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  1. where oh where has my darling Castellan gone...

  2. hey KT I i am looking for you brother.....missing your wisdom


  3. what's on my mind...not one fucking thing

  4. wishing i had a mind...

  5. Eu farejar rochas...don't you?

  6. lookin' for a hipper graveyard...

  7. what is on my mind...why my photo didn't change...

  8. lost but not forgotten

  9. wondering where the fish are

    1. Fragile Bird

      Fragile Bird

      I thought you'd be wondering where the ladies were...

  10. nothing...it's completely blank

  11. friends that I lost in war...gone but not forgotten!

  12. legalizing weed...

  13. now that my name is changed I'm thinking of ...vodka!

    1. Gillio


      I never think of vodka any more

  14. holding my breath til the next name change

  15. drying weed the old fashioned way...by smoking it

  16. What's on my mind...legalizing weed!

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