and George H W Bush were a little shocking...
  2. Weeping Sore

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    We have to be careful not to minimize the real experience of violation and humiliation felt by the women who did not give consent to LCK here, I think it's easy to imagine being sort of in shock and queasily conscious of the power dynamic and trying to convince yourself temporarily that it's ok or not that bad or just sort of gross and funny but then later feeling very hurt and degraded. At the same time I think calling it "sexual assault" could undermine the gravity of that term. A degree worse than harassing someone with pornographic images at work for example. De-valuing someone by using them as a sexual prop. Not good.
  3. Weeping Sore

    Weinstein/Hollywood Sex Scandal Continues To Produce Headlines

    Of all the people involved in these recent scandals, LCK is the only one I could see actually tackling his transgressions with radical honesty, making amends to the people he hurt, re-evaluating his life and coming out the other side. He is not doing that now. And certainly if any criminal charges were brought he would have to answer to them. But he's made his bones by being seen as a truth-teller, and if he gives that up, he's finished. ugh. sorry about "made his bones", unintentional I promise.
  4. Episode 7 was really very bad. Kali's character was one-dimensional (+ wouldn't she have an American accent by now?) and her companions were just a collection of bad costumes/ hairstyles. Also, why bother putting on masks to commit crimes if you're going to have distinctive hair allowing you to be identified from a mile away? Everything the episode was trying to do was put into the dialogue very on-the-nose. It just didn't succeed. Better to skip 207 rather than try to imbue it with purpose/quality.
  5. Weeping Sore

    How awful do you find my 100 favorite movies

    Shadow of a Doubt is a nice one. Some great Russian movies in there, though I'd take Ivan the Terrible over Nevsky any day. Also I don't think Russian Ark is Sokurov's best film.
  6. Not sure why Cavs went for Wade and Rose when what they really needed were guys who can shoot 3s and play defense.
  7. Weeping Sore

    LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    Congratulations on the moving plans Robin! Have you looked at Galway? It's a bit bigger than your range (80K population), but the folks there seemed liberal enough to me when I spent time there, and it's a beautiful area.
  8. Weeping Sore

    LGBTQ+ 5 -- Now With More Gender Outlaws

    What an apropos symbol for the situation! Congrats, Dr. P!
  9. It's the time of year to listen to Hawkwind.
  10. OKC has to fix their rebounding problem- that was the equalizer against the (obviously) better shooting Dubs when they went up 3-1 in 2016...
  11. Pop sez he'll be back in November.
  12. LeBron. He would have totally killed it in Jordan's era, too. Throw him on say the Indiana Pacers with Reggie Miller and they would have been a roadblock for the Bulls in the east. What contemporary players would you trade for Jordan? How about (prime) Dwayne Wade and Kawhi Leonard? Think they wouldn't destroy in the early 90s?
  13. Weeping Sore

    History Thread!

    History is tricky stuff. As in what was the mass of human experience like in a particular time and place, when most records and artifacts come from elites? What story is a modern historian trying to tell, what story is a primary source from the time trying to tell, and how does that distort what facts are selected and what meanings are derived? How do we read that while being conscious of what our own bias will do to shape what we learn? How does what we learn change us and our biases? And yet, history exists. The human race and all its works didn't just pop into existence in the present moment. So yes we should all be reading history. Just be careful what books you read. Maybe we should just look at statues instead...
  14. Lebron isn't Jordan. The Jordan era fan should understand him as a combination of Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen and Karl Malone, but better than any one of them. Like seriously you would have to trade me those three players in their prime to give him up.
  15. Weeping Sore

    If You Could Change History

    I see that you're right, I've fucked up my forks. We're the Orthodox splitting from the Catholics (chimps) who later split with Protestants (bonobos).