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    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

    Where the hell are my pants? I seem to ask that question far too often.
  2. PhelanArcetus

    Goodkind XXVII: Welcome to the Yeard Reich

    Yeard Reich makes me think of an old historical fiction by a british author named Colin Forbes. The Leader and the Damned. The premise was that the assassination attempt on Hitler in '43 succeeded, and he was replaced by his double, who was similarly unstable, but lacked any of the flair for military matters. Well, it also dealt with the idea of a soviet spy at the top levels of the Reich... code name Woodpecker, I think? Anyway, I'm not sure what that has to do with anything, unless the increase in the appearance of the O-ist philosophy, rape, almost-rape, murder, testicle-eating, and such was a result of Tairy being replaced by his double after a successful assassination. (Probably by Robert Jordan in retribution for Stone of Tears.)