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  1. Yea I didn't much care for it. Almost like all the ironborne possess the magical gift of secretly penetratng castle walls. Never mind a siege. Just kill a few guards and you are inside the castle taking names no problem. And then all the build up last season and then a little more this episode al for a 5-10 minute showdown. Lol, that scene between reek and Ramsay felt longer and more impactful. But then again as its already been pointed out I've read the book so maybe its different for show viewers only.
  2. Some of my favorite quotes from people commenting on the show tonight. "tyrion puts the imp in pimp" "Impin aint Easy!" "the imp deserves an emmy, an oscar and a grammy" "That monologue from Tyrion was the best thing they have ever said on the show. Seriously, another Emmy please!" "There's a lot of great acting in this show but wow, Peter Dinklage stands taller (lawl?) over everyone else... He's just plain ol' too good" "Peter Dinklage continues to prove why he's one of, if not the best things about this show! he's just perfect in almost every scene he does" I only wished that the trial took the entire episode. It was too short! But I guess short but sweet! Great great final 20 minutes. Tyrion completely owned this episode as we all knew he would. But I didn't expect his acting to be that good. I mean wow. Everything from his facial expressions, body language, voice intonation it was just great acting. I wish he had more screen time with his monologue. Wonderful performance.
  3. Why is there a place called Sea Dragon Point in the north!