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  1. Justin Danford

    How would you rate episode 602?

    5/10 + for weirnet - for dialogue writing. What's that? A Tyrion scene, gotta make sure he drinks wine and points out Varys has no cock. Oh look, exposition by Tyrion as to how that's sort of his thing? Okay. - for Ramsey. I prefer my super-villains to cackle at least. + for Greyjoys existing. - for Balon death + for ackowledging there is a character named Rickon. (wow when we finally get to his story the opening intro reeel is going to be "two years ago, on a Game of Thrones...") + for use of CGI to show dragons and direwolves + for Tormund and Wun-Wun - for worst defended castle in all history ever. Sure, kill your LC because you're convinced he let your enemy roam the lands south of your castle and then NO ONE is guarding the south side of the castle? This is the kind of logic that makes you end up with an extinct Martel bloodline. - for cliche star player (mel) feeling down on self and luck requiring heart-felt "no strings" pep talk from old white guy to spur her getting back in the game +++ for clever use of episode title: tying together a motif present in nearly every scene. Notes: The show had more source material to pull from for this episode, and as a result it was way better than E1. Troubling still, however, is how when they clearly have to write their own scene it's bad and borderline cliche (either to itself [tyrion] or over used tropes [sulky mel]). I bet Davos and Mel really bond over this unJon experience...that is until she just has to tell him she might of had a little girl he was fond of burned alive. Wammy.
  2. Justin Danford

    How would you rate episode 601?

    I felt like without the source material to tie everything together, D&D looked down at all the frayed plot threads in their hands and said to themselves "burn them." GRMM's story is like a beautiful windy road that is fun and an adventure to travel on. When D&D are either forced or decide to adapt that experience they tend to iron out the bends and draw straight lines. The "drive" as it were, falls flat, gets stale, and is really just boring. Now inventing plot on their own, trying to connect whatever threads they are still trying to hold on to, they're producing some really dry, uninspired, and--saddest of all--typical content. Most worrying, I feel as if the trend of the remainder of this show will be: - invented plot-line, butchered plot-line, boring plot-line - actual interesting plot-device from source material akwardly spoiled among the muck - invented plot-line, butchered plot-line, boring plot-line ...rated a 2
  3. Justin Danford

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    If not Websters definition of plot holes, they are major (with a capital M) consistency errors. There is absolutely no discernable explanation why 4 of the 7 Dornish people present at the ship send off were those implicated in the assassination attempt. There was one guard there. One. They are illogically allowed to be there for the sole purpose of contriving another character's death. There is no explanation (and none given) how Tyrion and Jorah and company are alive. They were last seen beset against odds so hopeless a dragon had to run away. Yet the next scene they feature in, all are alive and unwounded. That seems rather swiss-cheesy to me.
  4. Justin Danford

    [Book Spoilers] EP510 Discussion

    I gave it 5 seconds of thought and I came up with: 1) "All the horses are gone." Mel rides into WF on horse 2) "How dare you try to kill our Lannister guest, I am outraged! . . . But come say goodbye to them on the dock today, You, me, them, bring your murderous daughter and her friends too . . . don't be late, wear that nice lipstick you have." 3) Jorah, Tyrion and gang are alive after being surrounded in a pit by so hostile a host, a fire-breathing dragon in berserker mode had to be led away or else would have died. 4) "The fuck we need horses for anyway, we're camped like 20 mins walk from Winterfell, let's leg it, gang." 5) "Let's Jump." "Are you crazy? Did you even watch the battle, it isn't snowing and there's like an inch of snow on the ground.." "Fuck it, we good." 6) "Renly, the rightful heir . . . " Has least legitimate claim to throne. holy holes
  5. Justin Danford

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    It was a shock in the books, with slight of hand (which they tried to mimic with the Benjen thing), and without build-up; but it was certainly not underwhelming. There was weight to it, even in the simplicity of the writing. That did not translate well to the screen. I'm not looking for build up or aftershock, but let the scene breath a little. Seemed rushed, and then came Olly towing all the emotional significance of a paperclip . . . doing just as much as a paperclip would to hold that scene together.
  6. Justin Danford

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 510?

