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  1. AndrewJ

    All things Star Wars

    Well... I say "good, but not great". So... maybe keep expectations in check, Darth.
  2. AndrewJ

    SOLO: A Spoiler Story (contains spoilers)

    For me, both Force Awakens and Last Jedi had their problems - but they also had their awesome parts. Solo doesn't suffer from the lows of those two movies, but neither does it ever reach their highs. It's just a solid, fun, enjoyable movie. Oh... And I didn't really buy Woody Harrelson betraying Vision at the end there. The whole movie he'd been wanting to return the fuel to get his big pay out. So, right at the end, when he's likely earmed himself even more of a reward by betraying Han, he.. what... decides to take the fuel to get a big payout somewhere else and have Vision out to kill him. Why not just take his huge reward from Bettany? (And yeah... I can't rcall the characters' names. Jim something-or-other and... Dreisden?)
  3. AndrewJ

    Marvel Cinematic General Discussion 7

    That's rather harsh. She's not that stupid.
  4. Just an FYI... after you "complete" the game, a lot more moons appear in each of the lands for you to go collect. So it's impossible to collect them all first time through. I "finished" the game and went back to collect more moons in a couple of the lands, but then moved on to attack my growing backlog of games. I may pop back to do more moon collecting at a later date.
  5. In my opinion, the big hero moment in TFA is Rey fighting and defeating (wounded) Kylo Ren. We also have Poe blowing up Star-Killer base. You're right that Luke gets the biggest moment in TLJ. However, I'm pretty sure Rey will be saving the day in the third movie. I think it would be a bit repetitive if she does so in all three movies. It makes perfect sense to me that she takes a bit of a back-seat in this movie. She still gets her great scene in Snoke's throne-room, however. And she was the agent responsible for bringing Luke to the table for his big showdown. So she plays a very significant role in the movie.
  6. There's stuff I'd like to say in response to some of the recent debate here - but I just don't really have the energy. So instead, I'll make myself the target of derision from pretty much everyone on a totally different front. I actually thought Phasma was quite ok in this movie. I agree she was woefully underutilised in TFA. I went into that movie expecting her to play a significant role and she wound up being a big fat nothing. I went into this movie not expecting anything much and found her to be perfectly serviceable. I think she got decent closure to her arc with Finn. The first movie had her initially treating him with scorn wielding significant power over him - and closed with him turning the tables on her. And if her story ended with her being thrown in the garbage shoot and dieing, she would have been the most worthless character since Boba Fett. But the logical conclusion to her story would be for her to have a final reckoning with Finn. And she got the opportunity to do so. We got a decent fight between them along with a completely bad-ass shot or her armour defelcting blaster bolts. Job done, in my opinion. Sure, she still wasn't a major character. But, at least in this movie, I wasn't expecting her to be. Nor do I think she needed to be. The movie had plenty of other things to focus its time on. All I needed from this movie was a satisfying resolution to her conflict with Finn. And that's what I got.
  7. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    So, I missed all the discussion about the gravity dropping bombers. Apologies for resurrecting it now, but... Why would there be an issue with the bombers having gravity? You know what else has gravity? The Millennium Falcon. And all the resistance cruisers and Star Destroyers and basically every other ship in the galaxy. So if the bombers release their bombs, they absolutely will fall down the rather significant length of the ship, given their shape. When they pass out of the ship and leave it's gravity field, they should continue on in a straight line (without picking up speed) - at least until the enter the gravity field of the target, however far that may extend. It's definitely very silly. But that's an argument for 40 years ago when Lucas first introduced it in Star Wars (later to be renamed "A New Hope"). Or hell... take it up with Rodenberry or the creators of just about any older vintage sci fi ever.
  8. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi, not the last spoiler thread

    This thread moves so fast, it's hard to keep up. So, someone could have mentioned this already, but... While impractical, it sure makes for one hell of a target. And if I recall correctly, Holdo's attack hit it off centre by quite a margin. Enough of a margin to completely miss a regular old Star Destroyer? Problem solved, perhaps? You need a target that big to have any chance of actually connecting with it?
  9. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    Yeah - but if I recall correctly, there was something in Rebels which referred to something in KoToR. Which effectively brings that part of it into canon (as Rebels itself is part of the official canon). People view that as being the first step of an intention to recognise all of KoToR as canon.
  10. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    Yeah, good call on KoTor. I was forgetting that. (KoToR 2 as well, if I recall correctly) I don't think they are quite cannon yet, however. Though I think there's indications it could become so. Either way - it is definitely a strong precedent for such use of the Force.
  11. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    Just about all of the "Rey is special person X" theories are predicated on Luke somehow using the Force to cloud her memories. Regardless of the fact that we've never seen the Force used for anything like that - but hey... magic.
  12. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    On the topic of the best lines in the movie... I really liked Yoda's "The greatest of all teachers, failure is". And you can expand on that to include the whole part leading up to it. I don't remember the exact words too well. But it was something along the lines of "Give to them your knowledge, your wisdom and your successes. But give to them also your mistakes and your failures. Yes, especially your failures. The greatest of all teachers, failure is".
  13. The pro controller is an excellent controller - it's basically an xbox one. That's my choice for playing docked - it's far more comfortable than using the joycons in a grip.
  14. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    Yeah - agreed that it didn't make much (any) sense. But also agreed that the silence was... palpable. In the screening I was at, the silence of the audience pretty much matched the silence on screen. There was just a couple of murmured "Wows" and "fuck!"s, Everyone was simply in awe of that shot (including me). It was fucking amazing.
  15. AndrewJ

    The Last Jedi: Here There Be Spoilers

    So... I guess I'll raise a couple of the issues that people will want to discuss ad nauseum for the next year or two. Firstly - ESB similarities. Yeah... the movie started with the rebels (resistance) fleeing the planet while under attack from the empire (first order). But it happened differently enough for me. Then we obviously have the jedi master training the pupil, which we always knew was going to be the case. There was no way to not include that in the movie. The rest of the movie didn't follow the structure of ESB at all. Secondly, Rey's parentage. I pretty much tend to accept it at face value. I realised immediately there's a chance it is misdirection and Ben is lying or seeing a false memory or whatever. But I don't think that will turn out to be the case. They want to say that anyone from any beginnings can become a great hero (for example, the kid with the broom-stick at the end). But I know very well that people won't back down one iota on their pet theories. Queue two years of ongoing debate. Edit: oops - and I just noticed Lord Varys's last sentence. So I guess you beat me to the punch on that one. But yeah - I'm not in agreement there (even though I was among the earliest to raise the possibility, while everyone else was suggesting she was Luke's daughter)