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  1. Did I read right that the NZ restrictions are in place for 3 days? Hardly seems any point - I don't see what they could hope to achieve.
  2. I've seen it suggested in articles that somebody being a superspreader could simply be a matter of timing. If someone is out and about in public at a time when they are at their most infectious, they'll likely spread it to a lot of people. But another person could happen to be isolated at home when they are at their most infectious. Both people might go out just as much as each other - but one was out when they were particularly infectious and the other wasn't. The article suggested it was helpful to talk about superspreading events in order to understand sources of infection, but not particularly so to refer to superspreading people - as there might not be any intrinsic difference that causes a person to be a superspreader.
  3. No real disagreement to the bulk of your post, AT - but I'm curious as to the conclusion you drew at the end. I would have thought positive signs of a vaccine means elimination becomes less important - ie we can muddle through until we get the vaccine. I struggle to see why an imminent vaccine would make elimination more desirable.
  4. Officially, a security guard "breached protocol". When asked to comment on reports that the guard had "intimate relations" with a guest, they declined to do so. So yeah... rumour and speculation at this stage.
  5. Speaking of "what the hell is wrong with people?" Have you heard the speculation re what instigated the second wave in Melbourne-Australia? Australia was pretty much at zero community cases a couple of weeks ago and the only new cases were recent arrivals who were in hotel quarantine. Until one security guard at a Melbourne hotel had sex with one of the quarantined detainees and then went off to his second job as an Uber driver, ferrying people all around Melbourne. And now Melbourne is at 191 cases a day.
  6. Damn right, I booty! (Well.... I would. But my wife keeps saying "no")
  7. Well - my main question wasn't whether it was fortnightly or monthly - it was what the numbers pertained to (ie guaranteed pay by the government. You didn't actually state that, but I inferred as much - and was just confirming my understanding). Anyway... all good, mate. (as to everyone being paid monthly... well, here in Asustralia, I get paid fortnightly. And that's pretty much the standard here. I wasn't aware it was different elsewhere)
  8. Need to provide a little more context around that, mate. Is that what the government is guaranteeing per fortnight for people that lose their work? Per month?
  9. But perhaps less shitty than to a nation whose president tried to buy exclusive rights to a vaccine so that they could have access to it but it was denied to anyone else. As an Aussie, I'm perhaps ready to shack up with China - as they could just be the lesser of two evils.
  10. Another factor... in my experience it seems that, in Asian societies, women feel far more pressure to maintain a healthy body shape. Whereas men being somewhat overweight is far more acceptable. So women will tend to be healthier and therefore are more able to withstand the effects of the virus.
  11. Oh... and because my filters are now fully disengaged... Earlier today when I was reading Hudson's (I mean Tywin's) melt-down, I was sorely tempted to post this. But it was well after the fact, so I figured it was no longer relevant. But... my filters are off, now. (Sorry, bud - but you kind of had it coming ) Possibly should be in the gallows humour thread?
  12. Given I'm drunk on rum at the moment, I figure I'm three quarters of the way there. Do we have any volunteers to start up an ASOIAF pirate ship, to navigate our way through these turbulent times? I'm happy to take on a role as deck-hand.
  13. So... time to sack-up and get in the fight, then? (And I appreciate your own personal situation is extremely tenuous at the moment. Mine is less so, but still somewhat so. But... we're in for a rough 3-6-12-18 months. Things will change. But 0.5-3% death rate isn't cataclysmic. We'll emerge and continue on. Your current employment opportunity looks to be disappearing into smoke - but you'll find other opportunities on the other side of this). So... we're in for a rough period over the short to medium term. And we might need to rely on government assistance to get through this period. But there is light at the end of the rainbow. Oh - and forgive me if I'm rambling a little - I'm a bit drunk at the moment. (And think yourself lucky - before typing the "light at the end of the rainbow" bit, I initially broke into a chorus of "tomorrow, is only a day a way". But, even drunk, I managed to reign in that urge)
  14. So... Universal are releasing movies direct to digital which otherwise would have opened in Cinemas. ($20 for 48 hour rental). I quite like the idea - gives people stuck at home something to watch and helps the studio recover lost revenue. The trouble is I'm not overly interested in the movies they are releasing. I wish Disney/Marvel would follow suit.
  15. Well, I reject the Borg, the Shadows and the Angels as examples of the same concept. I'm not familiar with Berserkers, Revelation Space or Warhammer, so I concede that they could be (but you're not exactly batting 1,000).
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