    5. Hollow and clumsy. They've gotten to the point where they have to fill in the blanks instead of erasing away the edges, and it isn't working. Some entertaining moments, lots of intended fan service (Tyrion to rule, Varys appears, Jamie + Bron tag-team Dorne, Brienne revenge, Theon kills hated dog girl) but mostly hashed events that stutter along and are lucky to connect together at the end with any sense of payoff. They've lost the magnitude of the events that happen in Martins world. When Jon Snow's murder is underwhelming...you've done something wrong. That scene needed to breathe, needed to be a slow trickle of realization that ends in a firecracker moment before fizzling away, leaving only the audience's shock to echo the impact. It was more like a post script. The big hammer fall was Olly, and instead of going "bang" it hit the screen with a thud. That very conspicuous thread being sewn all season got it's final stitch to the surprise of...who? I can only guess he was written to add weight to the scene but the horse doesn't weigh much when you've been beating it into the ground all season long. I do not envy the showrunners at all, and kind of feel a bit bad for them. They submarined the Greyjoys, Gendry, Thoros, and Bran and yet they still don't have enough time to tell anything but a visually spark-noted version of the source material. Realizing this, it seems they've gotten bolder and tried to carve their own path out of Martin's narrative (and now that the great well of material has dried up this is all they can do) but the path they carve is a long lazy bend from point A to point B. Martin's was a labyrinth of clashing motives, ancient prophecy, the rise of magic, and complex and dynamic characters (something I can all but guess D&D regard as only mythical at this point). While I get you need to "clean up" and simplify the maze to translate it to the screen, it's the dark corners and wrong turns which make the payoffs so rewarding.The adventure is the journey as they say. Sadly, knowing only the destination, D&D have gotten lost.
  7. Justin Danford

    [Book Spoilers] EP509 Discussion

    qft I was entertained by this episode, but not in a good way. I rated it high because at this point the show has it's own "aww look at them try" charm that warms my heart more than a sacrificial barbecue. That scene, obviously, made me blow my lid, but later I found moments of catharsis in Mormont's ascension out of friend-zone hell, despite the fact that he gave Dany greyscale while doing it. But screw her, she left her friends to die.
  8. Justin Danford

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    I'm not convinced, she is just as likely to contract greyscale, find Brightroar, give it to Jorah as the sword he was promised and tell him to plunge it deep into her heart to kill her before she becomes a monster thus making him AA. :D But I'm pretty sure Jorah's touched just about as many people (including Tyrion) as he possibly could since contracting greyscale. Such a troll.
  9. Justin Danford

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 509?

    Doesn't Dany have greyscale now? Jorah touched her. I guess that cold hearted jerk gets what she deserves...leaving her friends to die in the pit like that. She might be dragon born but she is as cold as ice with a heart of stone.
  10. Justin Danford

    [Book Spoilers] EP508 Discussion

    It might have always been a brilliant plan from the start to bury the Greyjoy plot for a time when all other book material runs out and there is room to expand upon the world. When things heat up and Reek becomes Theon again, it would be a relevant time to reintroduce the iron islands subplot along with new characters and the horn lore. That would ease the burden of D&D having to go completely off on their own, and give Martin more time to release book material... likely kills a 7 season series though.
  11. Justin Danford

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 508?

    Wow—an episode that broke from the book without raping someone, torturing someone, shipping stray love stories, or killing a fan fav; and it was fantastic. First 10 of the season. Sadly, likely the last.
  12. As dumb as it was when introduced, I am horrified to see the birthmark reemerge as the damning evidence against Loras. How tired of a plot device is the old secret birthmark? Shows how contrived the whole idea is, they had to force it with a daytime tele cliche. Got to get those characters out of their contracts somehow. I smell a socially "relevant" martyr in the shows future.
  13. Justin Danford

    How would you rate episode 410?

    what is the point of axing Coldhands in favor of a little girl with fireballs anyway? She is nothing like the children are described in the book, and looked like a little girl with makeup and hokey special effects. Cut the child in that scene, introduce coldhands... There are other children to work in later...there is only 1 coldhands
  14. Justin Danford

    How would you rate episode 410?

    Same. I am not a purist and I'm all for ADAPTION. I'm also cool with evolving the story to fit the media. I am not cool with rewriting, reconcieiving, reconceptualizing, or fanfiction. This show now borders on visual cliff notes sprinkled with some rife fanfic
  15. Justin Danford

    How would you rate episode 410?

    It is very upsetting. Is someone telling them they need to waste time and focus on meaningless angles like Grey/Miss or the Sam/Gilly Molestown runaround? Think of how much better it could have been if we have a besieged wall since EP6. One final clash in ep.9 ending with Stannis. Then in Ep.10 there is more time for...oh I dont know Lady f------ Stoneheart. Also, coldhands!?